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Biceps Muscle

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In between the shoulder joint and elbow joint, the part is known as the upper arm. The upper arms are very helpful to lift the weight. And they keep our hands flexible to do many things in the daily routine. These upper arms have four different muscles. Among all the four muscles, the biceps muscle plays a crucial role. Let's learn more about this muscle. 

The upper arms show how to compartments. Namely anterior compartment and posterior compartment. The anterior compartment closest to three muscles among all four. They are - 

  • Biceps Brachii

  • Brachialis

  • Coracobrachialis

These can be remembered easily as BBC.

The biceps muscle contains one long head and one short head.

Biceps Functions

The biceps muscle performs various functions to give support and protection to the hand along with the whole body. Some of the functions of biceps muscle are - 

  • Its major function is to create flexibility in the shoulder and to improve the suspension of the forearm.

  • It also helps in elevating the shoulder up to 90°.

  • A strong biceps muscle gives a great look and shape to the body, especially for men.

Various Conditions of the Biceps Muscle

The bicep muscle got pain in different conditions. These conditions may vary from one scenario to another. The bicep muscle pain is also called the bicep tendon. Different types of biceps  pains are as follows- 

Biceps Strain

Biceps strain is caused by pulling the biceps, overstretching, or damaging the fibers. The usual symptoms are swelling and pain in middle of bicep muscle.

Proximal Biceps Tendon Rupture

If the rapture has taken place between the two bicep muscles in the bone. It may lead to severe pain and sometimes shape out of the shoulder. 

Biceps Contracture

It is the most severe case of biceps injuries. After this attack, the bicep muscle is completely bent, and the performance of the shoulder, elbow, and overall hand will be reduced. The patient can suffer severe pain in middle of bicep. 

Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture 

If a fracture occurs at the forearm, this may affect the connected bicep muscle and gives a sudden pain at the elbow and slight weakness in the forearm. It is another kind of bicep pain, which can't be exposed.

Proximal Biceps Tendonitis 

If the same substance were repeated multiple times, then it is termed proximal biceps tendonitis. Severe biceps pain can be observed here.

Clinical Examinations

Clinical examinations to be performed to understand the condition of the biceps muscle. The advanced technology and sophisticated lab equipment have introduced several methods of examination and diagnosing bicep pain. Some of them are- 

  • A CT scanner helps to take multiple X - rays of the injured biceps muscle and gives a complete picture on the computer screen.

  • An MRI scan is more advanced than a CT scan, giving a detailed picture of the biceps muscle and surrounded structures.

  • Ultrasound scanning is a device used to provide pictures of the internal structure of the biceps muscle by placing it on the injured part. Some sound vibrations and these vibrations can be converted into a pictorial form visible on the computer screen.

  • Ferguson's test is used to check the condition of biceps muscle by asking the injured person to raise his elbow to 90°. Based on the complexity of raising his hand, the doctor will understand the condition of the biceps muscle.

  • Speed test is another test used to refer to the required scan for the person by a physician. The person is asked to hold the arm at the elbow, and the doctor starts pressing at the affected area.

Treatment for Biceps Pain

Considering the severity of biceps pain, multiple treatments are available now. They are as follows- 

  • Protecting, resting, applying ice to get relief from the biceps pain in. It is known as ice therapy.

  • Wrapping and compressing the shoulder with a bandage to allow the internal structure to set and heal slowly and normally.

  • Pain relievers help the patients to get relief from the pain slowly. But these should be intake by the patient according to the prescribed dose given by his physician. The overdose may lead to side effects.

  • Physiotherapy is an exercise to create the moment from the injured biceps muscle.

All these are non-surgical methods of treatment for biceps muscle tendons. If the severity is very high, some surgical methods are also available to cure the biceps muscle tendons.


The biceps muscle is a muscle that is located below the shoulder and above the elbow. It helps to give structure and support to the hand to perform various activities. As a tibia bone helps to hold the whole weight of our body, the biceps muscle helps to hold other weight by our body.

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FAQs on Biceps Muscle

1. What are the Surgical Treatments Available for Biceps Muscle Pain?

Ans. The biceps muscle pain can be treated using non-surgical and surgical methods. If the severity is high and may not be cured with the non-surgical approach, doctors suggest a surgical approach to cure and relieve the biceps pain. They are - 

  • Biceps tenotomy easiest surgery where the doctors are just in rare cases. This surgery May release the patient from biceps pain, but still, some weakness May lift over in the shoulder itself.

  • Biceps surgery is a surgery which is suggested by the doctor where the rupture comma tears, fractures May caused in the area of the biceps muscle.

  • Biceps tenodesis is another surgery used to remove the affected part from the shoulder, which helps heal the biceps tendon. Again it is reattached to the arm.

2. Explain the Posterior Compartment in the Upper Arm?

Ans. The posterior compartment is another compartment located in the upper I'm along with the anterior compartment. This compartment has a single muscle. Triceps Brachii is the name of the muscle. This muscle has three heads. That's the reason it is known as triceps. 

  • Long head

  • Medial head

  • Lateral head

The major function of the Triceps Brachii is to extend the arm from the elbow. All three heads of triceps brachii originated and are linked to the internal parts of the shoulder and elbow.