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The Class 9th History Chapter 5 start with the explanation of nomad people and their movement in India. Then the chapter explains how pastoralism has influenced societies in India and Africa. At the end of the chapter, it is discussed how colonialism has affected the lives of Nomadic people.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How did the nomadic people adjust to the Colonial Rules?

The Class 9th History Chapter 5 Notes depict how, after the colonial rule, the life of the pastoralists was affected in a disastrous way. Their lands were seized and converted to cultivated lands. They were burdened under heavy taxation. To cope up with the situation the pastoral people had to decrease their cattle. Some of the nomadic people bought lands and settled there, leaving their nomadic life behind. Some nomadic people became farmers of cultivated lands. Whereas, some other pastoralists borrowed money from others to lead a life.

2. Give a brief on the lives of pastoralists in Africa

The pastoralists of Africa were called the Maasai. They used to live in the eastern parts of Africa. They had large pastoral lands before the colonial times, which were spread over Kenya and northern Tanzania. But unfortunately, the lands were cut into half by the European powers. The grazing lands were converted into cultivated lands, and the Maasai people were forced to move to arid areas where the pastures were very poor.