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History is one of the most quintessential subjects as far as the CBSE Class 10 syllabus is concerned. It is the most important branch of Social Science. From the Class 10 notes PDFs, you will get to know European history along with the rise of nationalism in India in the content. French revolution and the rise of imperialism are also contents of the syllabus. Vedantu provides the Class 10 History Chapter 1 notes PDFs exclusively prepared by the experienced teachers. Students can download the notes PDF as well as other chapters for their convenience.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the significance of Liberal Nationalism in Class 10 History Chapter 1 Notes PDF?

“Liberal” originates from the Latin word “Liber” which means “free”. A man who owns a property had the right to vote according to the law. As per the law, those individuals who did not possess or had any access to any property and all women were not permitted to exercise any political right. A custom of union named Zollverein was set up at the inventiveness of Prussia in 1834. Maximum German states had joined this. The tariff barriers were abolished and the number of currencies was reduced over thirty to two by the union.

2. What was the role of technology in the shaping of a global world?

Class 10 History Chapter 3 notes will tell you that technology played a very crucial role in the making of the Global World. Some of the significant inventions made throughout this period were Railways, Steamships and the Telegraph etc. Those inventions transformed the world and heralded the onset of the nineteenth century. At the same time society, politics and economy were driven by technology. New investments and development were made by colonisation. Food was transferred in a faster way using quicker railways, lighter wagons and huge ships. It was a practice to ship the animals from America to Europe till the 1870s.