Welcome Speech for Corporate Event

A Corporate event welcome speech is important as they draw the attention of all the people present. If a welcoming speech isn’t exciting and engaging, people will lose interest, and wouldn’t participate. Corporate activities are held for different purposes. For example, whether the company has achieved a milestone, or to reward or inspire their workers. Here we have provided both long and short welcome speech for corporate events for the students of classes 5 to 12 along with 10 lines for writing a welcome speech for a corporate event for students of classes 1 to 4.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

Long Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

Thanks to each one of you for being here together with us. We are very happy to be able to welcome you and those who are new to the group who have been with us for a long time now. Today marks our 10th annual meeting of the community and we are proud to be able to host it here today with all of you in this wonderful venue.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you before we start, who have generously helped us to put this event together to become a success. Without you, we couldn't have done it!

I would like to reflect at today's meeting on all our new employees who have joined us since January 1st. Due to a shared enthusiasm for the vision of our business, you have all been chosen to be a part of our association. Your passion encourages us all to unite, and what enables us to achieve our individual and community goals is the energy we generate. We need you as much as you need us, and that's why we thank you for joining us here.

Via our planned activities, conferences, and special events, you can learn about the various projects over the next few months, where you will be able to participate and get hands-on experiences. I hope they help you grow to be more creative and intelligent.

Everything relies on teamwork. Without our joint efforts, it wouldn’t have been possible to pull this off. There would be days when things would be tough, and there would be no hope. Yet together we will be able to overcome all these difficulties. I hope this occurrence would bring all of us together and we would be able to work more seriously.

Each of us present here has had a difficult time, keeping up with all the other organizations, making changes, growing, and doing better. We are what we are today because we have been through different circumstances. Situations that now we have learned how to manage better. Slowly, but gradually we have learned how to cope with pressure in various circumstances. We have some losses and some profits. In the whole process, we have learned to do better.

Well, I don't want to take too much of your time, I need to leave some time to introduce myself to you all and fill you in on some of our upcoming activities/projects. It'll be enjoyable today and full of learning.

My name is Amish Mathur and I am your senior advisor. You will find me in the lobby if you have any questions, ideas, clarifications, or just want to say "hi". So a very warm welcome to each one of you. I hope we all can work together and build ourselves to our full potential, together.

Short Welcome Speech for Corporate Event

Welcome, everyone! Today, we have gathered here to welcome our new colleagues and present them with this ‘know it all’ seminar which will help them sail through our organization smoothly.

To the people who have helped in making this event live, all I can say is that, without you, we couldn't have done it! I would like to focus at today's meeting on all our new employees who have joined us since January 1st.

You are here today because we are asking for your support and contributions to our organization to realize our mission of growth and development. We grow and scale successfully only with your commitment to individual and community goals. You are an important part of our success story and we need you as much as you need us.

In the coming months, you can learn and practice initiative programs through seminars and exclusive events designed to improve your hands-on experience and professional skills.

Well, before we move forward with the seminar, let me introduce myself. I am your senior advisor, Amish Mathur and I will also be helping you with your training. You can always find me in my cabin or in the lobby. Please feel free to reach out for any queries or doubts.

Today’s seminar and presentation has been made by our proactive HR team, and will be presented by our HR manager. Now without taking much of your time, let us start with the seminar. I hope you all enjoy your work here.

Wishing you all the best!!

10 Lines on Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

  1. We are quite pleased to welcome you all to our family.

  2. Thank you to everyone who helped in making this event/seminar live, we could not have possibly done it without you.

  3. This seminar has been specifically organised to welcome the new members who joined us since January 1st.

  4. Our HR team has come up with this presentation to make you aware about our company and our mission.

  5. I am Amish Mathur, your senior advisor and you can reach out to me whenever you have any questions.

  6. In the coming few weeks you all will be under my supervision. You will be trained in the necessary skills required to sail smoothly through various projects.

  7. The training period shall last a month, and at the end you all will be assigned different departments according to your skills/strengths.

  8. Teamwork is very important. In spite of the fact that you all may not be in the same team once the training period is over, I hope you can create a meaningful bond and help each other wherever necessary.

  9. Each one of us has sailed through tough times, and has something to offer. No contribution is insignificant, each one of you is unique and valued.

  10.  I hope you all enjoy working here!!