Peacock Essay in English for Students and Children

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500+ Words Essay on Peacock

India is known for its cultural beauty and diversity. Not only this, but India is also famous for its National Bird Peacock. The bird is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and cultural importance. The spectacular beauty of Peacock makes it one of the most beautiful birds on the earth. The colourful feathers of Peacock look hypnotic when Peacock dances in the rain. Peacock is known not just for its spectacular beauty but also for its enormous religious and cultural involvement, and this is the reason why Peacock is known as the National Bird of India.

Paragraph on National Bird Peacock for Students

Peacocks are known for their stunning physical appearance and beauty. Peacock is the male species that has a beautiful crest of feathers on his head. There are two types of Peacocks found on this earth. One is The Indian Peacock, and the other is Burmese Peacock. The difference between both the type of peacocks is their type of crest. While the Indian Peacock has a tuft of hair on his crest, the Burmese Peacock has Pointed Crest.

Apart from the distinctive crest, Peacock has beautiful and colourful feathers on his back. The long and bright tail of the peacock is known as a train. Violet in colour, the feathers of Peacock are very long and beautiful. The moon-like spots on Peacock's feathers make a shape of an eye when fully opened. In contrast to the upper feathers that are bright violet in colour and big, the back wings are dull brown and short in size.

Blue in colour, Peacock, has a beautiful neck, and when he dances, his neck looks graceful and bright. While Peacock is a male bird, Peahen is the female bird and lacks some beautiful features, unlike Peacock. Peahen doesn't have a distinctive crest on her head and is generally smaller in size than Peacock. Also, Peahen doesn't have beautiful feathers like Peacock and has dull looks.

Behavioural Aspect of National Bird Peacock

Peacocks are a shy species and prefer to stay in a group. The group has many peahens and few peacocks. They are found in all the parts of the country and choose to live in Gardens and Jungles. Due to their heavy wings, Peacocks cannot fly really high and like to run when there is any danger. Peacocks generally live in a warm temperature, and that is why mostly found in Haryana, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. At night they like to sleep at lower branches of a tree. Whenever they see any danger, they alert other peacocks in their shrill voice.

Peacocks and Peahens are omnivorous species and thus feed on grains, snakes and insects. They kill the unwanted insects and snakes from the fields that otherwise destroy the crops and therefore are really helpful for farmers.

Peacocks love rainy weather and they express their joy by dancing when the rain comes. When they dance, their wings get fully opened, and it is an astonishing sight to witness. Many people desire to witness this sight but only a few people could experience it. The spectacular sight has been a great inspiration for many artists. Due to their remarkable beauty, peacock wings are generally used for decoration purposes as well.

Peacock has not only astonishing beauty but also has huge cultural importance from ancient times. Many legends and myths from Indian History involve Peacock. In fact, there is a saying that the famous Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan has built a peacock-shaped throne for himself, which was later renamed as the Peacock Throne. The Peacock throne is known for its beauty and pride. From ancient times, the artists are expressing the beauty of Peacock in their sculptures and paintings, and that is why the national bird Peacock has its significant importance and Pride Worldwide.


Peacock is the national bird of India, which is renowned for its exquisite beauty and historical importance. It is a delightful sight to witness the dance of the Peacock during the rain. Peacock is the Pride of our nation, and its beauty is famous worldwide. The breathtaking beauty of Peacock makes him a dedicated representative of our country's fauna, and that is why he is known as the king of all the birds.