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Ice Cream Man Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 1 [Free PDF Download]

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Ice Cream Man Revision Notes and Worksheets: Your Best Friends for Preparation

Last updated date: 14th Mar 2023
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Class 5 English Chapter 1 is all about the fun and frolicking of enthusiastic children around an ice cream cart. The poem perfectly depicts how children feel fascinated when an ice-cream cart arrives in their locality. The poet has given the best description of different types of cool and soothing ice-creams sold by the ice cream man. To understand the context of this poem, follow the Ice Cream Man summary given in the revision notes.

The Ice Cream Man revision notes have been compiled by the subject experts of Vedantu, giving a better way to prepare this chapter. The explanation of Ice Cream Man has been simplified to ensure proper doubt resolution.

Class 5 English Revision Notes - Chapter-wise list

The class 5 english notes will help students prepare better for their examinations. They are prepared by experts and are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


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Download PDF of Ice Cream Man Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 1 [Free PDF Download]

Access Class 5 English Revision Notes Chapter 1: Ice Cream Man

Ice Cream Man Revision Notes

  • Ice Cream Man is a poem by Rachel Field that is about the most beloved eatery and man throughout the summer months - The Ice Cream Man. 

  • The poem beautifully describes the excitement that youngsters experience when they see cones loaded with colourful heaps of ice cream.

  • In the summer months when the bricks are hot and the city is struggling from the heat, the ice cream works hard and puts a smile on children’s faces.

  • He walks around with his cart that has an umbrella to protect him from the heat, carrying around ice creams and icy drinks.

  • The children await to enjoy many flavours of ice cream that the ice cream man carries, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

  • Loading the cones with colourful ice cream mounds of various flavours as well as offering them cool frosty drinks in green, pink, white, and orange,  the ice cream man brings joy and relief.

  • Children in clusters, gather around the ice cream cart like bees around a flower bed.

Ice Cream Man Summary

  • Rachel Field’s poem reminds readers of simple times and the enjoyment the ice cream man provides on hot summer days.

  • Furthermore, the poem perfectly describes children's love of ice cream and the delight it delivers. 

  • It also explains the ice cream man's cart as a flower bed with many flowers and the many types of ice cream he sells. 

  • The poem also has a nostalgic ring to it in the way it depicts the actions of small children when the ice cream vendor arrives. 

  • It accurately expresses how his arrival offers people delight in the sweltering heat and everyone gets a respite to cool off throughout the summers.

Moral of Ice Cream Man

  • Even on the hot days as the poet mentions the children are delighted when they see the ice cream cart. 

  • In tough times we can always look forward to the future with hope and find joy in little things.

  • We should learn from children how to be happy and enjoy life fully as the children in the poem do.

New Words in Class 5 English Poem Ice Cream Man Meaning with Examples 





That is flaming hot.

He went out at the peak of the summer blaze.


A vehicle moving slowly as it is heavy and on small wheels.

She saw her grandfather trundling away in his old car.


Something of large quantity in a pile or heap.

Mounds of crops were cut during the harvesting season.


A chilled drink that makes a sound when opened due to bubbles.

The teachers distributed my favourite frosty fizz at the picnic.


Gathering of similar people or things.

The gardener brought home a cluster of daisies.

Techniques Used in the Poem

  • Rhyming Words - Different words that sound the same phonetically when spoken together or simultaneously. 

           Heat- Street

           Sight- White

           Drink- Pink

           Peas- Bees

  • Metaphor- A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is used to an item or activity that is not literal.

       Example- The cart is compared to a flower bed in the line, “His cart might be a flower bed,”                                                   

  • Simile- A simile is a figure of speech that involves comparing one item to another of a different sort, by using the words ‘like’ and ‘as.’

            Example- As thick as honeybees.

About the Poet

  • Born on September 19, 1894, in New York USA, Rachel Lyman Field was an American novelist, poet, and children's literature writer. 

  • Her most well-known work is the Newbery Award-winning novel Hitty, Her First Hundred Years. 

