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The Northern Black Polished Ware discussed in the previous chapter talks about fine pottery, like bowls and plates, that were found at various archaeological sites across the subcontinent. But do you wonder how these pieces reached these places? The answer is Traders. There is a considerable possibility that traders might have carried them from the source places, to sell them at other places. South India was famous for gold, spices (like pepper), and precious stones. Pepper was most valued in the Roman Empire and was known as black gold. So, traders carried many of these goods in ships to Rome, across the sea, and in caravans, by land. There must have been a lot of trade as many Roman gold coins have been found in Southern India. Can you think about how and why these reached India?

Trade and Traders have always been hand in hand. Traders explored several sea routes. While some of these followed the coasts, there were other routes across the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, where sailors crossed the sea quickly taking advantage of the monsoon winds. Sturdy ships helped them for these long journeys.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why did Kings Choose to Control the Silk Route?

Ans: With this, the kings could collect taxes, and have an additional source of revenue. Apart from this, gifts and tributes were given to the kings by traders.

2. What Evidence do Historians Use to Find Trade and Trade Routes?

Ans: The historians found evidence through multiple sources.

  1. Through the literature of the concerned period.

  2. Ancient coins.

  3. Pottery, bowls, and plates.

3. Give Reasons Why the Chinese Pilgrims Came to India.

Ans: Chinese pilgrims visited places in India that are associated with the life of Lord Buddha as well as several famous monasteries. They spent time studying in Nalanda.