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Essay on Music

Music is like a universal language of life. It is basically the sound that is brought together through the harmony of various instruments. Our life would have been totally empty and different without music. It is something that every human being enjoys it. It is a very powerful thing. Music helps to destress, heal, and motivate. 

If you are looking for a short essay on music, then take a look at the short essay given in the following. This is created by the in-house exports of Vedantu keeping the understanding ability of the students. Those who are looking for reference can loop up to this following essay. It will be easy to figure out the pattern of how to write an essay on music. One can also download the Vedantu app to get access to the same file.

“Without music, life will be a mistake” the statement of Friedrich Nietzsche, German Philosopher, simplified the importance of music in one’s life so easily. Music has a magical impact on humans. It's the best form of magic. Music is a healer to all human emotions from sadness to depression. It is a cause of happiness. Music content many genres to play. Emotional expressions have been regarded as the most important criteria for the aesthetic value of the music. Sometimes, in some crises of life are impossible to express in proper sentences and their music plays its best part.

The origin of the word ‘music’ is the Greek word ‘mousike’ which means ‘art of muses’. Music is a form of art and artists decorate it. The music consists of lesser words with deeper meanings. Frequently people use music as a painkiller to escape from the pain of life.  ‘Musical Notations’ is the leading form to write music. This provides a reference to an artist so he can share with others if necessary. Music is a mood freshener and accompanies us in our pocket devices, on televisions, movies and the most effective in live concerts.   


Different forms of music have different effects on human nature. Music is the greatest creation of mankind in the course of history. Combination of deem lights and calm music encourage the listener to eat less and enjoy the food more. Listening to music positively in a car influences one’s mood leads to safer behaviour and less road rages ultimately minimize accidental destructions. If the students love the music, it helps them in recalling the information more significantly along with improvement in verbal intelligence. The studies have found that listening to favourite songs helps fibromyalgia patients will experience less chronic pain. Music has a direct effect on our hormone. Listening to music decreases the level of the hormone cortisol in our body and counteracts the effect of chronic stress

The heart touching music is nothing but creativity with the purest and undiluted form. The combination of vocal or instrumental sounds in such a way that it produces beauty and expresses emotions. Anyone can make their day by enjoying music by listening or by composting or by playing. The global facts say parents intensively use music to soothe children even to interact. Music touches the heard through ears. It has divine power to act as an energy booster. Some music assists in motivation while some play the best role in sympathy. Music helps us to fight with insomnia. Listening to classical or relaxing music, just before going to bed, improves one’s sleep.

Though music helps to counteract depression and loneliness, people underestimate the impact of music on the human mindset in the irony age. On the other side of coin, there are some types of music that can result in deleterious effects on the human mind and body. Listening to music with high decibels can damage neurons. The effect on the brain subjected to continuous exposure to electronic amplification of rhythmic music is similar to that of drugs.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Role Does Music Play in Our Life?

A. Music is a very important part of our life as it is a way to express our feelings as well as emotions. For some people, music is a way to escape from all the pain. It gives you relief and allows you to destress yourself. Music plays a crucial role in our life than just being a source of entertainment.

2. Why is Music So Powerful?

A. Music is a language of emotion in that it can represent different feelings of a soul without any boundaries or limitations. When people feel really low and think that no one understands them, they listen to music. It is a good weapon to imitate emotions and reduce them.

3. How Can I Write an Essay on Music?

A. Get to know the topic. You can't start writing about music until you've familiarized yourself with the concept. Do research thoroughly. Understand the important points and jot them down. Then draw a structure and start writing an essay. 

4. Can I Download Music Essay from Vedantu?

A. No, you cannot download music essay from Vedantu because it is not given in PDF format. You can visit the official website of Vedantu or download the mobile app and go through the essay for better understanding.