Importance of Sports Essay for Students in English

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Essay on Importance of Sports

Sports is very essential for every human life which keep them fit and fine and physical strength. It has great importance in each stage of life. It also improves the personality of peoples. Sports keep our all organ alert and heart becomes most stronger by regular playing some kind of sports. sports has always given priority from old ages and nowadays it has become more fascinating. Due to the physical activity blood pressure also remains healthy, and blood vessels remain clean. Sugar level also reduces and cholesterol comes down by daily activity. Different people have different interest of sports but the action is the same in all sports. Sports are becoming big channels to make more capital/money day by day and the number of people is also increasing. By playing sports even life age can also be better and free from some diseases. By playing sports lung function also improves and become healthy because of more amount of oxygen is supplied. Sports also improves bone strength even in old age.

Learning From Sports:

Sports bring discipline in life it teaches the way of sitting, talking, walking and etc. without sports in human life it seems too bored, sports activate all the cells and keep the body active, fit and slim. Sports improve thinking ability and reduce the stress of mind. Those people not so much interest in sports are less active and also chances of getting a disease in the early stage of life and also shows lethargy in work. Sports should be made mandatory in school, so that at an early age they can know the benefits of sports. People also select their favourite sports players on their more interest in which sports, if we take cricket because in our country India cricket is played more and shown interest by many peoples, many plyers came but still name like Kapil dev, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S.Dhoni, Virat Kohli will be always favourite for their fans. If we take football players like Messi, Ronaldo and many are an idol for many peoples who have an interest in football. Sports is generally recognized as a system of activities which are based in athletics such as Olympic games. Sports is always played under government rules which helps to serve fair competition, sports having following criteria like, it should be fair competition, giving no harm to any person, and the winner should be nominated by superior or from the bests. In sports like chess improves the mind and thinking capacity. Since from the 21st century, there has been increased in a debate that whether transgender should be able to participate in any sports events.

Benefit of Technology in Sports: 

Nowadays technology also playing important role in sports to judge the fair game for winners, it helps to judge for car racer by seeing properly on the screen, also in cricket like some times when it becomes difficult to make the decision again technology is used. In every sport, it has been utilized for doing fair play and announce the winners. Research suggests that sports have the capacity to connect youth with positive thinking and provide positive development. For any sportsman, high education is not mandatory but required to be the best sportsman it is his interest, strength and skills. We have seen in the last two decades women’s are also showing more interest in sports and for them also proper matches are arranged by the government. Sports give feel to live with a positive attitude. sports can be played in both indoor and outdoor, many indoor games like chess, carom board, helps to improve the thinking power but the sports which are played in outdoor like football, cricket, Rugby, kabaddi etc helps to improve physical strength, thus the person who does more outdoor games should be more fit and slim. 3-4 decades ago the opportunity in sports were not much-shown interest which is shown by the present youth generation. Sports secure life and give a standard lifestyle. 10 most popular sports played in the world are soccer, cricket, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, table tennis and baseball where hockey was first played in India and became our national games. There are also some sports which are shown less interest like kabaddi, polo, archery, weightlifting etc. Swimming is known as the safest sport. So sports should be played by everyone because it helps our body in movement and gives good health, the study has proved that sports have better well controlled on many diseases like heart attack, lung function, obesity, and thinking power. Ice hockey, soccer is the game which has the highest paid for the sportsman. Also for some sports can be played in small places and also some sports require large place. Sports keep us active and energetic, even in some treatment to recover from the disease sports are advised by the doctors. play sports on a regular basis and keep our self-fit, sports should not be neglected but it should be mandatory for everyone.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: Why Sports are Important?

Ans: Any sports makes you physically fit, increase your immune level and even encourage socialism among different people.

Question 2: What are the Common Sports Played in India?

Ans: Cricket and Football are major sports played in India.

Question 3: What is the National Sport of India?

Ans: Field Hockey has been considered as the national sport of India.Though it has some historical connect as well as popularity too.