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English Grammar

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Introduction to English Grammar

English grammar is one of the most important things to learning a language. It is a  set of rules for making the words and arranging them with the correct meaning. It is the second language for students in school. It is the study of words, and how they are used and work in a sentence. When we speak we use this English grammar. It helps to complete sentences in a proper way. It is a language rule that we use to create phases, nouns, and sentences. In this, we will study nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, conjunctions, articles, tenses, and use of the words like A, An, and The.

Class 2 English Grammar 

Noun:- A noun is a person's, place's, animal's, or thing's name.

  • Persons like ram, sita.

  • Places like houses, schools.

  • Animals like birds, cat.

  • Things like tables, chairs

For example:-

  • The sun rises in the east.

  • She cannot play the guitar.

  • He has no faith in God



Verbs:- Verbs are words that show actions like sing, drink, jump, play, smile, sleep, dance, swim, laugh, cry, run, sit, and write.

For example:- 

  • I ate my lunch. 

  • I have eaten a little.

  • Let's go for a morning walk. 

Adjectives:- Adjectives describing words like the number, colour, size, shape, feeling, and New/old.

For example:- 

  • I have two books.

  • The butterfly is yellow.

  • My school is big.

Adverb:- An Adverb is a word that tells something more about verbs like daily, quickly, on, inside, under, above, here, early, late, happily, loudly, today, tomorrow, slow, and fast.

For example:- 

  • She dances gracefully.

  • I ate my dinner quickly.

  • He saw many birds outside

Pronouns:- A pronoun is a word that we use in place of a noun.

Common pronouns are:-

  • I - my, me, mine

  • We - our, ourselves, us

  • He - his, him

  • She - her, herself 

  • You - your, yours

  • They - their, them, themselves.

For example:- 

  • You are my best friend.

  • Mom said I could go.

  • She is very cute.



Conjunction:- A conjunction is a word that joins two nouns and sentences like and, or, nor, but, for, yet, so, because, before, after.

For example:-

  • Aarti likes singing and dancing.

  • I like Ras malai but my brother does not.

  • We like to play because it gives us joy.

Preposition:- A preposition is a word or group of words used before a noun or pronoun to show direction, place, time, a location like it, on, at.

For example:- 

  • I live in London.

  • Where are you from?

  • Are you going to the party?

Tenses:- In Class 2 only simple past tense,  simple present tense and Simple future sentence is studied.

  • Simple Past Tense:- It is used to talk about an action in a time before or now.

For example:-  I watched.

  • Simple Present Tense:- It is used to tell about things in the present like every day, every week, or every month.

For example:- I like ice cream.

  • Simple Future Tense:- It is used to refer to actions or states that start and end in the future.

For example:- You will come.

Grammar Worksheet for Class 2

Q 1.  Underline the Noun in the given sentences:-

1. Kitty is my pet cat.

2. Do you live in America?


1. Kitty is my pet cat.

2. Do you live in America?

Q 2.  Underline the verb in the given sentences:-

1. Sona sings a song.

2. Megha reads a book.


1. Sona sings a song.

2. Megha reads a book.

Q 3. Underline the adjective in the given sentences:-

1. This is a red colour.

2. This is a big house. 


1. This is a red colour.

2. This is a big house. 

Q 4. Underline the Adverb in the given sentences:-

1. Tortoise walks very slowly. 

2. She never tells a lie.


1. Tortoise walks very slowly

2. She never tells a lie.


In this article, we discussed basic English grammar for class 2.  Various topics of grammar such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, etc. were used to explain the topic. English grammar worksheets for class 2 are also shared to get conceptual clarity. 

FAQs on English Grammar

1. Underline the 5 Nouns from the given paragraph.

Mona lives in London. She likes to eat givens. She loves playing with dolls. 

She loves chocolates. She went to the zoo with his family.

The five nouns in the above paragraph are given below:

  • London - it is the noun because it is the name of the place.

  • Mona - it is the noun because it is the name of a person.

  • Dolls - it is the noun because it is the name of a thing.

  • Chocolates - it is the noun because it is the name of a thing.

  • Zoo - it is the noun because it is the name of a place.

2. What is the conjunction? Give one example.

Conjunction is a part of speech that is used to connect two or more words that are two different words, clauses, phrases, and nouns. There are seven types of coordinating conjunctions: for, or, and, nor, yet, so, but, although, because, etc.

Example-  Nisha is good at dancing but poor at singing.

In this example but is a conjunction because there is a connection between two things: singing and dancing. 

He cried because she hurt his knee.

In this example because is conjunction.