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Why is Lactobacillus Important for Our Health?

There are myriads of organisms present in the microbial world. These organisms are invisible to our naked eye. Many of them are harmful to our physiology, a significant percentage of them have no effect on us, and the rest are quite useful. One such genus of bacteria is lactobacillus. This type of bacteria can be found in our food and is not harmful to our system. In this section, we will elaborately study this genus of bacteria, its biological features, and functions. Keep reading to find its shape, meaning, and definition.

What is Lactobacillus?

As per the definition, any group of genus bacteria that has a rod-shaped body with a non-spore-forming feature and is gram-positive in nature is called lactobacillus bacteria. This genus of bacteria can convert glucose into lactic acid as a by-product of its metabolism. You can find the presence of this bacterium in wide sources such as animal feeds, manure, silage, milk, milk products, etc.

The name ‘lactobacillus’ is given as it produces lactic acid during the fermentation process of carbohydrates. It also has a rod-shaped which is why it is termed as bacillus. It is one of the friendly bacteria that are present in human physiology and help in digestion. Now that you have learned the lactobacillus meaning, let us proceed to the part where it is used commercially.

Importance of Lactobacillus for Us

Lactobacillus is one of the friendly microbes present in the human guts and the oral cavity. This naturally-occurring bacterium lives in harmony with humans and other animals maintaining a symbiotic relationship. It is very important for maintaining our hut health. It is present in our large intestine and in the vagina of women.

The prime function of this genus of bacteria is to breakdown fiber and help in digesting complex carbohydrates. In fact, it also helps in the breakdown of complex food particles to form simpler units for easy absorption and assimilation in the different parts of organ systems in our body.

It also helps to preserve gut health by balancing the flora and fauna of the digestive system. An imbalanced presence (less or more) of lactobacillus bacteria can ruin the digestive and gut health leading to infections. This balance can be restored simply by using medications for the remedy of other diseases and by the consumption of probiotics. It also helps in maintaining the proper colonization of other bacteria present in the human digestive system. It also means that this genus of bacteria also helps in warding off other harmful bacteria trying to invade and colonize the digestive system as parasites.

How is Lactobacillus used Commercially?

The lactobacillus meaning suggests that rod-shaped gram-positive bacteria are found to produce lactic acid from breaking down carbohydrates. This bacterium is also present in the human guts as a friendly symbiotic organism. Over the years, exceptional methods have been found in the food industry.

It is used as a prime constituent of the probiotic formulation popularly consumed to restore the balance of gut flora and fauna. You will find the lactobacilli information mentioned in the formulation of probiotics for all kinds of patients. Apart from the medicinal purposes, you will find myriads of uses of this bacterium in the food processing industry.

As the lactobacillus definition suggests, this genus of bacteria can be commonly found in dairy products. It can also be found in pickles, cheese, yogurt, etc. This naturally-occurring bacterium is part of the natural biome of different foods, preparations, and medicines.

Benefits of Lactobacillus for Human Beings

Huge research is being done across the world to find the best uses and functions of lactobacillus. Now that you have learned what is lactobacillus bacteria, you can easily figure out how it can help and benefit human health.

1.  Reduction of Cholesterol

Immense research suggests that this bacterium can be extremely helpful in reducing the levels of cholesterols naturally. The research data also suggests that consuming probiotics and food containing this bacterium can help in reducing bad cholesterol levels and maintaining a proper cholesterol balance. More data is needed to prove this.

2.  Maintaining Gut Health

It is witnessed that a sudden change in location for a considerable amount of time causes abdominal discomfort. It means that the gut flora and fauna are going through a transformation. In some cases, gastric ailments also disrupt this balance. Lactobacillus is used to restore such balance and maintain gut health. It has also been found that this bacterium helps in digesting complex carbohydrates and adds more fiber to your bowel movement. Abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, and other ailments get cured faster.

3.  Preventing infection in Private Parts

Apart from the large intestine and oral cavity, this bacterium is also found in the vagina. Vaginal infection is a common problem that causes utter discomfort and a miss balanced lifestyle. Lactobacillus can help to cure the vaginal infection by maintaining the biome and restoring balance. Vulvovaginal candidiasis and vaginosis can be cured.

4.  Proper BMI Maintenance

Maintaining proper BMI by losing weight can be promoted by using this bacterium. It maintains proper bowel movement and helps in digesting food. This means your appetite and gut health will remain perfect. This significantly helps in losing weight and maintaining good digestive health.

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FAQs on Lactobacillus

1.  What is the Shape of Lactobacillus?

Ans: As the name suggests, lactobacillus is a gram-positive rod-shaped bacteria that do not produce spores. It is a rod-shaped bacillus in nature.

2.  Why is Lactobacillus Important for Our Overall Health?

Ans: Lactobacillus is an important part of our oral cavity, digestive tract, and gut. It means it is responsible for maintaining gut health. The flora and fauna harmonically residing in our gut stops digestive infections and promotes digestion. Hence, our overall health needs the functions of lactobacillus.

3.  How Lactobacillus is Commercially used?

Ans: You know the lactobacillus shape, functions, and features. It is used in the dairy and other food industries. It is also used to manufacture medicines such as probiotics for restoring gut health and warding off the microbial invasion.