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Class Discussion Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 6 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Class Discussion Revision Notes and Worksheets: Prepare with Free PDF Notes

Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion is an interesting poem that depicts an incident in a classroom. This chapter needs proper attention as the context is quite crucial for the students to understand. To make the preparation easier, download and refer to the CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion Notes developed by the subject experts and get a simpler version of the context. Learn how to compile answers by using these notes and focus on developing your concepts for this chapter.

Chapter 6 is a beautiful poem about a quiet girl named Jane. Her entire class was chattering but she watched everyone and always sat in silence. When asked why she was silent during the discussion, she replied that she is quiet and silent by nature, in her clear voice. To understand the context of this chapter, refer to the Class Discussion revision notes.

These Class Discussion revision notes will help you understand the Class Discussion summary without any hassle. Check how the experts have explained every line of this poem in a simple tone. Understand the meaning of this chapter and answer questions easily to score more in the exams.

Class 5 English Revision Notes - Chapter-wise List

The class 5 english notes will help students prepare better for their examinations. They are prepared by experts and are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


Access Class 5 English Revision Notes Chapter 6: Class Discussion

Class Discussion Revision Notes

  • Class Discussion’ by Gervase Phinn is a poem that talks about a discussion between a teacher and one of her students.

  • A discussion was going on in a classroom full of children.

  • Every child participated in the discussion barring Jane. 

  • While every child voiced their opinion, Jane hardly said anything. Nobody heard anything from Jane. 

  • Though Jane was surrounded by the chatter, he sat quietly and stared in silence.

  • The teacher was worried about Jane. She asked Jane why she did not participate in the discussion.

  • The teacher asked Jane to tell her frankly if she was having any issues.

  • Jane replied to her teacher. She looked up and talked in her low but clear voice.

  • Jane told her teacher that there was no issue. It was just that she happened to be a quiet person and preferred to be silent. 

Moral of the Poem

  • The poem ‘Class Discussion’ explains the diversity that is present among different people, especially children.

  • The poet stresses the fact that everyone is different and everyone is special in their own way. While some children are expressive and like to talk, have a big friend circle and exchange their thoughts freely; some are quiet and love to be in silence. Both kinds of children and people as a whole can contribute in a big way.

New Words Meaning with Examples of ‘Class Discussion’ Class 5





Talking with one another in a group about a specific topic.

Has there been any discussion on this matter in the committee?


Look continuously at someone or something.

I stared at the score in disbelief.


To tell/present/broadcast something in front of everyone

The news was aired at 9 p.m. last night.


Only just; very close to ‘not at all’

I barely slept last night.


Frank, in a clear way (in this poem)

Please tell all your concerns plainly.


Sound of different things like people talking, etc(in this poem)

What is all this chatter about?

Techniques Used in the Poem

Rhyming Words: Same sounding words when spoken together are called rhyming words.

  • Word- Heard

  • Jane- Plain

  • Chatter- Matter

  • Low- Know

Alliteration: In a line of a poem, the appearance of the same letters or same sounding letters at the beginning of words which are close to each other is called alliteration.

For example: In the following lines, the same sounding letters are underlined to show alliteration.

  1. “We all aired our opinions but from you, we barely heard.”

  2. “You sat and stared in silence surrounded by the chatter.”

About the Poet

  • Gervase Phinn is an author and educator of English origin. He was born on 27th December 1946 in Rotherham.

  • After graduating from Leeds University in Education, he had a career as a teacher and later as a school inspector.

  • Among the books that he has written for children, books like ‘What's the Matter, Royston Knapper?’; ‘Royston Knapper: The Return of the Rogue’ and ‘Our Cat Cuddles’ are very very famous.

NCERT Class 5 English Chapter 6 ‘Class Discussion’ Question Answer 

Let’s Read

1. What activity was going on in the class?

Ans: A discussion on a topic was going on in the class where all the students were asked to participate.

2. Who was the quiet one in the class?

Ans: The quiet one in the class who did not participate at all in the discussion was Jane.

3. Why was she quiet?

Ans: She was quiet because she was quiet by nature.

4.  How do you interact in class during discussions? Do you participate or remain quiet? (answers may vary)

Ans: Whenever there is a discussion in the class, I interact by being straightforward. I put forward my views and ask for feedback from my teacher at the end.

Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of the ‘Class Discussion’ Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. The discussed poem is a conversation between two people. Who are the two people?

Ans: The two people who are having a conversation in the poem are Jane and her teacher.

