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CBSE Macroeconomics Class 12 Notes

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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CBSE Macroeconomics Class 12 Notes PDF Download Free

Macroeconomics Class 12 is the second branch of the Economics syllabus of class 12, which deals with the structure, behaviour, decision making, and performance of an economy as a whole. Students can learn and understand these topics by referring to the CBSE Class 12 Economics Notes chapter-wise notes, prepared by the subject-experts at Vedantu, to provide them an easy learning experience. The Macroeconomics Class 12 notes PDF Download is available on Vedantu and students can download it for free, to revise quickly during your exams.

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Macro Economics

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Download CBSE Macroeconomics Class 12 Notes 2024-25 PDF

Access free Vedantu Class 12 Revision notes in downloadable PDF format for offline use, saving time and enabling flexible study. Boost your Class 12 board exam preparation with focused Macroeconomics study. Download Chapter-wise Notes of Macroeconomics Class 12 PDF from the NCERT Textbook.

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CBSE Macroeconomics Class 12 Notes

Macroeconomics Class 12 is about the study of economics on a macro level. The subject is difficult to study unless you hae a clear understanding of all the concepts. To help students understand all the concepts of macroeconomics Class 12, our experts have designed Macroeconomics Class 12 PDF notes that highlight and explain all the important topics chapter-wise for a better understanding of students. Class 12 Economics explain the concepts in a questions-and-answers pattern and help you revise the whole syllabus effectively.

CBSE Class 12 Economics Weightage 2024-25


Units Name


Part A - Introductory Macroeconomics


National Income and Related Aggregates



Money and Banking



Determination of Income and Employment



Government Budget and the Economy



Balance of Payments




Part B - Indian Economic Development


Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms since 1991



Current Challenges facing Indian Economy



Development Experience of India – A Comparison with Neighbours




CBSE Class 12 Economics Notes Syllabus Part A: Introductory Macroeconomics

Unit 1: National Income and Related Aggregates

Unit 1 Macroeconomics Class 12 PDF notes broadly cover the definition of macroeconomics and its basic concepts like consumption of goods, Capital, Final and Intermediate Goods, Gross Investment, and Depreciation.

It also covers some crucial topics like Circular Flow of Income (With two-sector model), Gross National Product (GNP), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and Net Domestic Product (NDP) and Welfare in detail.

Unit 2: Money and Banking

Unit 2 Class 12 Economics revision notes help students understand the basic concept of money and its supply chain (synchronization between the currency held by the public and demand deposits held by banks).

This chapter is crucial to understand the Money Creation System by the Central banking System and the basic functionality of the Central bank (e.g. Reserve Bank of India). Some of the important concepts of Unit 2, Macroeconomics notes Class 12 are:

  • Bank of issue

  • Govt. Bank

  • Banker’s Bank

  • Control of Credit

Unit 3: Determination of Income and Employment

Unit 3 Macroeconomics notes Class 12 majorly cover the crucial topics like:

  • Components of Aggregate Demand

  • Short Run Equilibrium Output

  • Full Employment and Involuntary Employment

  • How to solve the problems of Excess Demand and Deficient Supply

  • Reverse Repo Rate

  • Margin Requirements

  • Open Market Operations

Unit 4: Government Budget and the Economy

It is one of the crucial chapters of Class 12 Macroeconomics that helps students understand the budget allocated to/by the particular government along with its meaning, objectives, and components. Class 12 Economics revision notes cover the following concepts of Unit 3 in detail.

  • Classification of Receipts: Revenue Receipts and Capital receipts

  • Classification of Expenditure: Revenue Expenditure and Capital Expenditure

  • Various Measures of Government Deficit: Fiscal deficit, Primary deficit, and revenue deficit

Unit 5: Balance of Payments

Class 12 Macroeconomics Notes of Unit 5 majorly explain the meaning of Fixed Foreign Exchange Rate and Flexible Fixed Foreign Exchange Rate in simple terms. It also covers the essence of Payment Accounts and their components.

