NCERT Books for Class 7 Social Science Social and Political Life

Class 7 Social Science Social and Political Life - NCERT Books - Free PDF Download

Social science and political life is one of the major subjects that teach students about political issues and concepts. Vedantu has provided perfectly designed solutions of the Latest NCERT Books for Class 7 Social Science Social and Political Life so that you can understand the concepts easily and guide you in clearing your doubts. These solutions aid you in laying a strong foundation of the subject. Download NCERT Solutions free in PDF format and score better grades in the examination.

Social Science and Political Life NCERT Books Class 7 Solutions – Free PDF Download

The answers are explained in an easy and simple manner so that students can easily grasp the topics covered in the chapters and get to know how to write answers in the exam. If students are facing any trouble in comprehending a topic related to social science and political life then they can refer to the solutions given by Vedantu. Below are mentioned the chapter-wise details of the NCERT Social Science Social and Political Life Book Class 7. 

Chapter 1: On Equality

In class 6th, we have studied about democracy and now, this chapter explains about equality. Equality is the key feature of democracy and influences as aspects of its functioning. In this chapter, students will read about the importance of equality, and whether or not everyone is equal in India. The chapter begins with Kanta’s story. Also, it explains different types of equality, equality in Indian Democracy, and issues of equality in other democracies. Finally, this chapter concludes with challenges of democracy. There are 4 questions in this chapter. 

Chapter 2: Role of the Government in Health

In this chapter, students will be able to examine the meanings and problem related to Health. Health means our ability to remain free of illness and injuries. This chapter explains public and private healthcare services and also discusses healthcare and equality. The chapter finally ends up with The Kerala Experience and The Costa Rican Approach. It comprises 4 questions in total. 

Chapter 3: How the State Government Works

Here, the students will find out how government works at the state level. What is the role of the Member of the Legislative Assembly? How do people express their views or demand action from the government? It also discusses the debate in the legislative assembly. It then throws light on the working of the government and wraps up with the wallpaper project. There are 5 questions in this chapter. Avail the solutions of NCERT Textbook Class 7 Social Science Social and Political Life at Vedantu and masters the subject.

Chapter 4: Growing up as Boys and Girls

Being a boy or girl is important for one’s identity. But do society look boys and girls in the same way? We’ll find the answer in this chapter. Moreover, this chapter also discusses what different roles are assigned to boys and girls how they prepare for their future roles as men and women. This chapter also examines how inequalities between men and women emerge in the area of work. Growing up male in MP in the 1960s, the lives of domestic workers, and women’s work and equality are some of the important topics covered in this chapter. 

Chapter 5: Women Change the World

After discussing the different roles of men and women in the previous chapter, here, we’ll discuss how women can change this world. In this chapter, students will be able to find the work outside the home and how some occupations are seen to be more suitable for men than women. This chapter also explains how women struggle for equality. From education and employment, women are struggling everywhere. 

Chapter 6: Understanding Media

Which newspaper do you usually read? What is your favourite TV program? Do you surf the internet? All these are part of the media. In this chapter, you will read more about the media. Here, students will study about media and technology, media and money, and media and democracy. This chapter finally ends up with setting agendas. It comprises 4 questions in total. 

Chapter 7: Understanding Advertising

Nowadays, we are surrounded by advertisements. We watch these advertisements on television, listen to them on the radio and see them on the streets. This chapter is all about building brands and brand values. Advertising is about building brands. ‘Branding’ is stamping a product with a particular name or sign. Other topics included in this chapter are brand values and social values, how does an advertisement get made, and concludes with advertising and democracy. 

Chapter 8: Markets Around us

We usually go markets for buying different things such as soap, clothes, vegetable, toothpaste etc. there are many kinds of the market around and this chapter explains the same. In addition to this, we’ll find out how goods those are sold reach buyers, who these buyers are, who these sellers are and what kinds of problems they face. The weekly market, shops in the neighbourhoods, a chain of markets, markets and equality are some of the important topics that are covered in this chapter. 

Chapter 9: A Shirt in the Market

The ninth chapter of the NCERT Books PDF Class 7 Social Science Social and Political Life tells the story of the shirt. It starts with the production of cotton and ends with the sale of the shirt. This chapter describes the chain of market links producer of the cotton to the buyer of the shirt in the supermarket. It comprises 4 questions. 

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