Mother’s Day Speech

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Mother’s Day Speech In English For Students

The celebration of Mother's Day is one of the most popular occasions, especially for children. They celebrate their mother's love on this day. A mother is the emblem of love and she displays all the affection she has for her children selflessly. She sacrifices all her needs without the intention of getting anything in return and wants just to get the needs of her children met. Without the presence of a mother, it would not have been possible to have our own life. You can find both Long and Short Mothers Day Speech in English below.

Long and Short Mothers Day Speech in English for Students and Children

Long Mothers Day Speech

Today, I am fortunate to get a chance to speak on the topic Mothers Day. Mother's Day 2021 will be celebrated around the world this year on May 9, which is the second Sunday of the month. In the past, some many philosophers and preachers frequently compared the character of a mother to that of God. In many countries across the globe, Mother's Day is celebrated to commemorate motherhood and to honour mothers for their love and affection. It also pays tribute to mothers for their selfless contribution to society and the family. 

It is celebrated throughout the world on various dates. Mother's Day is celebrated in America on March 8, while it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in India. For thousands of years, many other ancient festivals have been celebrated to commemorate the Mother Goddesses in many countries. These observations, however, are entirely distinct from Mother's Day and should not be regarded as related. 

With the efforts of Anna Jarvis, modern Mother's Day began in the United States in the early 20th century. In 1908, at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, Anna Jarvis kept a memorial for her mother. The Mother's Day celebration campaign was initiated by Anna Jarvis when Ann Reeves Jarvis, her mother, died in 1905. During the American Civil War, Ann was an active peace activist. Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother's Day as a national holiday in 1914 because of the efforts of Jarvis, the then President of the United States. 

The celebration has lost its innate importance with time and has become more commercialized. Unfortunately, it holds more commercial importance today than any spiritual meaning. As per its local culture and beliefs, every country has adopted a different date for Mother's Day. It is celebrated in Catholic countries as Virgin Mary's Day. To commemorate the Battle of La Coronilla, which took place on May 27, 1812, Bolivia celebrates Mother's Day on May 27 every year. 

Women took part in the battle gallantly to defend their children. Our strongest relationship, besides many family and selfless relationships, is with our mother. No matter how difficult a situation is, a mother always stands up for her children. So, is it not our duty for the person who spreads so much happiness in our lives to love her and make her feel special? While she does not expect great things from us, we can make her feel how important she is for us. 

Celebrate the day with your mother and make sure she knows how much she loves you by the end of the day. I believe that you will all agree with the fact that they are like angels to us who constantly pray for our better lives and cry out to us for our love and mercy. 

Have a beautiful Mothers Day.

Short Speech on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is the time of the year when we celebrate motherhood! We find the most pleasantly surprising way to convey love to the angel of our life. The love of a mother and her existence is so pure that one should admire her every day. Mother's Day does, however, act as a reminder. A mother is the family's pillar and backbone. She proves what true love is all about by sacrificing everything and keeping everyone happy all the time. Without taking a break, she constantly works 24*7 and with a big smile on her face.

For me, my mother is the person who taught me to stand on my feet, she is a person who taught me how to learn from mistakes. She helps me without leaving any hope and without hoping anything in return. I can leave every luxury to my mother because with my mother I feel more relaxed and peaceful. She used to wake me up during my exams when I was young to help me prepare for my tests well. My mother made endless sacrifices for my success and happiness. She is the Goddess who sacrificed her life, happiness and everything for my life. 

Every mother has sacrificed for her child and is undoubtedly still sacrificing and hence, we celebrate mothers day to express our gratitude for her. Let us pray to the Almighty to always keep all mothers happy. I have a great obligation to you to listen to my speech. It was wonderful to speak in front of an audience like this.

10 Lines on Happy Mothers Day Speech

  1. Mother's Day is an honorary celebration of motherhood. For their non-stop efforts towards her family, it is a thanksgiving day for our mothers. 

  2. Mother's Day teaches us to respect our mother and obey her.

  3. Most countries around the world are celebrating it. 

  4. The events in those countries are celebrated primarily on the second Sunday of May.

  5. On the last Sunday of May, France, and Sweden celebrate Mother's Day. 

  6. Mother's Day is celebrated by the people in Mexico on May 10. 

  7. On August 12, Thailand celebrates its queen's birthday as Mother's Day. 

  8. Three weeks before Easter, the United Kingdom celebrates Mother's Day as Motherhood Day on Sunday.

  9. In India, the celebration of Mother's Day includes giving the mother greeting cards, flowers and gifts.

  10. A speech or essay contest is held by many schools, colleges and also some organizations on the day.