CBSE Economics Class 12 Notes Syllabus Part B: Indian Economic Development

Unit 6: Development Experience (1947-90) and Economic Reforms Since 1991:

It is one of the most interesting and crucial chapters of Class 12 Economics syllabus. Class 12 Economics Notes of Unit 6 broadly cover the Introduction of Indian Economy and common goals of five-year plans of Indian Economic System. This chapter helps students understand the agriculture policies, industry and foreign trades, liberalization, and privatization along with the concept of Demonetisation and GST, which is much needed to understand.

Unit 7: Current Challenges facing Indian Economy

Unit 7 Class 12 economics notes help students to revise and understand the major challenges affecting the Indian Economy.

  • Poverty

  • Unemployment

  • Human Capital Formation

  • Rural Development

  • Infrastructure

Unit 8: Development Experience of India

Class 12 Economics Notes of Unit 8 majorly cover the Development experience of India by comparing it with neighbouring countries like Pakistan and India. It also highlights some major issues that need to be addressed for the complete development of India.

Overview of CBSE Class 12 Macroeconomics Notes 

The syllabus of Economics Class 12 Notes is divided into two parts, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics in Class 12. Students of Class 12 Macroeconomics will find a lot of important details in the chapters about the economy of India and much more. Students can get a lot of ideas about concepts such as National Income Accounting, Money & Banking, Determination of Employment and Income, Government Budget, Economy, Open Economy, and much more. These topics are related to the macro-level of economics. To complete their syllabus, students can take the help of CBSE Macroeconomics Class 12 Notes. Students of Class 12 will be able to gain a lot of insights into the chapters from these revision notes in the first place.

The 12th Macroeconomics Notes are thoroughly researched and are extremely concise to make sure that students don’t have a problem understanding the topics in the first place. From the examination point, these notes will provide the best information to the students. After reading the chapters, students can read the Macroeconomics Notes for Class 12 PDF in order to learn more about the concepts in the best way. The experts at Vedantu have formulated these revision notes on the basis of CBSE guidelines. Thus, students of Class 12 will definitely be able to learn a lot from these notes. They can study the notes to understand the examination pattern as well as the answering format.


Benefits of Vedantu’s CBSE Macroeconomics Class 12 Revision Notes 

Vedantu’s CBSE 12 Macroeconomics revision notes are beneficial to the students in the following manner:

  1. CBSE Macroeconomics Notes Class 12 are very concise and cover all the topics of each chapter.

  2. Students can quickly revise all the important concepts and formulas quickly before the exams.

  3. The revision notes cover all the formulas, theorems, and important equations making it one of the most useful study materials during exam time.

  4. The revision notes contain detailed and well-structured explanations about all the concepts.

  5. Designed by subject experts in such a way that students recall all the important concepts just by having a look at the notes.

  6. In case you might have missed out on a few of the classes for Macroeconomics Class 12, there is no need to worry because the revision notes will allow you to catch up with the rest of the classes. All the topics have been explained in detail according to the CBSE syllabus and hence students can count on the notes for sure.

  7. The revision notes have been prepared by experts at Vedantu who are well-versed in the requirements of CBSE. Thus, students can analyse the notes and figure out the probable exam pattern of the CBSE board exams in the best way. Thus, they can also devise a proper strategy to score high marks in the subject using the Class 12 Macroeconomics Notes PDF Download.

  8. Students will have no trouble clearing their doubts when they download the quick Macroeconomics notes Class 12. These notes have clear and crisp explanations of the topics and hence students can use the explanations to clear out any of their doubts with ease.

  9. The chapters on Macroeconomics are really important for the exams as they have significant weightage. Hence, by studying the Macroeconomics notes Class 12, students will be able to find out the topics that they need to focus on in order to score good marks in the exams.

Importance of Vedantu Revision Notes

  1. Vedantu Revision notes are very concise and cover all the topics of each chapter.

  2. From the examination point of view, Vedantu revision notes provide the students a quick revision of all the important concepts.

  3. Vedantu Revision Notes covers all the formulas, theorems, and important equations making it one of the most useful study materials during exam time.

