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In order to understand the challenges to democracy in the best way, there are certain things to understand. First of all, what is a challenge? Well, a challenge can be defined as some sort of difficulty which can be seen as an opportunity for getting success and more progress. There are different countries that tend to face more and more challenges when it comes to democracy. So, what are the challenges to democracy, one might ask? Here we are going to mention some of them.

  1. It is known to us that at least one-fourth of the entire globe still does not have a proper democratic government. These are the countries that very often tend to face certain challenges when it comes to the foundation of democracy. Hence, they aren’t really able to institute a proper democratic government as well.

  2. The countries which have democracies or have successfully established them in the past years tend to have a new kind of problem. There is the challenge of expansion that most of these countries tend to face. According to the Challenges to Democracy Class 10 chapter, the problem of expansion is when countries aren’t really able to apply certain principles of basic democratic government to different regions and different social groups along with several institutions in the country. So, that means there are lesser decisions that tend to remain outside the democratic government arena. A very good example of some of these countries with the challenge of expansion would be the USA and India.

  3. Now the deepening of democracy is certainly one of the few challenges which every single country which has established democracy has to face. Be it in one form or something else, there is always the problem of deepening or strengthening all of the practices and institutions proposed by a democratic government. So, that requires more and more attempts to bring down the influence and control of powerful and rich people who tend to have a hand in making certain decisions for the government.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What Exactly is Democracy?

Ans. Democracy is a form of governance by a group of some people who are elected by the citizens of the country in elections.

Q2. What are the Different Types of Challenges of Democracy Faced by Countries?

Ans. Some of the challenges to democracy can be classified into different categories such as constitutional design, democratic rights, elections, working of the institutions and so much more.

Q3. Which are the Countries that don’t have Democratic Rights Even now?

Ans. Some of the countries which are behind in the list of giving the basic rights to people are Saudi Arabia, Poland and Guantanamo Bay.