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Gullivers Travels Notes Chapter 7 (Free PDF Download)

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Class 5 Chapter 7 English Gullivers Travels CBSE Notes and Worksheets PDF

Class 5 English Gulliver’s Travel Chapter 7 is a fascinating story about how Gulliver, traveller, sailing in a ship gets abandoned by his friends on a barren island. He then happens to meet the inhabitants of the island. The events that ensue keep the reader on their toes. 

To better understand this beautiful story, with the word meanings and explanations, download the Gulliver’s Travels CBSE Notes. The notes are written in a lucid language for easy understanding and learning. They will come in handy when you sit down to  prepare or revise for your exams. 

Class 5 English Revision Notes - Chapter-wise List

The class 5 english notes will help students prepare better for their examinations. They are prepared by experts and are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


Class 5 English Gulliver's Travels Chapter 7: Important Points

  • This is a tale about the second voyage that Gulliver takes. During this trip, he and his friends arrive at the land in search of some water as commanded by the captain.

  • Some of them go looking for water on the island. Unable to find water, they get  chased by a giant creature on their way back.

  • Gulliver gets left behind on the land and watches his friends row the boat away from the giant creature.

  • He then noticed that the inhabitants of the land had huge bodies and were giants in comparison to others.

  • He makes a lucky escape, but Gulliver is now alone on this island. He begins  climbing a high slope with barley and maize fields rising up to forty feet in his attempts to escape. 

  • He then notices another field where other giants are farming.

  • When they hear a scream one of the giants finds and picks him up with his fingers and brings him closer to his face so that all other farmers could notice him.

  • He tries to communicate with them in a language unknown to them, and then a farmer decides to take him home.

  • On reaching the farmer’s home Gulliver was in for a surprise as his wife who was also a giant woman brought him dinner.

  • Gulliver was amazed by their kindness and had a good night's sleep dreaming of his own home and family. 

Gulliver’s Travels Summary

  • This story is about Gulliver’s second travel experience, where he meets the massive, humanoid Brobdingnagians. 

  • It's also a fascinating one in which the people on the land surprise him. This land is home to individuals who are enormous in size. 

  • When Gulliver first sees the residents, he believes they are all monsters. Furthermore, he is discovered by seven other creatures. 

  • They confer to choose what to do with him. A farmer sees Gulliver and believes he is a little animal. 

  • Gulliver is taken home by the farmer, where he experiences several things and most importantly he was surprised as the beasts are unexpectedly nice to him.

Class 5 English Gullivers Travels - Moral of the Story

  • We should not assume the worst of people just because they are different from us.

  • We should not be prejudiced and approach others with an open mind.

  • We can receive kindness from unexpected people and unpredictable situations so we should not judge or be scared of anyone and try to be kinder.

New Words in Class 5 Gulliver's Travels Meaning with Examples 





Making an extremely loud noise.

The fans were bellowing cheerfully for their favourite player.


An animal or human who inhabits or lives in a place.

The lion is a forest inhabitant.


A terrain that is incapable of producing much or any vegetation.

There were very few crops this year as the land had become barren.


A hugely surprising emotion.

She looked at the Eiffel tower in astonishment.


Split or fall apart into little bits. 

The cat was licking the crumbled bread pieces on the floor.


Suddenly pick up something.

He grabbed her hand and saved her from falling down the stairs.

Gullivers Travels - About the Author

  • Jonathan Swift, born on November 30, 1667, in Dublin, Ireland, was an Anglo-Irish satirist, novelist, essayist, political pamphleteer and poet. 

  • He was also an Anglican priest who became Dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, and was known colloquially as "Dean Swift."

  • Swift is most known for his books A Tale of a Tub, published in 1704; An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity, published in 1712; Gulliver's Travels, published in 1726; and A Modest Proposal, published in 1729.

  • He is recognised by the Encyclopedia Britannica as the English language's best prose humorist, although his poetry is less widely known. 

  • All of his writings were first published under pseudonyms such as Lemuel Gulliver, Isaac Bickerstaff, M. B. Drapier, or anonymously.


Class 5 English Gulliver's Travels NCERT Questions Answers

1. Why did the captain send the men to the land?

Ans: The captain sent the men to the land with vessels with the task to look for water.

2. Why did the men rush back to the ship?

Ans: The men rushed back to the ship because they were in a land of giants and they were being chased by a giant.

