Biodiversity and Conservation MCQs

Biodiversity is composed of all living organisms wherein each of them plays a significant role in their habitat. Also, all components of biodiversity are interdependent and must coordinate for sustainable living.

Notably, the chapter highlights the major concerns of biodiversity and emphasises on the importance of conserving it. Now, there are a lot of concepts related to biodiversity and its conservation that you need to be familiar with.

While it is vital for you to go through these chapters for a detailed understanding, it is also imperative that you practice relevant questions. This can help you immensely in preparing for your exams since you will have a thorough understanding of question patterns and their relevant answering techniques. Furthermore, it also helps with self-assessment.

Take a cue from these MCQs on biodiversity and find out how well-equipped you are about the different topics!

Important Biodiversity Questions Multiple Choice 

These are some important MCQs based on biodiversity and its conservation.

  1. Which of These Has the Most Genetic Diversity In India?

  1. Teak 

  2. Tea 

  3. Mango

  4. Potato

  1. ___________ is Now an Extinct Animal.

  1. Quoll

  2. Tasmanian devil

  3. Tasmanian tiger

  4. Pademelon 

  1. Which of These Can Control Global Warming?

  1. Burning of human-generated waste.

  2. Reducing solid waste.

  3. Limiting wastage of water.

  4. Reducing consumption of fossil fuel.

  1. When The last Individual In a Particular Species Dies, It is Known As __________.

  1. Speciation

  2. Extinction

  3. Phylogenetic diversity

  4. Adaptation

  1. Which of These is a Suitable Example of Ex-Situ Conservation?

  1. National park

  2. Wildlife sanctuary

  3. Sacred groves

  4. Seed bank

  1. This is A Common Non-Renewable Source 

  1. Silica 

  2. Uranium

  3. Hot spring

  4. Crude oil

  1. ___________ is the Least Porous Soil. 

  1. Loam 

  2. Peat soil

  3. Clayey soil

  4. None of these

  1. Nandan-Kanan Zoo is Popular for Its____________.

  1. Nilgiri Tahr

  2. Whale

  3. White tiger

  4. Hippo

  1. Where Can One Find The Greatest Biodiversity on Earth?

  1. Nile delta, Egypt

  2. African grasslands

  3. Amazonian rain forest, South America

  4. Western Ghat, India

  1. Which of These is The Most Effective Means of Conserving Biodiversity?

  1. Preserve habitats.

  2. Get rid of predators.

  3. Census species during the breeding season.

  4. Vaccinate species against diseases.

  1. Lime Is Added to ________ Soil.

  1. Acidic

  2. Dry

  3. Salty

  4. Alkaline

  1. An Ecological State Wherein A Species Is Introduced To A Location Where They are Unique.

  1. Ecosystem

  2. Exotic species 

  3. Endemic species

  4. None of these

  1. __________ Is The Hotspot of Biodiversity In India.

  1. Gangetic plain

  2. Sunderbans

  3. Eastern ghats 

  4. Western ghats

  1. Which of These Is An Exhaustible Natural Resource?

  1. Wildlife

  2. Minerals

  3. Soil fertility

  4. Aquatic animals

  1. Sacred Groups Are Useful In _________________.

  1. Preventing soil erosion.

  2. Conserving endangered and rare species.

  3. Spreading environmental awareness.

  4. Ensuring the sustainable flow of water in rivers.

  1. How Much Forest Cover Is To Be Maintained As Per The National Forest Policy of 1988?

  1. 11% for plains and 37% for hills.

  2. 33% for plains and 67% for hills.

  3. 23% for plains and 17% for hills.

  4. None of these.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Biodiversity? How Many Types of Biodiversity Are There?

Ans. Biodiversity refers to all living organisms that exist on earth and cooperate for sustainable living. Irrespective of size and species, biodiversity includes plants, animals, microorganisms, etc.

2. What Is Extinction?

Ans. It is the elimination of a specific kind of organism or groups of organisms. A particular species are believed to go extinct the moment its last individual dies. Typically, overhunting, captivity or drastic change in climate is among the major reasons for the extinction of animals.

3. Why Is Conservation Important?

Ans. All living organisms are interdependent and must coordinate with one another to sustain biodiversity. Through conservation, we can preserve wildlife, protect endangered species, conserve water and protect soil from erosion.