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Speech on Sports and Games

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Sports and physical activities are an important part of our routine. These physical activities help shape our personalities along with the routine education. Indian society traditionally focuses on education and grades. However, the scenario is changing right now and more and more people are understanding and participating in sports and games and other physical activities that improve overall health and fitness. Some of the benefits of participating in outdoor sports and games are listed below amongst others. 

- Team work – a lot of sports are team sports. Playing team sports improves our team spirit and team management skills. 

- Fitness – participating in sports is a great way to stay fit. Many people find it difficult to stay fit by going to gyms or maintaining a routine of exercise. But sports is a fun way to stay in shape and improve fitness

- Makes you mentally sharp – all the sports and games require mental alertness on the field and off the field. Participating in such activities make you think and help you improve your decision making skills. 

Even the Indian government is now taking several initiatives to encourage citizens to participate in sports activities. Khel Mahakumbh and other several initiatives are taken by the government in order to spread awareness about the importance of sports in our lives. 

More and more schools and universities are now encouraging students to take parts in various sporting events. There is a rise in organization of different sporting events which make people aware and participate in these events. 

Development of sports facilities by local authorities, schools, universities and private parties are examples which shows that the society is now becoming more aware about importance of having sports in the daily life.