National Flag Essay for Students in English

Essay on National Flag

'The symbol of the nation'

'The symbol of unity of population'

Here I am talking about the thing which is mighty for all Indians, for which every Indian is mad for serving, it is the only thing for which all Indians think overall there religious and cast boundaries. So here the thing I am talking about the national flag of India i.e. TIRANGA (Means the combination of three colours). The history of Tiranga was very old Mahatma Gandhi first spoke about the need for an Indian flag in 1921. He proposed a flag with the charkha or spinning wheel at the centre and if we talk about its look it is not always like that as we have seen today. In the nearby time of 1947, it was of three colours in which saffron is at the top, white is at middle and green is at the bottom. In the middle of which there is a charkha that is known as Ashok Chakra. In it saffron represents sacrifice, white represents peace, green colour represents progress and charkha represents the spirit of swadeshi. To represent Gandhi Ji’s fight for freedom but now a day we are seeing it as in the same colours with the same message but with chakra, in place of charkha as the symbol of the wheel of duty with 24 spokes it is the only reason for what designers have put it in the flag. The designer who designed the modern flag is Pingali Venkayya. The flag has been designed on the bases of swaraj flag or the flag of Indian National Congress.

Importance of National Flag: 

It means a lot not for the officials of the country but also for civilians. But now people are becoming careless day by day as we can easily see on the occasion of any national festival people buy them and move throughout the day with it but the scenario of next day is like that all those flags were lying on the grounds and none of us pick up them but I think it is not our fault it is the fault of being seniors who told us about good jobs, earning, careers but never told us about Saheed Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose and many other martyrs who sacrificed their lives to bring independence because if our seniors told us about all of them so then we come to know the value of this flag for raising of which our country had loosed many precious gems.

So now I think that from today we shall take the pledge to respect our national flag and follow all its conveyed messages for the betterment of our country and to raise our national flag at the top of the world and we all know that it is India’s heritage to see all the countries of the world as a family. So that all countries will see India not only as the world leader but also as the father of all countries. As the work of the father is to guide the family members and maintain harmony. India and its flag also get such opportunity and respect and we all know that it is the heritage of India to see the whole world as the family.

Existence Across the World: 

The national flag is a symbol of our country, it gives us the same patriotic feeling where we go and make our country proud. Currently in entertainment zones as well whether you to watch any movie it mandatory to stand for the national anthem to show respect for our country, in schools children sing the national anthem every day followed by their regular prayer, any government and private sector of the organization also hoist flags and pays tribute on that special occasions. 

No matter where we live it’s our integrity towards our nation to celebrate special day i.e. 15 August or 26th January across the world. This shows the love and integrity of India. Our Indian National flag is has made a wide existence across the globe. People are making India proud by achieving a good name and fame in various sectors or industries. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Do 3 Colours on the Flag Represent? 

Ans: Indian national flag has three colours i.e. saffron, white and green, these all colours signifies courage, sacrifice, peace and faith respectively. And Ashoka Chakra in the centre represents the wheel of the law.

2. Indian National Flag made by Whom? 

Ans: the flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya. National flag wheel symbolizes of Gandhi’s goal of making self-dependent.

3. What Does Tiranga Symbolize? 

Ans: The real meaning of Indian National Flag represents “Independence” it comprises of two words i.e. “In” means inner or true self and “dependence” means dependency.