  4. The Vedantu revision notes contain detailed and well-structured explanations about all the concepts

  5. Vedantu Revision Notes are designed in such a way that even at a glance students can recall all the important concepts and formulas, which saves time during the last-minute exam preparations.

Easy Preparation with Class 12 Macroeconomics Notes PDF Download

Get your hands on Vedantu’s revision notes for Class 12 Macroeconomics and start your preparation for the exams. These notes have been prepared by experts who make sure that students are provided with quality content all the time. Download the notes right now and start your preparation early for the exams.


Vedantu Notes of Microeconomics Class 12 PDF is a very important study material before the final exams. Many a time the students are not able to perform well in the examination because of no proper revision. Sometimes the inability to recollect a small formula will lead to total failure in an exam. In order to be stress-free during exams, sufficient time must be allocated for revision.

Vedantu Notes PDFs help students in learning the proper and scientific methodology of revision to see that their efforts do not go waste.

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FAQs on CBSE Macroeconomics Class 12 Notes

1. What is Macro Economics?

Basically, macroeconomics is the branch of economics that covers the behaviour and performance of the country's economy as a whole. It contains the study topics and subtopics such as employment and the growth rate of national output, GDP and inflation, etc. All these topics are covered in Class 12 macroeconomics notes so you can go through the concepts more clearly and access them in PDF format from the website.

2. How are Revision Notes of class 12 Macroeconomics is going to help you?

Macroeconomics is one of the most important topics and also the most critical subject of class 12 you should study if you want to score the highest marks in the board exams. Many students face difficulties just because they don't have access to the high-quality CBSE class 12 macroeconomics chapter wise notes, but you don't have to worry because Vedantu is going to help you to understand all the basic concepts of macroeconomics. Class 12 macroeconomics notes cover every concept adequately so that the students can understand them better in an easy language.

3. Where you can find the chapter wise class 12 macroeconomics revision notes?

You can easily find the revision notes of Class 12 macroeconomics on the Vedantu's website. Anyone who wants to study can have free access to the PDF of the revision notes of class 12 economics.

4. What is the significance of macroeconomics Class 12th?

Macroeconomics deals with the economics at a macro level i.e. the economics of an entire country. It explains the important workings of a huge modern economic system. It deals with the aggregate demand and aggregate supply of a nation. This field is of special significance to Economists who analyze the economic issues of a nation. It deals with important issues like national income, employment, and economic decision-making for an entire nation.

5. What is Economics?

Economics is the study of the allocation of resources for the economic welfare of a country. It deals with the production of goods and services, employment, capital, labour, physical resources, etc. Studying economics is significant as it educates us in different ways to increase the income, employment, and development of a nation. 

Class 12 Economics deals with important topics that educate the students with important aspects of a developing nation's economy. Students can find beneficial revision notes for this subject here.

6. Which Website offers the best NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Economics?

Several websites are offering online study tools for Class 12 students these days. You need to choose the website that offers the perfect study material for board exams. The website should:

  • Offer authentic NCERT Solutions prepared by experienced professionals.

  • Offer content as per the latest CBSE guidelines.

  • It should offer additional practice material like Revision notes, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers.

You can count completely on Vedantu as it ticks all the above requirements. 

7. How many chapters are there in microeconomics class 12?

There are a total of six chapters in Class 12 Microeconomics namely:

  • Introduction

  • Theory of Consumer Behaviour

  • Production and Costs

  • The Theory Of The Firm Under Perfect Competition

  • Market Equilibrium

  • Non-Competitive Markets

Vedantu offers beneficial study materials including NCERT Solutions, revision notes, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers for Class  12 Economics at free of cost. 

8. How to identify the best study notes for Macroeconomics?

Certain characteristics make study notes effective and practical:

  • They should be to the point, uncomplicated, and comprehensive.

  • They should not contain any unnecessary and lengthy information.

  • They should be prepared by experienced teachers.

  • They should be easy to comprehend and explain with relevant diagrams wherever necessary.

You can fund such perfectly crafted chapter-wise revision notes for Class 12 Macroeconomics on the Vedantu website or on the Vedantu app.