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Welcome Speech for Corporate Event

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Introduction of Welcome Speech

To draw the attention of the people present and to inspire them, a corporate speech needs to be engaging and exciting yet precise at the same time. Here is an example of a corporate speech that can guide students in drafting their copy - 

Long Welcome Speech for a Corporate Event

Namaste and Good evening to everyone present here! My immense gratitude to all of you for having gathered with us on this occasion today. We are more than elated to welcome our trusted employees and the new joiners to this 9th fortnightly all-member meeting!

You might be aware of the purpose of this event through the personalised invitations we have emailed you. We received many of your responses telling us how excited you were and how much you loved the design and gesture. We were extremely glad to hear that. All the credit goes to our HR and Design Teams who worked hard to make this happen.

Now coming to the topic of the day - most of you were curious about the surprise announcement we have planned. It’s about time we revealed that to you! 

As you know, I am your newly-appointed Organisational Psychologist, Ms Vrinda Krishnan. I have spoken to many of you over the past few days and understood the concerns you have been facing. We have all been plagued with increasing issues regarding work-life balance, especially during pandemic times. Organisations need to treat their employees with much more compassion than what is being offered currently. 

As part of my role, there are other systems I am trying to set up for your well-being which will happen in due course of time. 

But today I am here to talk to you about a very special series of training and workshops that are being organised in the upcoming days to provide you with some simple tools to enhance your sense of well-being and keep you mentally fresh and balanced. Holistic wellness - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. How does that sound? Exciting, right? 

All of us whether we are new joiners, long-time employees or at the top tiers of the management - face our day to day stressors in our personal and professional lives. How we handle it, depends on how we respond to these situations which in turn depends on how we feel within ourselves. This Live workshop series is going to help you introspect, assess and utilise your learnings effectively. 

I have been working hard with the HR and Communications Team to ensure this goes well for all of us. So I am going to need your 100% cooperation and participation alright? There’s also a USP to this programme. It isn’t your typical workshop on meditation or mindfulness and all that jazz. Of course, that is a part of the series but there is more to this.

This programme is built on practitioners who belong to the traditional Indic systems of healing but are contemporary in their practice. Did you know that mindfulness finds its roots in the knowledge systems of our land? It is very much Indian in its philosophy! We are going to rediscover ourselves through practices that have belonged to us for thousands of years. 

To give a small glimpse, we will be looking at what the Bhagavad Gita might tell us about mind management and how simple Yogic practises can be incorporated into our daily schedule. It is going to be a 7-day long series spread across three weeks. 

We have devised this very carefully with the hope and belief that it will bring a significant change to how you view your life and enrich the quality of how you live. More details coming up! Stay tuned as we work to discover our complete potential together. 

Sentences to use to Write a Good Welcome Speech  

  • Use welcome sentences such as, “I am excited to have all of you here.”

  • Thank you for all your support in making this happen.

  • We have organised this to thank our long-time employees and give a warm welcome to our new joiners.

  • The organisation understands your needs and will take absolute care of your well-being. 

  • Each of us has contributed something to where this company stands today. Every bit of it is highly valued. 

  • This is a journey all of us are making together to fulfil the vision of this beautiful organisation. 

  • This series of workshops will help you understand how you can respond effectively to situations around you.

  • We are here to ensure you feel truly happy within yourselves. 

  • We require all your support and participation to turn this training into a huge success.

  • Let us all be a model for organisations across the country and the globe. 

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