3. Choose the correct answer. 

(i) The giant carried a reaping hook because 

  1. He was fighting with the other giants. 

  2. He was going to reap the corn. 

(c) He wanted to frighten Gulliver. 

Ans: (b) He  was going to reap the corn.

(ii) They put Gulliver on the ground to look at him because 

  1. They had never seen a human before. 

  2. They thought he was a doll. 

(c) They had never seen such a tiny man.

Ans: (c) They had never seen such a tiny man.

(iii) Gulliver was 

  1. A farmer. 

  2. A sailor. 

(c) A dwarf. 

(d) A giant. 

Ans: (b) A sailor.

4. Name the creature to whom you think would look like Gulliver. 

The creature is now extinct. 

The word begins with the letter D______________________ 

Ans: Dinosaur is the extinct creature who would look like Gulliver.

5.  From the text, write the sentence that tells you the following. 

(i) The giant reapers were fascinated by Gulliver. _______________

Ans: They all sat on the ground to take a good look at me.

(ii) Gulliver was a learned man. _____________

Ans: I tried to speak to them loudly in several languages.

(iii) The farmer’s son thought Gulliver was a toy. ______________

Ans: On seeing me the child grabbed me from the table and put my head into his mouth.

(iv) The farmer’s wife was a kind-hearted woman. ______________

Ans: Later she put me on her own bed and covered me with a clean white handkerchief.

Solved Example Practice Questions

Now with the knowledge of Gulliver's Travels Summary let us answer a few questions.

1. Why was Gulliver alone?

Ans: Gulliver was alone as he was left behind on the land as his other friends continued their sea voyage. He could not join as they rowed away rapidly from being chased by a huge creature. 

2. Was Gulliver scared? Why?

Ans: Yes, Gulliver was scared because he was alone when he saw a giant creature chasing the travellers, his friends. He was unaware that it was common and natural that the residents were of such big size.

3. What did the farmers do when they heard someone scream?

Ans: The farmers stopped reaping and found Gulliver, as he was tiny, the giants picked him up and brought him closer to get a good look at him. 

Tips to Use Gulliver's Travels Class 5 Revision Notes and Worksheets

  • This fiction is quite fascinating for the children to learn. To answer all the questions, refer to the revision notes and study at your convenience. Make your study sessions more fruitful by using these notes.

  • Download the PDF file and use it whenever you want. Resolve doubts on your own to complete studying this chapter before an exam. Recall what you have studied in this chapter and answer questions such as ‘why did the men rush back to the ship?’ easily.

  • Use the worksheets to check your preparation level. Find out what kind of questions can be formulated from this chapter. Seek answers from the solutions to learn how to formulate one accurately to score more in the exams.

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Delving into the Gulliver's Travels Chapter 7 notes offers a fascinating journey through Swift's satirical masterpiece. This chapter provides unique insights into Gulliver's encounters in a strange land, highlighting Swift's sharp commentary on society, politics, and human nature. Exploring these notes enriches one's understanding of the author's wit and societal critique, inviting readers to ponder upon deeper societal reflections embedded within this literary classic.

For a great  comprehension of this subject, NCERT - Class 5 Chapter 7 - Gulliver’s Travels, thoughtfully prepared by experienced educators at Vedantu is your trusted companion. These resources break down the difficulties of Gulliver’s Travels into easily understandable sections, helping you grasp new concepts and navigate through questions effortlessly. By using these materials, you not only prepare for your studies more efficiently but also develop a complete understanding of the subject.

FAQs on Gullivers Travels Notes Chapter 7 (Free PDF Download)

1. Who was Gulliver Travel Class 5?

Gulliver was one of the crew members on a ship who was making his second voyage. He was trapped in an island but was shown kindness by the inhabitants of the island.

2. Why did Gulliver run?

Gulliver found that the boat full of crew members was being chased by a giant. He also ran terrified towards the hills.

3. What happened when the baby saw Gulliver?

When the baby of the farmer saw him, he picked Gulliver and tried to put it in his mouth. 

4. What is the real name of Gulliver?

Lemuel Gulliver is Gulliver’s full and real name.

5. What is the main theme of Gulliver's Travels?

The main theme of Gulliver's Travels is different societies as he gets to meet different people that he has never met before.