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Run Class 4 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 3 (Free PDF Download)

Last updated date: 21st May 2024
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Exam - Focused Revision Notes for CBSE Class 4 English Chapter 3 - Run

Class 4 English Chapter 3 is a beautiful poem about running. Children love to run on open ground. They love to run their feet on the grass without being restricted by boundaries. They want to run far away from the city and into the dazzling sun. They want to run in the rain and on the hills. The poem depicts how limitless the enthusiasm and imagination of the children are.

To understand the meaning of all the lines, refer to the Run revision notes prepared by the experts. They have composed these notes with a concise summary of the poem. You will find learning the answers to all questions easier with these notes.

Download CBSE Class 4 English Chapter-wise Revision Notes 2023-24 PDF

The following table shows the chapter-wise solutions for Class 4 CBSE English Marigold textbook and the revision notes related to each individual unit and its chapters. We would request students to go through the syllabus properly to have an idea of how they should go about studying and revising for their upcoming English exam. You can also download the notes, chapter-wise, from the links given below.

Access Class 4 English Chapter 3 Poem - Run Notes

Run Revision Notes

This contains Run poem summary, moral of the poem, new words and meaning, techniques used and question and answer notes.

Run Summary

  • In this poem, the poet encourages the children to go around and have fun. 

  • She tells them to leave the city and travel to the countryside. 

  • And to run into the light, through the rain, and through the trees. 

  • She commands them to sprint down the hillside, up the lanes, through the meadows, and back. 

  • The poet encourages them to run throughout the day in order to be joyful and cheerful.

Moral of the Poem

  • This Mary Daunt poem teaches us to never be stuck in one place.

  • One should always be merrily moving.

  • One can run and find so many new things around in nature in the meadows, under the trees, and up the lane.

  • Running towards new things and running, in general, can bring so much happiness.

New Words Meaning with Examples





Drops of the rain.

The children were counting the raindrops.

Beneath or ‘neath

Directly under.

There is a huge area to sit beneath the trees.


A gentle and slow wind.

In the evening a cool breeze blew across the meadow.


The downward side of a hill.

He was carelessly running and fell down the hillside,


Grassland in a large field that is used for hay.

There is a meadow down the hillside.


Happy, lively and cheerful

Everbody was dancing merrily.

Techniques Used in the Poem

Rhyming Words: When speaking the words that sound the same are called rhyming words.

  • City- Country

  • Run- Sun

  • Trees- Breeze

  • Lane- Again

  • Merry- Country

  • Day- Away

Class 4 English Chapter 3 Run NCERT Questions and Answers

The following is a part of the 4th Class English notes.

Reading is Fun

1. What does the poem tell us to do?

Ans: The poem tells us to run and run merrily throughout the day.

2. Write about the places where the poet wants us to run?

Ans:  The poet wants us to the country, under the trees in the raindrops, through the meadow, up the lane and down the hillside and be merry.

Let’s Talk

1. Do you like to play and run about? Why?

Ans:  I really like to play and run about around my home and even in the playground because it makes me feel happy.

2. Running is a very good exercise. Name any three games that you play, in which you have to run.

Ans: Running is indeed a very good exercise. Games that require us to run are Hockey, Rugby and Soccer.

3. When you run fast, what do you feel is happening to your body?

Ans: When I run quickly, I notice that my entire body warms up starting to sweat and my heart beats faster.

Run Class 4 Solved Example Practice Questions

1. What are the other words that rhyme with the following words?

Merry, Run, Lane

Ans: Merry- Cherry, Berry, Ferry, Carry, Hairy, Very

Run- Sun, Fun, None, Won, Ton

Lane- Pain, Brain, Main, Crane, Gain, Train

2. Why should we run according to the poet? 

Ans: The poet encourages them to run throughout the day in order to be joyful and cheerful.

3. What does it imply for the poet to say, "Run in the Raindrops"?

Ans: She instructs them to run into the light, through the rain, and through the trees. She commands them to sprint down the hillside, up the lanes, through the meadows, and back. The poet encourages them to run throughout the day in order to be joyful and cheerful.

Importance of CBSE Class 4 English Chapter 3 Run

Childhood is the most fun-filled and energetic phase of our lives. We have no worries and no limits in having fun. Children like to run without being restricted by boundaries. Their imagination power takes them anywhere they want to be. In this poem, they want to run to the city’s end and even to the sun.

They also want to cross the hills and run amidst the rain. They want to chart the meadows and come back and want to run throughout the day. Running with friends is filled with fun and creates memories. The poet wants us to understand how precious running is in our childhood days. The Run summary depicts how this activity gives the best memories to a child.

Benefits of Vedantu’s Class 4 English Chapter 3 Run Revision Notes 

  • This poem depicts the importance of running for the children. They run when they are happy. They run when they want to chase a breeze. They want to cross all the boundaries and run the country. To understand the underlying message, refer to its revision notes.

  • The explanation given by the experts in Run poem revision notes will be ideal for you to understand the meaning of all lines. Resolve doubts on your own and prepare accurate answers to all exercise questions.

  • Grab hold of the concept of this chapter and answer fundamental questions like do you like to play and run?

  • Solve the 4th Class English notes provided with the notes to evaluate your skills.

Download Vedantu’s Revision Notes PDF for Free

Get these free version files of the Run Class 4 revision notes to prepare this chapter perfectly. Test your learning skills and focus on the sections you need to prepare more. Become better at answering questions related to poems and score well in the English exams.

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Vedantu's “Run” Class 4 Notes for CBSE English Poem Chapter 3 provide a valuable and comprehensive resource for students studying this particular poem. The free PDF download offers an accessible and user-friendly platform, facilitating an enhanced learning experience. By encompassing key themes, literary analysis, and engaging activities, the notes empower students to grasp the essence of the poem and its underlying messages effectively. With Vedantu's commitment to educational excellence, these notes equip learners with the necessary tools to excel in their studies, fostering a deeper appreciation for literature and language. Undoubtedly, these meticulously crafted resources serve as a catalyst for academic success and holistic development.

FAQs on Run Class 4 Notes CBSE English Poem Chapter 3 (Free PDF Download)

1. Where do the children want to run?

The children want to run wherever their feet can take them. They want to run on the hillsides. They want to feel the little breeze. They want to cross the country and come back running to their homes.

2. Why do they want to run little races?

These lines in the poem show that the kids are very competitive when it comes to running. They want to run little races to check who runs the best. They want to compete and their turf is their locality. They dream big and want to run out of the country to go to uncharted places. They want to start with small races at a time.

3. How is running good for your health?

Running makes you happy. When you run with friends, the merriment gives you joy.

4. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?

The rhyme scheme of the poem is aabb. This means that the first, second, fourth, and fifth lines rhyme with each other, and the third and sixth lines rhyme with each other. The rhyme scheme helps to create a sense of rhythm and flow in the poem.

5. What is the message of the poem?

The message of the poem is that it is important to be active and to enjoy the outdoors. The poet encourages the reader to run away from the city and into the countryside, where they can experience the fresh air, the sunshine, and the beauty of nature. The poem also suggests that running can be a way to escape from the stresses of everyday life and to find peace and tranquility.