CBSE Class 6 Political Science (Civics) Chapter 1 Notes - Understanding Diversity


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In a country like India, where people come from very diverse cultures, it is essential to understand their culture and what it represents. Therefore it is one of the most critical chapters in class 6 civics. This chapter goes in-depth into why we need to understand diversity, the importance of diversity and how it impacts our daily lives, Chapter 1 notes provide all the necessary information that covers the entire chapter and helps students understand the importance of diversity and understanding its relevance now. These notes will help students to study for the subject as it briefs the entire chapter and can help students during their revision.

CBSE Class 6 Political Science (Civics) Chapter 1 Notes - Understanding Diversity part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does in Unity in Diversity mean?

Here people from different cultural and religious backgrounds of the country came together to fight for our Independence which we achieved in 1947. When people from different backgrounds come together to fight for the same humanitarian cause, they are fighting as one. It was Jawarhal Nehru who coined the phrase "unity In diversity" and was able to unite the citizens of the country together. Nehru said that unity isn't imposed from the outside but it's something that is taught from within. People of different skin tone, religion, cultural background, all coming together to fight for the same cause shows unity.

2. What do students gain from studying about diversity?

Students that learn about these different cultures and how everyone is unique in their way. This allows for students to learn about various cultures and ethnicities, which will give them a different perspective. Students will learn not to go judge the people and will have a greater valued understanding of people's culture. By learning and understanding diversity, students will understand how the country came together to fight against the British so that they could win the country back. Students will finally understand the full sentimental value behind our Independence.