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What is a Nucleotide?

To describe a nucleotide, it is an organic molecule made up of nitrogen elements which are connected to sugar,  phosphates, and nucleoside which serves as the units of nucleic acid which is necessary for all the characters of heredity of a living being. It is extremely essential for every living being and form on the planet Earth. It is extremely important and is also used in diets as a nutrient that is later obtained by the liver. 

These molecules might seem small but they are extremely significant and come with great importance to the human body. The human body needs an adequate amount of nucleotides and it always finds a way for the supply of it for the proper functioning and health of the body. 

The source of nucleotides is either from the new development of cells or reusing the old cells that have been broken down long ago and are now made new for cell metabolism. Since the natural formation of nucleotides is not in an adequate amount for the body, therefore, the dietary nucleotides are obtained from the food humans eat on a daily basis to balance the amount of it needed in the body for biological functions and good health. 

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Biologically Importance of Nucleotides

There are several biological advantages and importance of nucleotides which makes them extremely essential and a major building block part of RNA and DNA. Here is the list of the biological importance of nucleotides. They are as follow:

  1. Nucleotides are the essential part of the formation of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) and Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). 

  2. It has been useful acting as an antiviral against dangerous diseases like hepatitis and HIV.

  3. Helps in building metabolism of the cell inside the living beings.

  4. Plays an important role in the food group such as protein, carbohydrate, and fats.

  5. It is one of the most energy-yielding organic molecules in the human body.

  6. Reduces the possibilities of diarrhea.

  7. Improve the immune system of a human body.

  8. Nucleotides are useful in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

  9. When the stress level increases, nucleotides help in reducing the level of cortisol in humans which is a hormone released by the body in times of stress. 

  10. With the help of dietary nucleotides, one can improve their power of remembering things, and in general, their memory. 

  11. Metabolism’s major element is nucleotides and it is essential for the functioning of the liver of the living being.

  12. It helps in incrementing the numbers of natural killer cells in a body to prevent the attack of diseases or viruses. 

  13. Improves the efficiency of cell repairing and rapid growth of the cells. 

  14. The dietary nucleotides help in fighting eczema, repairing/fixing the skin tissue, and other skin-related issues of a human being. 

  15. Having more nucleotides in one’s diet improves the muscle joints and prevents any kind of pain in them. 

  16. Helps in gaining weight and increasing the height of a human.

  17. It is responsible for all the hereditary character of every human being.

Nucleotide Contains

The composition of nucleotide contains three important molecules namely,

  • Nucleobase which forms a nucleoside together

  • Carbon sugar

  • Phosphate group

Besides the essential components of nucleotides, the other elements nucleotides contain are derived from a heterocyclic compound that includes pyrimidine (cytosine, thymine, and uracil), purine (adenine and guanine) which is the major base found in human being, and pyridine (nicotinamide).  They are all the bases of nitrogen compounds. 


It is almost similar to nucleotides but the major difference is their participation in the metabolism of the cell of the living being. It is made of either purine or pyridine bases and also contains ribose sugar in its structure. The occurrence of nucleosides when compared to nucleotides is significantly low. 

Facts about Nucleotide

There are several facts about the most important compound that is essential for the health and biological function of the human body. Some of the facts are as follow:

  • It is essential for babies and toddlers and is just not limited to adults to use. Nucleotides help toddlers and babies in improving their learning abilities, providing support for a strong immune system, and extremely essential for cell metabolism. 

  • In the field of biochemistry, nucleotides are used as radionuclides for creating radionuclides. 

People often get overwhelmed studying the structure of DNA and RNA, and it is the most important part of Nucleotide. Here are the most frequently asked questions about nucleotides by people that often they find confusing. 

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FAQs on Nucleotide

1. What are the Major Differences Between Nucleoside and Nucleotide?

People often confuse these two scientific and biological terms that are related to the formation of a human body. Here are few differences between nucleoside and nucleotide.

The major difference between Nucleoside and Nucleotide is their composition. A nucleotide contains sugar, phosphates, and base group in its property and composition while Nucleoside contains only sugar as its main component in the formation.  

A nucleoside is a reason for causing cancer whereas a Nucleotide acts as a medical agent in preventing any disease to attack a human body by providing support for a strong immune system of the body.

2. Why is the Nucleotide Sequence Important for a DNA Structure?

DNA is an important part of the human hereditary system that helps in biological formation and characterization. The major part in the formation of a DNA is nucleotides which is an essential compound that offers significantly great advantages biologically to a human body to keep in healthy and prevent the attack of a disease. 

A sequence of nucleotides is important in the structure of DNA because it forms a unique genetic formation of a human being. According to scientists, the correct sequence of nucleotides in DNA helps in finding the relationship between two people or identifying bodies at the crime scene.