Sports and Games Essay

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Essay on Sports and Games

No one can be mentally stable and strong if he or she is physically weak. Perhaps, this is a reason why all schools compulsorily include physical education among their academic and educational curriculum. As a part of our day-to-day lives, sports and games can help develop a fertile brain and ensure overall immunity and health. My parents always encourage me to actively participate in games and sports. While sports give me a break from everyday routine, my parents believe that it has more valuable benefits to offer.

Adding Spark in Life

Both indoor and outdoor sports are incredible sources of recreation. After a quick run in the field or a short chess session with my father, I feel very energetic and cheerful. It lessens the dullness that I feel after a long, hard day. And remaining mentally charged up does have some positive effects on my body. I have often found it easy to give more effort to my work with a happy heart.

Imparting Value

Playing sports regularly also helps to build a spirit of sportsmanship. It is a virtue essential to many more years to come. Also, it helps to be efficient in teamwork. When a group of the player is in the same game, the performance of each participant matters. The success largely depends on the joint effort and co-operation of the entire team. Any weak link or poor performance can negatively affect the game. Regular participation in sports also helps to build a sturdy physique and has a good sense of humour. Of course, regular participation helps to improve concentration, as well.

Staying Outdoor or Indoor?

After the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, I get a lesser chance to go out and play. The scarcity of big playing fields or parks in my locality is also another big problem. Yet, whenever I get the chance to play outside, it feels good. I get a chance to mix with several boys and girls in my age group. Also, I love the greenery there. It makes me feel very close to Mother Nature. Sometimes, we form small groups to play tiny cricket matches, ball games, and tug of war. Even small group games involved a lot of strategic thinking and teamwork. It helped a shy child like me to socialize better. At least, it gave me some quality time with my playmates.

I also love indoor games because they give me fast entertainment. They are also easily accessible. My room has a lot of board games for timepass. These include Ludo and monopoly. However, I also love mind games like chess and Sudoku. Besides, there are times when my mother allows me to play with her smartphone for a limited time. I have downloaded some interesting games there, as well.

What My Doctor Says

My family doctor strongly recommends me to go out and play. Even during the lockdown, he would ask me to get on the rooftop and do spot jogging or play handball with my family. As he puts it, our stay needs a little bit of sunshine daily. This helps the body to work perfectly. 

Going out with a bike or a balloon for an hour gives some really enjoyable exercising experience. Moreover, while outside, I have often discovered some new games to play alone or with friends. My friends called me innovative. This made me proud and confident about what I can do.

My Favourite Games

I don't have a single favourite game. While outside, I love climbing trees. Whenever I go to a new garden, a park, or any rural areas, I constantly look for new trees to climb. Also, I love playing roadside cricket with my friends. The cricket matches on the TV channels are a treat to watch. 

I also love group games that have some entertainment. For example, the good old hide-and-seek with variations. Sometimes we would count on 100, while sometimes on 10. We would also occasionally keep a home base to run as well as tag. Thus made it a safe spot. Sometimes, I just wait for my friends to find me out. Even when I am with my family, I love playing charades and chess.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. When is the National Sports day commemorated in India?

A1. Since 2012, the ministry of youth affairs and sports of India's Government has marked August 29 as the national sports day. It is the date of birth of Sri Dhyan Chand Singh, the hockey wizard of India. The day serves as a reminder to cater to the needs of sports-related activities in everyone's life. The government also uses the occasion to launch its different sports-related schemes. For example, on this day, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, launched the Khelo India movement in 2018. Many sports-related awards are also distributed on this day.

Q2. What are the different Sports-related awards that the government Confers?

A2. The main government awards in sports include:

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award: It is the most honourable award in sports in the country.

  2. Arjuna Award: The sports and youth affairs ministry confers the award to the sportsmen showing outstanding achievement in their respective fields.

  3. Dhyan Chand Award: It is the lifetime achievement award for sportsmen.

  4. Dronacharya award: It is the award for outstanding coaches and mentors in sports.

Q3. What is SAI?

A3. The Sports Authority in India or SAI is the central sports body. The government of India established it in 1982. It has its headquarter in New Delhi, along with many regional offices. The SAI regularly engages foreign experts and coaches, as well as national coaches, for better training. It also offers many promotional schemes for aspiring sportsmen.