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The Talkative Barber Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 6 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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Exam - Focused Revision Notes for CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 - The Talkative Barber

CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 The Talkative Barber is an interesting chapter that depicts the irritating behaviour of this barber. It made the Sultan of that place irritated and annoyed. Learn the context of this chapter well from the notes developed by the subject experts of Vedantu. Find out how a Sultan got rid of the barber from these notes and take your preparation to a higher level.

The Talkative Barber Class 5 English Chapter 6 is a popular story taken from the famous ‘Arabian Nights’. It is about a talkative barber. The story includes a Sultan who calls the barber for shaving. He talks non-stop but does not complete his work. Eventually, the Sultan was fed up with his worthless stories. He wanted a shave as he was expecting guests. To understand the context of this chapter, refer to The Talkative Barber revision notes.

The summary of this chapter has been explained perfectly in these notes. The subject experts have simplified the entire story into easily understandable words by following the Class 5 English standards. The Talkative Barber summary is available in free PDF format for your convenience.

Class 5 English Revision Notes - Chapter-wise List

The class 5 english notes will help students prepare better for their examinations. They are prepared by experts and are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


Access Class 5 English Revision Notes Chapter 6: The Talkative Barber

The Talkative Barber Revision Notes

  • The narrative revolves around a loudmouthed barber. He is a chatterbox who never stops chatting, even when working. 

  • One day, a Sultan summons him to get his head shaved, without knowing the talkative nature of the barber.

  • When the barber arrives, instead of shaving the Sultan’s head he starts talking which makes him upset and he asks him to instead do his job.

  • Barber refuses to take the criticism of him being talkative and then starts talking about his family of whom his six brothers who have some kind of disability are more talkative and he is the quiet one.

  • Annoyed with this behaviour, the Sultan offers to pay him three gold coins and get rid of him as soon as possible. 

  • The barber refuses to accept this and insists on finishing the work. Despite this, the barber continues to chat about something or the other. 

  • The Sultan instructs him several times to quit chatting and focus on his work, but it is all in vain. 

  • As the Sultan becomes angry, the barber decides to begin shaving. And then stops mid-way to ask the Sultan why he was getting angry and in a hurry.

  • To get rid of him, Sultan tells him that he needs to go because he is inviting people over for a feast.

  • When the barber hears this, he realises he, too, has invited his friends but has made no preparations. 

  • To get rid of him, the Sultan gives him all of the food prepared for the feast to feed his pals. 

  • The barber wastes time evaluating all of the foods that the Sultan serves him leaving his head half-shaved.

  • The Sultan becomes impatient and was desperate to fulfil whatever the barber asks so he could get his hair cut.

  • And therefore, he immediately agrees when the barber asks to have fruits as desserts for him and his friends.

  • Then the barber begins shaving his head again.

Moral of The Talkative Barber Poem Class 5

  • Even though the barber was distracted and not fulfilling his task, the Sultan always gave him more chances to do his job.

  • From the barber we can learn what not to do, we should not be talkative without a purpose.

  • We should do our job to our best ability and not keep delaying by chattering away.

New Words in The Talkative Barber Class 5 Meaning with Examples 





To talk quickly without any break for a long time.

Don’t tell this personal information to the chatterer.


Something lacking or making a mistake.

The defect in my car needs to be fixed immediately.


Forming a view of something or someone is mostly based on personal judgements.

One must share their opinions about politics, to learn better.


Extremely tired.

She was exhausted from her work trip.


Sweet dish, often had after a meal.

I am full, I will not have the dessert tonight.


To observe something or someone and study.

We need to further examine this case before arriving at a conclusion.

At length

For a long stretch of time.

He examined the documents at length before signing.


The Talkative Barber Class 5 Questions Answers

Let’s Read

1.  How many brothers did the Barber have? 

Ans: The barber had six brothers and he was the youngest of the seven.

2. Why was the Sultan in a hurry?

Ans: Sultan had a feast planned for his friends which is why he was in a hurry.

3. Why did the barber take so long to shave the Sultan? 

Ans: The barber took a long time to shave the Sultan as he was a chatterer who told stories instead of doing his job.

4. Write True or False. 

(i) The Barber was shaving the Sultan’s beard. ________ 

Ans: False

(ii) The Sultan gave him three gold coins. _________ 

Ans: True

(iii) The Barber refused to leave the Sultan’s palace. _______ 

Ans: True

(iv) There were seven brothers altogether in the Sultan’s family. ____________

Ans: False

5. Why did the Barber want a lot of food?

Ans: The barber had forgotten to prepare food for the four or five friends he had invited for a meal and hence he wanted a lot of food that could feed at least five people.

Let’s Talk

1. Did the Sultan enjoy the Barber’s talk? Why do you say so? 

Ans: No, the Sultan did not appreciate the Barber's speech since he was willing to offer three pieces of gold and then all the food that had been prepared for him in order to get rid of the Barber.

2. Which part of the story did you find the funniest?

Ans: The Barber started to examine the dishes that the Sultan said he could take for his friends leaving behind the Sultan’s head half-shaved was the funniest part of the story. 

