Importance of National Integration Essay

Essay on Importance of National Integration

A bond of togetherness between people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and gender is national integrity. This is a feeling of oneness and brotherhood in a country where diversity is the main ethos. National Integration keeps the entire country tote and strong, despite the differences in culture, language, and main livelihood. An integrated nation will always progress towards development and prosperity. 

Aims of National Integration

A country like India has people from different cultures, languages and races and national integration not just aims to bind them together but also aims at giving them a better environment to live and prosper. 

  • National Integration helps in keeping the stability of the country and helps in its development. 

  • It nurtures communal harmony and fights casteism, regionalism and linguistic differences. 

  • It improves the feeling of loyalty towards the nation and aims at uniting people in case of emergency.  

National integrity focuses on all the sections of the society, thereby making them financially independent. 

Through it, the State aims to promote economic integration too. 

No foreign assault can ever break the back of a nation that is united in true sense. 

Education, social and cultural unity, and equal access to all basic rights and amenities foster a sense of integrity in the citizens of a country. 

Importance of National Integration

National integration plays a crucial role in the political, economic, cultural and social dimensions of a country. It helps the country in the following ways:

Promotes Social Harmony 

Due to national integration, the social bond between people strengthens in the country, thereby endorsing brotherhood, peace and tolerance among them. 

Unites the Nation 

This unites people from a different race, caste, creed or thoughts, and makes the country a single entity, thereby strengthening the country and making it internationally powerful. 

Increases Economic Growth

Since this country has the least internal matters and problems, the economic growth will prosper and develop. 

Promotes Loyalty for the Nation

National Integration endorses loyalty of the citizen for the country. It aids to make people join hands and stand for the advancement of the country forgetting their petty issues.

Significance of National Integration in Modern Era

National Integration plays a crucial role during modern times and challenges communalism, regionalism, linguism, etc. However, global terrorism is a major threat to national integration. Only a few people with radical thoughts convince the population and brainwash them. They provoke them against their motherland.

In the era of technological advancements and the accessibility of social media, it is very easy to get deceived. National integration helps to ignore these situations. It makes people intellectually mature and tolerant.

National integration is very significant for a country because it is seen many times in the history of mankind that the integrity of a nation fell in danger. It had confronted major challenges from within and also became a victim of foreign assaults. Hence, national integration plays a significant role in the making of a nation. It keeps the history of the country sustained with development.