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Essay on Digital India

Digital India is a massive campaign that the Government of India launched in the year 2015. The implementation of this would give easy access to government services in different regions of the country. This Digital India essay in English is for the students of class 5 and above. This essay on Digital India in English is written in an easy-to-understand manner for a better understanding of the students. Students should read the following long essay on Digital India to be able to write an essay on Digital India 1000 words on their own. 

In the same way, the below written short essay on Digital India will help the students write an essay on digital India in 500 words on their own.


Long Essay on Digital India

The “Digital India” campaign was launched by the government of India to uplift the usage of technology in India. The objective was to make the Government services easily available to the citizens electronically by improving its online infrastructure all over the country. The process would be structured to increase internet connectivity to make the country digitally empowered. It helps to reach out to the masses and encourage them to use technology in their daily lives. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi launched the campaign on July 1, 2015. The initiative aims at connecting rural India with the help of high-speed internet connectivity.

There are three components at the core of the “Digital India” campaign.

  • Creation of Digital Infrastructure

To be able to deploy various digital services across the country, it is necessary to create a strong digital infrastructure, especially in rural areas of the country. The interior regions of the country either have very little or mostly do not have any electronic network. This is the reason behind establishing a digital network across the country. Bharat Broadband Network Limited, the governmental body that is responsible for the execution of the National Optical Fiber Network project is responsible for the Digital India project as well.

  • Delivery of Digital Service

A major component of the Digital India campaign is to deliver government services and other services digitally. It is easier to change the way of delivering services from physical to digital. Many services of the Government of India were digitized under the Digital India Campaign. The daily monetary transactions of people were also converted into digital mode. To ensure transparency in the transactions and curb corruption all the money transactions are being made online, and are supported by one-time passwords.

  • Digital Literacy

For full participation of the people of India, the competency that they need to have is called Digital Literacy. The basic behaviour, knowledge, and skills required to effectively use digital devices are mandatory. Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are the digital devices used for the purpose of communicating, expressing, collaborating, and advocating. The mission of Digital Literacy will be covering over six crore rural households.

With the Digital India Programme, the Government of India is hoping to achieve an all-round growth on multiple fronts collectively. The objective of the Government is to target the nine ‘Pillars of Digital India’ that are identified as follows.

1.      Broadband Highways

2.      Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity

3.      Public Interest Access Programme

4.      E-Governance

5.      E-Kranti

6.      Global Information

7.      Electronics Manufacturing

8.      Training in Information Technology for Jobs

9.      Early Harvest Programmes

The awareness of the importance of technology has been successfully created among the masses of India by the Digital India campaign. There has been a vast growth in the usage of the internet and technology in past few years. The Panchkula district in Haryana was awarded the best and top performing district under the Digital India campaign on the 28th of December 2015. 

Technology giants from all over the world paid attention to the Digital India campaign and are readily and happily supporting the initiative. Even Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, had changed his profile picture to support Digital India. He started a trend on Facebook and promised to get the WiFi Hotspots in rural India working. Google started on its commitment to providing broadband connectivity at 500 railway stations in India. Microsoft agreed on providing broadband connectivity to 500,000 villages in the country. Microsoft is also making India its cloud hub via the Indian data centers. Oracle planned on investing in 20 states to work on Smart City initiatives and payments.


Write a Short Essay on Digital India

A very ambitious initiative called Digital India got launched on a Wednesday, the 1st of July in the year 2015 at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Delhi. Various top industrialists like Cyrus Mistry- the then Tata Group Chairman, Mukesh Ambani– Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance India Limited, Azim Premji– Chairman of Wipro were all present at the launch. They all shared how they plan on bringing a digital revolution to the masses of India in cities and villages. Many different events were held along with the IT companies to aid more than 600 districts in India. The digital India program was a big step taken by the Government of India to transform India into a digitally empowered country. Several schemes have been launched around this plan which are worth more than one lakh crores. They are e-health, e-sign, e-education, national scholarship portal, Digital Locker, etc. The program is such which would benefit both the consumers and the providers of the services.



A digitally connected India is aimed at the growth of the social and economic status of the masses in the country. The development of non-agricultural economic activities could pave the path for such an achievement, for providing access to financial services, health and education. Information and Communication Technology alone cannot directly impact the overall development of a country. Basic digital infrastructure could help achieve an overall development. Literacy and regulatory business environments also could help achieve the same.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is Digital India?

A1. It is an initiative taken by the Government of India to provide government services to citizens electronically, create digitally literate citizens, and eventually transform India into a digitally empowered economy.

Q2. Mention the Benefits of using a Digi Locker.

A2. A Digi Locker eliminates the usage of physical documents and enables the sharing of verified documents electronically in a secure manner across government organizations.