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CBSE Class 5 English Worksheets with Answers

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Class 5th English worksheet with answers is the best source for students to enhance their skills in the subject English. If you are willing to prepare for class 5 English exam along with improving your English language skills then refer to these NCERT class 5 English worksheets PDFs. It will provide simple language explanations and sequential answering of questions so that you can understand totally, saving you from finding any other reference material.

CBSE class 5 English worksheets will boost your confidence regarding English preparation for upcoming exams. The answers have been formulated in a lucid manner while focusing on in-depth information on English language’s elements among the answers. These printable English worksheets for class 5 are accessible to download for free.

Accurate answers to all the chapters of Marigold textbook and Marigold poems have been provided here in these NCERT class 5 English worksheets PDFs.

Class 5 English Worksheets (Chapter-wise)

English is a necessary study aspect for students as English is the primary language for studying any subject, all over the world. Gaining excellence in this language with the help of literature is the learning approach that CBSE has chosen. The entire English literature syllabus of CBSE class 5 is provided below.

Preparation Tips for Class 5 English Exam 

Read the following points to know top-tricks for scoring higher marks:

  • Focus on the answer framing skills and improve on them by practising your writing skills on a regular basis. The ability to frame answers after having read the chapters of literature is most important for scoring higher marks.

  • Devote time to the questions provided in class 5 English worksheets as these questions are most likely to be asked in the exams.

  • Practise a variety of questions related to each chapter of literature, both prose and verse. As many questions you practise, the better you get at finding answers within the passages.

  • Pay attention to the illustrative answers provided in class 5th English worksheets with answers PDFs and learn how to design your answers in a better way.

  • Practise elaborating your answers as most of the times, questions related to smaller elements of the chapter can be included in the long question section of the exam.

  • Take help of exclusive online materials available online to up-level your preparation. You can scroll through the page and find helpful links for class 5 English.

Features of CBSE Class 5 English Worksheets

Know why these worksheets are a crucial part of your preparation:

  • The experienced professionals at Vedantu have paid special attention to every  chapter and its important aspects. All the key points of each chapter are explained in an easy-to-understand format. 

  • In the NCERT class 5 English worksheets, there are no heavy English words used in the answers provided to ease the learning process of students.

  • The worksheets are designed in a ,anner that will explain the crucial grammatical points in simple language to enhance your grammatical knowledge.

  • It is the best study material to use for quick revision as it covers the entire syllabus, important outlines and all the questions. You can brief-run through these worksheets whenever you wish to revise.

  • You can see the explained answers to several challenging questions and clarify your doubts.

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The subject English is a stepping stone for students to grow academically. You can download the CBSE class 5 English worksheets and prepare for their upcoming exams. The questions included in the worksheets by Vedantu cover the entire syllabus prescribed by CBSE along with the answers that are easy to understand. You can read the key features of these worksheets and take full advantage of these wonderful study resources here. You are advised to read the preparation tips provided here for an excellent level of preparation.

FAQs on CBSE Class 5 English Worksheets with Answers

1. Will CBSE class 5 English worksheets help in homework?

Our experts at vedantu have designed the worksheets in a descriptive yet concise manner with the objective of assisting students in their exam preparation. Each and every question related to the English chapters are answered in the worksheet. Students can make use of these worksheets for quick preparation, revision and clarifying their doubts along with grasping the in-depth knowledge of answer framing and grammar.

2. How many chapters are there in English class 5?

There are a total number of 20 chapters including both the Marigold prose and Marigold Poems books of CBSE class 5 English syllabus.

3. What is grammar for 5th class?

Class 5 English grammar includes the topics:

  • Sentence

  • Noun and its kinds

  • Gender 

  • Pronoun and its kinds

  • Verbs 

  • Tenses

  • Reported speech

  • Active voice

  • Passive voice

  • Modals 

  • Adjectives

  • Articles

  • Adverbs

  • Prepositions

  • Conjunctions

  • Letter writing

  • Application writing

  • Story writing

  • Paragraph writing

  • Essay writing

4. How do CBSE class 5 English worksheets boost students’ confidence?

The answers provided in class 5 English worksheets are illustrated in an expert way which will improve the answer framing skills which are essential for scoring good marks in exams. The improved level of language proficiency and answer framing will boost the confidence level of students. The regular practice of these worksheets will have a great affect on their academic performance, resulting in higher confidence levels.

5. How many chapters are covered in Class 5 English worksheets PDF?

All the 20 chapters of both CBSE class 5 English textbooks- Marigold and Marigold Poems are covered in the English worksheets provided by Vedantu.