2. Can you list a few rhyming words of the following words.

Spoke, World

Ans: Spoke- Choke, Cloak, Soak, Poke

World- Curled, Twirled, Hurled, Swirled

3. How did Jane reply to her teacher?

Ans: Jane replied to her teacher in a low but clear voice.

4. Was Jane rude when she replied to her teacher?

Ans: No, Jane was not being rude when she replied to her teacher. He stated the truth. She was indeed a quiet person.

5. What do you mean by the word ‘opinion’? How is it different from the word ‘fact’?

Ans: Opinion refers to our view or thought that we have about a particular subject or person. It is formed based on our knowledge and experiences. It may not always be true. For example: ‘I think he is made for this job.’ A Fact, on the other hand, is a definite truth which can not be debated about. For example: ‘A human body has five sense organs.’

Importance of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion

This is a poem about a girl in a classroom. Her name is Jane. She does not speak much. Even if her classroom is full of chattering students, she did not utter a word and continued to observe everyone.

Despite the teacher trying to get her opinion on the topic, she showed reluctance in explaining it. She did not say a word when she got the chance to give her opinion. When asked why was she quiet, she said that she was one of those people who are quiet.

This chapter explains how she was quiet the entire time and did not want to participate in the discussion. Her reply makes students think about whether to be a part of the discussion or not. It is important to actively participate in discussions to increase your knowledge. It is also important to listen to what others say. 

To understand the meaning of this poem, refer to the Class Discussion revision notes and make it easier for yourself.

Benefits of Class Discussion Poem Class 5 Revision Notes and Worksheets

  • The notes have been composed following the Class 5 standards and CBSE guidelines. It will be easier for you to explain the lines of this poem and find answers to fundamental questions after reading Vedantu’s revision notes.

  • The reason for the girl’s silence is a little tricky to understand. Find the answer to this question from the notes. Get answers to questions such as what activity was going on in the class without any hassle.

  • Use the worksheet to test your preparation and answering skills. Refer to the solutions given by the experts so that you can learn how to frame answers in a perfect way.

  • Recall what you have studied about this poem before an exam using the revision notes.

Download Class Discussion Class 5 Worksheet and Revision Notes PDF

Get the easiest notes to follow in the PDF version. Refer to it at your convenience and make your study sessions more productive. Search and get answers to the fundamental questions of this chapter without any hassle. Judge your preparation with the worksheets and make your preparation full proof.

Importance of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion Notes Free

The notes for this chapter have been compiled by following the CBSE Class 5 English standards so that students can easily comprehend the context of this chapter well. The language has been kept simple and the notes contain a concise summary of the entire poem. Hence, these notes will turn out to be the best study material for a student to understand this poem well and develop the conceptual foundation to score more in the exams.

Advantages of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion Notes Free

  • The notes are prepared by the subject experts with the sole motive of delivering a convenient platform for understanding and preparing this chapter well.

  • Resolving doubts related to this chapter will not be a problem when you have these notes in your hands.

  • Study the chapter and refer to the notes before you move to answer exercise questions. You will find this process more convenient in completely preparing this chapter.

  • Focus on the easier format of this chapter given in the notes to recall what you have studied during an exam. In this way, you can not only answer the exam questions precisely but will also be able to use the exam time more efficiently.

Download CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion Notes Free PDF

For a good understanding of this subject, NCERT - Class 5 Chapter 6 Class Discussion, thoughtfully prepared by experienced educators at Vedantu is your friendly companion. These resources break down the difficulties of Class discussion into easily digestible sections, helping you grasp new concepts, and navigate through questions effortlessly. By using these materials, you not only prepare for your studies more efficiently but also develop a strong understanding of the subject matter.

FAQs on Class Discussion Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 6 (Free PDF Download)

1. Who was the quiet one in the class?

Jane, one of the students in the class, was really quiet. She did not utter a word in the classroom discussion. This is why her teacher showed concern about her quietness.

2. What did the teacher want to know from Jane?

The teacher wanted to know Jane’s opinion on the topic discussed in the class. As she was quiet and did not show her enthusiasm, her teacher specifically asked her to give her opinion in front of the class.

3. Is it ok to be quiet and silent?

It is good to be a silent observer and quiet in certain situations but you need to participate in classroom discussions. It helps you become better.

4. How can I get the summary of the CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion?

Follow the notes prepared by the subject experts to get an easy summary of this chapter and go ahead with your preparation.

5. How can I prepare Class 5 English Chapter 6 Class Discussion perfectly?

Study the poem first and try to figure out the meaning. Refer to the notes for this chapter and understand its summary. Use these notes to compile the correct answers for exercise questions and prepare them well.