3. What are the things the Sultan gave to the Barber? 

Ans: Sultan gave the barber three pieces of gold, all the food that was prepared for him and the fruits to enjoy as a dessert.

4. Do you think the Sultan was really very generous? Why do you say so? 

Ans: A generous one is the one who gives without expecting anything in return. Here Sultan gave generously as he just wanted to get rid of the barber after getting his shaved, which according to me is not really generous.

Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of The Talkative Barber Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. Do you go to the barbershop? What is your experience?

Ans: Yes, I go to the barbershop, and unlike the talkative barber that the Sultan has encountered, my experience was as pleasant as the barber did his job well.

2. Why did the barber not stop talking despite being asked to by the Sultan?

Ans: The Sultan is very annoyed by the talkative barber and asks him to stop talking many times but all in vain as he keeps talking. He is a talkative man and one cannot let go of their core nature even if asked to.

3. What does the barber believe of himself to be true?

Ans: When the Sultan tells the barber to do his job instead of talking, the barber defends himself saying he is the least talkative and rather sparing with words among his siblings who are much more talkative.

Summary of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 The Talkative Barber

This story revolves around a talkative barber who works less and talks more. One day, a Sultan called him to get a shave. He was not aware of his talkative nature. Things did not happen according to the plan. The barber started talking relentlessly and got distracted all the time.

The Sultan had to listen to all his stories unnecessarily. He had to explain that his guests were coming and there was a grand feast waiting. The barber also explained that he was also expecting friends. The Sultan was compelled to give him all the delicious dishes that were prepared for the guests.

The Talkative Barber accepted his offer and even went to the extent to ask more. The moment the Sultan was convinced that his shaving was about to be done, the barber started talking again. This story shows how miserable the Sultan was in the hands of a talkative barber.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Talkative Barber Class 5 Revision Notes

  • To understand this chapter, a beloved children’s story in the Arabian Nights perfectly, refer to the revision notes compiled by the subject experts. It will help you to get the context easily and to compile answers to fundamental questions such as ‘why did the barber want a lot of food?’

  • Resolve doubts on your own using the notes. The simpler explanation will give you a better hold on this chapter. Your preparation level will become much better.

  • Use the notes of this chapter to test your preparation level. Find out where you need to work more and complete studying the syllabus properly.

  • Recall what you have studied using the notes before an exam and ace it.

Download the Talkative Barber Revision Notes PDF

View and download the free PDF version of the notes of this chapter to complete your preparation. Refer to the notes to find accurate answers to questions such as ‘which family did the barber belong to?’ Learn how the experts have answered the questions to escalate your comprehension skills.

Importance of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 The Talkative Barber Notes

The Talkative Barber is an interesting and funny story of a barber who likes to talk way too much. He does not even do his work properly and eats the head of his customers. The Sultan of that place did not have a choice but to call him on an urgent basis for his service. It was probably the worst mistake of his life. To understand what happened and the context of this chapter, download and refer to the concise revision notes developed by the experts.

These notes have been developed by the subject experts by following the latest CBSE syllabus and Class 5 English standards to keep them easily comprehensible. Students will learn the context faster and will find out the answers to all the exercise questions in no time.

Advantages of CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 The Talkative Barber Notes

  • The notes are easier to understand and memorise. Hence, your revision time will reduce considerably.

  • Resolve doubts related to the context of this chapter by using the notes.

  • Format the perfect answers by using these notes as study material and score more in the exams.

  • The organised format of these notes makes the context of this chapter easier to recall. It means you can easily compile the answers to exam questions.

Download CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 The Talkative Barber Notes PDF

The story "The Talkative Barber" from Class 5 CBSE English Chapter 6 teaches us the importance of being careful with our words. The main idea is that talking too much can lead to unintended consequences. The story revolves around a chatty barber who shares a secret that causes a series of humorous events. The essential lesson is about the value of discretion and the potential pitfalls of gossip. It emphasizes that sometimes it's better to keep certain things to ourselves rather than sharing them indiscriminately. This section is crucial as it highlights the central theme of the story and the moral lesson it imparts.

FAQs on The Talkative Barber Class 5 Notes CBSE English Chapter 6 (Free PDF Download)

1. Why did the Sultan get irritated?

The Sultan just wanted to get a shave from the barber. The barber got busy talking unnecessarily and his service got delayed. This is why the Sultan was irritated.

2. What did the barber want?

When the barber learnt that the Sultan was inviting his friends for a feast, the barber explained that he forgot to prepare a feast. The Sultan then offered all his food but the barber also wanted fruits and dessert.

3. Why did the Sultan agree to give all his food?

The Sultan wanted to get rid of the barber as soon as possible as his head was half shaved. This is why he agreed to give the barber all his food.

4. How can I prepare CBSE Class 5 English Chapter 6 well?

Read the story first and try to understand the context. Use the notes to understand the context again. Solve the exercise questions. Revise the notes once again and prepare this chapter well.

5. How can I develop my answering skills for this chapter?

Focus on the notes first and then proceed to seek suggestions from the exercise solutions framed by the experts. Follow the answering style and format in the solutions and practice to develop such skills.