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What is Ectomorph?

The body types can be divided into 3 different groups: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. An ectomorph can be defined as the body type of a person that doesn’t gain weight regardless of the diet they have. It is one of the body types that are much leaner and fragile than the other body times. Amongst the three different somatotypes on the basis of which the body types are divided, ectomorphs tend to take the thinner side of the groups. 

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These people are generally a lot thinner and lose weight really quick. Hence, their body doesn’t contain much muscle, to begin with. While this might seem like a proper dream body type, there are some downsides to being an ectomorph. In this article, students are going to figure out what is ectomorph and what its characteristics are.

What are the Characteristics of an Ectomorph’s Body? 

The people who possess the ectomorph type of body tend to possess these important characteristics. These ectomorph characteristics can help in the identification of an ectomorph body type. 

  • The people who have the ectomorph body will have a frame that is much smaller and leaner than others. 

  • The shoulders of these people are pretty small when compared to other body types. Not to mention that they tend to have a flat chest. 

  • The muscle mass in these people is also pretty lean. 

  • The people who belong to the category of ectomorph body types tend to find it really difficult to gain weight and hence are generally thin. 

  • Even after ectomorph gains some weight, it can easily turn to lean muscle. 

What is the Diet of an Ectomorph?

Since the ectomorphs don’t find it difficult to become thin, there isn’t a special diet that they need to stick to. This is unless they want to gain weight and bulk up. Now gaining weight tends to be pretty simple as it just focuses on consuming calories in a huge amount. However, there is a difference between gaining weight and being smart about weight gain. For an ectomorph weight gain diet, the foods that are pretty rich in nutrients tend to be the right choice. This is due to the fact that such foods have a very high quantity of protein in them. Most ectomorphs include a lot of eggs, chicken, nuts, different milk types, potatoes, and red meat in their diet. 

Ectomorphs and Obesity

While being skinny tends to be the dream of many people, it is not always a healthy choice. There are people who might be skinny and appear to be healthy but have a very dangerous fat amount in their bodies. The name for this condition is normal-weight obesity. This increases the chances of developing diabetes and heart diseases in people. Since most ectomorphs tend to believe that they can consume whatever they want without actually gaining some weight, there is a chance that their diets will include more unhealthy foods. 

Weight Training with Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs who are looking forward to building some muscle need to focus mainly on the weight training exercises and workout routines. They need to use some heavier weights in order to strengthen their muscle group. Some experts also suggest using the entire pyramid rep structure. This structure involves using lighter weights in the beginning and increasing those weights towards the end. People can follow the ectomorph workout plan in order to get a proper idea of the workout routine that they should follow. The main preference of ectomorphs tends to be cardio and endurance-related exercises. Hence, it is very difficult for them to gain some mass. With proper weight training, they can increase the mass in their body for sure. 

Ectomorphs as Athletes

There are people who often consider the mesomorph body type to be ideal for athletics. This is due to the fact that they are easily able to build their muscle mass. However, that is not always the case. There are some high-level athletes belonging to the ectomorph body types. For example, a study has noted that some athletes that have an ectomorphic body type tend to perform better in endurance-related tasks when compared to others. 

What are Some Long-Term Effects of Having the Ectomorph Body Type? 

There are some people who have wanted the ectomorph transformation. These people are the ones who have a pretty sedentary life as a whole. However, this could have a much more serious effect in the future. For example, people who lack muscle mass might be prone to medical conditions such as osteoporosis. Such people also have an increased risk of developing heart diseases, and diabetes as well as cancer. 


Ectomorphs are one of the somatotypes on the basis of which the body types are divided. The above-mentioned article provides an explanation of the ectomorph body type and other important details. Students can use this information to know more about the topic.

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FAQs on Ectomorph

1. What is an Ectomorph?

Ans: In general, there are 3 different somatotypes on the basis of which the bodies of human beings can be divided. This division groups the human body shape and size into 3 different categories: endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. Ectomorphs are people who have a leaner shape of their body structure. The main characteristic of these types of people is their inability to gain weight and muscle as a whole. Ectomorphs have leaner shoulders and an overall fragile body. Since they are unable to gain weight, they tend to have a diet that is rich in nutrients in order to build some muscle and reach their weight goals.

2. Why is Weight Training Important for Ectomorphs?

Ans: Since the ectomorphs tend to have difficulty gaining any muscle mass, they need to focus mainly on the exercises that involve weight training. The workout routine for someone with an ectomorph personality will involve a lot of weight lifting. They need to use some weights that are heavier in size. Some experts have also suggested that ectomorphs should use the pyramid rep structure in order to gain muscle mass. This structure involves using lighter weights in the beginning and switching to heavier weights in the end. This structure has proved to be very beneficial for the ectomorphs who are trying to bulk up and hence is heavily recommended.

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