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World Music Day 2022: Date, History & Benefits of Music

By Charu BhatiaJune 19, 2022
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When is World Music Day Celebrated?

World Music Day is celebrated on 21st June every year all over the world. Music has the power to connect all in a moment. And, we all love the music, maybe not the same type, but we all love music. Isn't it? Yes. 

Whenever our favourite music or song reaches our ears, our minds just sync with the tune of the music. Perhaps sometimes, we dwell on the melody in such a way that we can feel every emotion related to the music. Has this happened to you too? Well, it happens with all! That’s the beauty of music. 

Read on to know how music has widely influenced people worldwide.

World Music Day 2022: Date, History & Benefits of Music

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Music for All - How it has Influenced the People Worldwide?

All over the world, music is created in different languages. But, people do fall in love with the rhythm or the tone of the song. And, it reunites the world as one unit. Can you recall the Spanish language ‘Despacito’ song by Luis Fonsi, which not only make us move but won many international recognitions? 

Therefore, for listening to a song or falling in love with it, language is not a barrier. Nowadays, the fast-growing Internet connects the dots across the globe and increases the reaching ability of someone's work. That not only breaks the language barrier but also connects the world as a unit. 

Across the globe, there are numerous writers, singers, and music composers who work continuously to serve the people with the utmost pleasure of melody. How can we forget the golden voice of Celine Dion in ‘Every night in my dreams’ that enthralled us deeply, and the World’s most favourite and popular band BTS makes to shake our body on ‘Dynamite’ every time when we play it.

Benefits of Listening to Music

Music has the power to heal not only our mind and body but our soul too. ‘Music relaxes us’ is not just for saying, but medical science proves it. Medical science believes that good music helps us to improve our psychological disorders. Some of the health benefits of music are given below:

  • Music makes our heart healthy as it reduces heart rate.

  • Music controls stress by decreasing the stress hormone (cortisol) flow in our body. 

  • Music gives us relief from depression and anxiety. Good music increases the production of dopamine hormone which is responsible for the good mood of our body.

  • Music reduces pain as many injuries or operations will take up successfully while playing the patient's favourite music track.

  • Music improves eating habits. Many research shows that playing soft music while eating reduces the chewing speed, and that helps to consume less food. 

  • Music improves physical health.  Have you ever observed playing your favourite track while walking or gymming helps to do some more activity and, that leads to improving your physical health?

So, whenever you feel low, or depressed, play your favourite track. It does not only help you to do some physical activity but balances the good-bad hormone production in your body. 

World Music Day 2022

History of World Music Day

Music exists from the sounds, sounds of people, animals, birds or nature. Music has no age and no constant source. However, the World’s first Music Day was celebrated 40 years ago in France. In 1982, the French Minister of Art and Culture Mr Jack Lange and renowned French composer Mr Maurice Fleuret announces a day to celebrate music. 

Later, it became so popular and celebrated across the world. There are approximately 120 countries across the globe which celebrate World Music Day. 

Why Music Day is Celebrated?

Music day is celebrated to unite the people. One day a year, they must come to on streets or clubs, play their favourite track and enjoy their music. The aim was to build a day on which people forget all their worries, enjoy their life and reunite.

How to Celebrate World Music Day 2022?

Every year on June 21st, people over the globe hit their favourite music to celebrate World Music Day. Either they dance, sing or both, or sit idly lost in the melody of the song and celebrate Music Day. You can also play an instrument and make your own voice in the choir! And, enjoy World Music Day 2022.


However, for true music lovers, there is not a single day that they passed without listening to their favourite song. True music lovers can write 100s pages of essays on world music day without a fail.

To conclude, we can say that music is loved and enjoyed by people worldwide. Listening to our favourite music can lift our mood instantly after a bad day. Make sure you keep a list of all your favourite songs and play them on the occasion of World Music Day.