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Essay on Health

Health is wealth. It is the biggest asset we need every day to meet our goals. Previously, the definition of health was the proper functioning of our organ systems. As time passed, the definition has changed. Good health now includes the physical and mental wellbeing of a person. A person can be physically fit but mentally disturbed due to the circumstances he is facing. The same can happen when someone is suffering from physical illnesses but is mentally strong.

Maintaining proper health is the prime concern these days. This is a competitive era where you cannot stop. The moment you stop you will be replaced by a better option. This is why everyone is running in the rat race without thinking about their wellbeing. The compromise towards health becomes a costly affair later. In the cities, people are more affected by mental issues than physical ones. Constant stress and lack of physical activities contribute to the problem.

Proper health comprises many factors. It includes good food, proper routine, good sleeping habits, and eating habits. Apart from these personal traits, many external factors also control your wellbeing. People in the villages stay physically stronger due to freshness in the air, physical activities, and good food. People in the urban areas, on the contrary, prefer eating unhealthy food, lack physical agility, and cannot handle mental stress properly. In the same context, urban settlement has a better lifestyle and healthcare system. Considering all the components, a person needs to give equal importance to the factors and maintain a balance.

The elements of good health are physical and mental fitness. If both are maintained, a person will enjoy a better life. How can we achieve that state? First, we have to find out the factors influencing physical health. We have to learn about the lifestyle diseases that affect our health and check the ways to avoid or manage them. Secondly, we have to eat good food and maintain a healthy diet. We need to ensure a balanced diet and good food habits to provide nutrition to our systems. In this aspect, we also have to find out the harmful foods we generally prefer eating and avoid them. Regular exercise is the third most important part of good health. When we are physically active, our muscles remain functional. We get hurt very less and also recover faster. We can also maintain our body balance better when we are involved in physical activities.

The next phase is mental happiness. What makes us happy? One can be happy watching TV all the time. Sitting on the couch all day long can also make someone happy but is it a healthy choice? This type of lifestyle choice should be immediately avoided. Choosing a sedentary lifestyle is nothing but an invitation to different diseases. The current urban population is suffering from weight-related issues. Being overweight also makes the situation worse. Lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol elevation, cardiovascular diseases, etc develop at a young age.

We also need to make better choices when it comes to mental health. Playing sports with your buddies will help you relax and de-stress. You can also take a walk in the park and enjoy the greenery. Avoid spending more time on the screen and try to develop a hobby that suits you. In this way, you can become happier and stay healthier.

A person also needs to choose better social factors to remain free from social stigmas. Cognitive health and social health are equally important. Adding more stress will not be the solution. Keep exercising physically and mentally to remain fit and enjoy good health and longer life. Make your home stress-free with good habits and keep everyone healthy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Prime Elements Included in Good Health?

The prime elements of good health are physical health, mental health, and social health. A person needs to be physically and mentally fit in a healthy environment. A society should also provide a healthy environment for a person to remain stress-free and enjoy life. Even though an ideal society does not exist, it is not hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These elements should be maintained properly to enjoy overall good health and survive in this competitive world. It is important for all family members.

2. Why is Mental Health Also Important?

Previously mental health was not included in the wellbeing of a person. Now that we have found the direct relationship between physical and mental health, it has become an important factor to consider. Many surveys suggest that mental health in a society is ignored. People are less happy when they are surrounded by many responsibilities. Circumstances also make a person sad and mentally unfit. If this continues, a person becomes prone to physical illnesses. Stress is a major reason for mental illnesses. By educating people regarding the importance of mental health, we can avoid such issues.

3. How Can We Teach the Importance of Mental Wellness?

From the very beginning, kids should be taught what mental wellness is. They should play outside, have fun with their friends, play, get hurt, and learn what mental wellness is. Adults also need proper guidance to understand the importance of mental wellness. They should maintain a proper balance between personal and professional life to stay happy. All we have to remember is an individual laughing might not be happy. We need to find out what makes us happy.