  • Rachel Field has also received a National Book Award, a Newbery Honor Award, and a position in two Lewis Carroll Shelf Award nominations. 

  • She was also a popular adult fiction novelist, with several best-sellers. 

Class 5 English Chapter 1 Ice Cream Man NCERT Questions Answers

Reading is Fun

1. In which season is ice cream popular?

Ans: Ice cream is enjoyed throughout the year in all seasons but it is the most popular in summer.

2. Who feels joyful on seeing the Ice-cream Man?

Ans: The children feel joyful when they see the ice cream man.

3. Name the different flavours of ice cream the Ice-cream Man has in his cart.

Ans: The ice cream man has Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavoured ice cream in his cart. 

4. What are the two things that the Ice-cream Man is selling?

Ans: Ice cream and drinks that is the chilled frosty-fizz bottles are the two things the Ice cream man sells.

5. What is the ice cream cart compared to in the poem?

Ans: In the poem, the poet compares the ice cream cart to a flower bed.

Marigold Ice Cream Man Poem Class 5 Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of Ice Cream Man Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. Write the words that rhyme with the following,

Ice, Cream, Summer, Cool

Ans: Ice: Dice, Nice, Twice, Rice, Spice

Cream: Dream, Scream, Steam, Team

Summer: Winter, Drummer, Runner, Singer

Cool: Fool, Pool, School, Tool, Stool

2. What do you look forward to in summer break?

Ans: I look forward to spending the entire day with my friends, playing games and riding bicycles on the streets freely.

3. When do you enjoy ice creams?

Ans: I love ice creams, especially the ones my mother makes, she makes them in different flavours, like mango and blueberry.

4. What is your memory of the ice cream man from when you were a child?

Ans: I never saw the ice cream man on a break during the summer. He came every day ringing a bell that was attached to the ice cream cart and joyfully sold ice creams. 

Importance of Class 5 English Chapter 1 The Ice Cream Man

This chapter explains how the kids enjoy ice cream during the summertime. The scorching heat is beaten by the cool and fascinating taste of ice cream. When an ice cream man arrives in a neighbourhood, children flock around it like bees in a flower garden.

They dance and prance around the cart and wait for their turns to get ice cream from him. He gives a lot of options. These options are described perfectly in this chapter. Class 5 English poem Ice Cream Man gives us a glimpse of how ecstatic the children become when they get an opportunity to eat these cool blocks of treat.

The description of the ice creams surely makes us long for one. They have so many colours and styles. Every child chooses his favourite one from the stack. They try the different flavours of what was ice cream man selling and enjoy the fascinating taste.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Ice Cream Man Class 5 Worksheets and Revision Notes

  • The poem has been described at Vedantu in a simpler form. It will become easier for you to comprehend the meaning of all the lines. Preparing Marigold Ice Cream Man poem Class 5 will become a lot easier with these notes.

  • Once you are done reading this poem, refer to the notes to complete your preparation. Recall what you have studied before an exam and describe the poem easily to score well in the exams.

  • Proceed to solve the Ice Cream Man worksheets given in these notes to check your preparation level. Find out how the poet has explained the activities of the children circling around an ice cream cart.

  • Get insights related to making a list of summer activities as asked by the chapter exercise.

Download Class 5 English Chapter 1 Ice Cream Man Revision Notes

Get the free PDF version of the Ice Cream Man revision notes and enjoy preparing this beautiful poem about your favourite summer snack. Learn how the experts have framed the answers to the worksheet questions. Escalate your comprehension skills and score well in the English exams.

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FAQs on Ice Cream Man Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 1 [Free PDF Download]

1. Why was the sight under the umbrella joyful?

Under the umbrella, the cart container was there. It stored different types of ice creams that children like to eat. The poet has explained their beautiful appearances that make children drool and, hence, makes the sight joyful for children.

2. Why did the poet call the children bees in a flower garden?

Children were prancing around the ice cream cart with joy. They looked like a swarm of bees enjoying their snack in a flower garden.

3. Why do we like to eat ice cream in summer?

Eating ice cream in summer helps us to beat the heat. It cools down our body temperature.

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