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The Lazy Frog Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 01st Mar 2024
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The Lazy Frog Revision Notes and Worksheets PDF for Your Best Preparation

Chapter 5 of Class 5 English is about a lazy frog who does not want to work even if his mother calls. He is not even bothered to help her mother and lies on a log or a heap of leaves all day long. He pays no attention to anything. Even if a lady frog passes by, he does not even open his eyes to look or bow or greet. Understand The Lazy Frog summary from the revision notes compiled by the experts.

The Lazy Frog revision notes give you a better and easier explanation of this poem, grab the context and summary of this poem easily and resolve the doubts on your own. Learn how the experts have explained every line to answer questions easily.

Class 5 English Revision Notes - Chapter-wise List

The class 5 english notes will help students prepare better for their examinations. They are prepared by experts and are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


Importance of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 5 The Lazy Frog

This chapter tells the story of a frog named Fred. He is very lazy. He lies on a log and heap of leaves all day. Even if his mother calls him to help her with daily work, he does not pay heed to her. He keeps on resting without moving his muscles.

He spends the entire day without even stretching his muscles a little. In fact, he does not even bow to a lady frog passing by. This poem explains how a frog can be that lazy. It is affecting his life but he does not realise it.

To understand the deeper meaning of this poem The Lazy Frog Class 5, refer to the simpler explanation given by Vedantu’s experts. Get the context of this poem easily.

Benefits of Vedantu’s The Lazy Frog Poem Class 5 Revision Notes and Worksheets

  • The revision notes have been prepared by the experts at Vedantu by following the CBSE Class 5 English standards. It will be a lot easier for you to understand the context of this poem. You will be able to learn the meaning of each line and answer questions without any hassle.

  • Understand the deeper meaning of this poem and find out how the poet explains the laziness of this frog. Check The Lazy Frog Class 5 questions and answers in the exercises and resolve your doubts.

  • Use these notes to revise and recall what you have studied before an exam quickly. These notes are designed to help you answer fundamental questions such as what did the frog do all day.

  • Solve the worksheets given with these notes to check your preparation level. Find out where you need to work on more.

Download The Lazy Frog Worksheets and Revision Notes PDF

Get the free PDF versions of the notes and worksheets and complete your study material. Learn how to describe the frog from the simpler explanation given by the experts. Check the answers to the worksheet questions and learn how to answer such questions accurately to score more in the exams.

Access Class 5 English Revision Notes Chapter 5: The Lazy Frog

The Lazy Frog Revision Notes

  • The poem describes Fred the Frog's laziness. 

  • He is never seen working and lies on a log all day. 

  • Fred manages to even do the basic work he should and never assists his poor Mother.

  • When Fred's Mother summons him to work, he pretends to be deaf. 

  • He is unconcerned about the source of the assistance, whether it is his own Mother or a woman Frog.

  • He always seems to be asleep whenever there is a possibility of him getting up and working.

  • Not just his mother, he does not pay attention to the bypassers as well. 

  • One would think that he would be alert and bow and help a lady frog on her way.

  • It is indeed a shame and disgrace to admit that he does not even bother to look at the lady frog.

Moral of The Lazy Frog Poem Class 5

  • The poem is an excellent portrayal of many children especially teenagers in today's world who spend the entire day lazily.

  • One can learn from this poem that being lazy and inactive does no good. 

  • We should be active and help others around us with their tasks that will strengthen our bond.

  • Lying around does not help us as we can’t complete our goals nor the people around us who find it difficult to live with us. 

  • So, we should be alert and active and not like Fred, the lazy frog.

New Words in The Lazy Frog Class 5 Meaning with Examples 





Lying, standing or sitting lazily.

This break is to be productive and not loll around the house.


A section of a tree's trunk that has fallen or been cut.

Lisa tripped on a fallen log.


Avoiding doing something that one should be doing.

She does not shirk her responsibilities.

In Vain

Without any successful outcome.

She waited in vain in the queue.


Liking one thing better than the other.

I don’t prefer tea.

Hard of hearing

Unable to hear properly.

She was acting to be hard of hearing.


To bend the body or knee in respect and admiration.

Bow your head during prayer.

Techniques Used in the Poem

  • Rhyming Words - Different words that sound the same phonetically when spoken together or simultaneously. 

           Frog- Log

           Shirk- Work

           Preferring- Hearing

           Heap- Asleep

           Past- Last

           Way- Say

           By- Eye

The Lazy Frog Class 5 Questions Answers

Let’s Read

1. What did the frog do all day?

Ans: The frog lolled on the log all day and was conveniently asleep.

2. Besides lazy, what other word can you think of to describe the frog?

(Hint: how he behaved with his mother…… when a lady frog walked by…)

Ans: Irresponsible and Rude.

3. Complete the sentences with reference to the poem. 

(i) When the frog’s mother called him, he pretended to_________

(ii) When a lady frog hops by, he does not even _______________

Ans: (i) When the frog’s mother called him, he pretended to be hard of hearing.

(ii) When a lady frog hops by, he does not even open one eye.

4. Did you like the frog’s behaviour?

Ans: I do not like the rude and shirking behaviour of the frog. 

Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of The Lazy Frog Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. Write the words that rhyme with the following,

Frog, Lazy, Work, Hop, Bow

Ans: Frog: Fog, Hog, Jog, Clog, Dog

Lazy: Crazy, Hazy, Daisy, Greasy

Work: Lurk, Murk, Perk, Clerk, Quirk

Hop: Pop, Cop, Stop, Mop, Flop

Bow: Sow, How, Now, Vow

2. What is the poet ashamed to say about Fred, the lazy frog?

Ans: The poet is ashamed to say that Fred is so lazy that he does not even open an eye to look at or help a lady frog on her way.

3. When his mother calls, what does the frog do?

Ans: When his mother calls him for help, he is unbothered. He doesn't even budge an inch, instead of pretending to be sleeping and unable to hear her. And conveniently sleeps, disregarding everything.


Vedantu's free PDF notes on CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 5, "The Lazy Frog," offer a valuable educational resource for young learners. These notes provide a comprehensive understanding of the delightful story, aligning seamlessly with the CBSE curriculum. Vedantu's commitment to quality education is evident, ensuring that students receive clear explanations, character insights, and thematic analysis, all in an easily accessible PDF format. These notes simplify complex literary concepts, encourage reading comprehension, and spark a deeper appreciation for storytelling. By utilizing these resources, students can enhance their language skills, imaginative thinking, and overall academic performance while immersing themselves in the enchanting world of "The Lazy Frog."

FAQs on The Lazy Frog Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 5 (Free PDF Download)

1.  Did you like the frog's behaviour?

No. We did not like the frog’s behaviour. He is lazy and does not help his old mother by doing anything.

2.  How do we know that the frog was lazy?

The frog did not do a single work in the entire day. His mother could not make him move a little from the log where he rests.

3.  Is it okay to be as lazy as Fred the frog?

It is not all okay to be like a lazy frog like Fred. The frog's mother called him in such pain and he did not pay attention to her.  

4. Where can I download these Class 5 English Chapter 5 notes for free in PDF format?

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