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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 - How Big How Heavy

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 - How Big How Heavy

Embark on an intriguing exploration with Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 - 'How Big How Heavy.' This chapter introduces students to the fascinating world of measurements, exploring the concepts of size and weight. Designed for Class 5 students, it simplifies these ideas, making the study of measurements both engaging and accessible. With NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14, students get to learn about the length, breadth, and mass distribution of different objects and shapes. Students will be educated about this chapter in detail in their later years. This chapter, in particular, is included in the NCERT syllabus to give students an introductory idea on this topic.

By following Class 5 Chapter 14 Maths solutions, students are able to practice and comprehend this chapter. This enables them to score well in their upcoming examinations with ease.


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Chapter 14 - How Big How Heavy


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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 How Big How Heavy

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 PDF Download

By referring to the Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 NCERT solutions, students can practice and learn about these equations through various exercises. These sums have been specially designed to assist students in finishing their lesson early. 

Exercises present in NCERT Class 5 Maths Chapter 14, have been designed to seem fun and interesting to students. Usage of various activities and real-life characters will help a student understand this lesson better. This solution also includes practice problems for students to become more apt with solving these equations with ease. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 Exercises

Exercise 14.1 – Your Measuring Glass

This Class 5th Maths Unit 14 solution begins with sums on determining volume of an object. It consists of equations on measuring the volume of the number of marbles or coins in measuring glass. Students may also need to find out the volume of a cube through its length, breadth and height through this segment. 

Exercise 14.2 – Matchbox Play

In this segment of NCERT solutions Class 5 Maths Chapter 14, students are required to understand the equations to find the length, width and volume of a matchbox. It also consists of sums on measuring height, if matchboxes are arranged to form platforms. 

Exercise 14.3 – Making a Paper Cube

This particular activity has been included in CBSE Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 to help students comprehend the measurement process better. Students are required to fold papers together to form a cube. 

Exercise 14.4 – How Big is Your Cube? 

After the activity, students are required to understand the calculation process of finding out the length, width and height of a cube. Various practice problems may be included in this segment to assist students to comprehend this section better. 

Exercise 14.5 – Which Pipe Fills More?

After understanding cubes and their measurements, students will now proceed to do sums of cylindrical pipes. Proper equations and activities are included in this section to help practice these kinds of sums better. 

Exercise 14.6 – Trek to Gangotri 

This activity has been included in Class 5 Maths how big how heavy, to help students understand how heavy an item can be. Proper weight distribution of any object has been explained through this section. 

Exercise 14.7 – How Heavy Am I? 

Here, students are provided with different problem-solving equations that they are required to find a solution through different formulas. These problems have been designed to be interesting, as well as logical at the same time. 

Exercise 14.8 – Shahid Saves the Bank

A character has been used in this segment of NCERT Maths Class 5 Chapter 14, to help students understand weight and mass. Being able to solve these kinds of sums will help students develop their logical thinking. 

Exercise 14.9 – Find out and discuss

This final segment of NCERT solutions requires students to understand the entire chapter and solve equations based on it. These equations have been formulated, keeping in mind that students now have a clear idea on measurement and weight distribution. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 

Get ready for a math adventure in Class 5 with NCERT Solutions for Maths Chapter 14! These solutions are like friendly guides, making math super easy and fun. They help you understand each problem step by step, making sure you're all set for success. It's not just about solving problems; it's about really getting what math is all about. So, let's discover why NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 are your key to mastering math with ease!

  • Comprehensive explanations for each exercise and questions promote a deeper understanding of the subject.

  • Clear and structured presentation for easy comprehension.

  • Accurate answers aligned with the curriculum, boosting students' confidence in their knowledge.

  • Visual aids like diagrams and illustrations to simplify complex concepts.

  • Additional tips and insights to enhance students' performance.

  • Chapter summaries for quick revision.

  • Online accessibility and downloadable resources for flexible study and revision.

  • With solutions from Vedantu, students can aim to achieve high scores in their examinations without a hitch. 


NCERT Solutions are essential for Class 5 exam preparation. Begin by thoroughly reading the textbook chapter, followed by solving the NCERT questions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 - 'How Big How Heavy.' Access detailed solutions on Vedantu, aligned with CBSE guidelines. Download the free NCERT Solutions to guide your preparation with expert-reviewed answers. In this chapter, measurement is a key focus, helping students understand size and weight concepts. Mastering these fundamental skills establishes a strong foundation for deeper mathematical comprehension and practical application in daily life.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 14 - How Big How Heavy

1. How to guess the volume of objects with marbles?

To understand how to guess the volume with marbles, take three marbles and add them to a measuring glass with 10ml water. Drop them in one by one to find the difference in measurement. This difference will help students understand the volume of each individual object. 

For example, the volume of a ball is nearly two marbles, an eraser is two marbles, a lemon is three marbles, a pencil is two marbles, and a potato is four marbles. 

2. Tanu makes stages with her matchboxes. She puts 14 matchboxes in the first layer. She makes four such layers. How many matchboxes did she use? If the volume of one matchbox is 10 cm cube, what is the volume of the stage?

In this situation, Tanu is first required to determine the measurements of one particular matchbox. Upon finding the length of one matchbox, students will be able to find the length of 14 matchboxes arranged in a row. If Tanu finds out the measurement of the stage created, she will also be able to determine the number of matchboxes that have been used. 

With information on all measurements, finding out volume of the entire stage that has been constructed should be easy. Solving such practice problems will help develop the logical perception of a student. 

3. How do students measure the length, breadth and height of a cube?

For finding the length, breadth and height of a cube, students are required to first understand the volume. Multiplication of these three sides forms the volume of a cube. With the help of other formulas mentioned in this chapter, students will be able to determine a cube’s three aspects. 

If volume of a cube has already been provided, then determining these measurements should be simple and easy. There are various other such equations present in this segment that students are required to solve if they want to score well in examinations. 

4. How difficult is the chapter ‘How Big? How Heavy?’?

There is always a fear of the unknown. To see how difficult or easy the chapter is, you need to go through the chapter yourself. Be a little curious to find out the answers yourself. This single quality of being inquisitive will help you not only in your mathematics but also in other subjects and even in your life. Skim through the chapter once. If you can apply the concepts you have learned, you will find it easy and if not, then work on your basics and you will soon find the chapter easy enough. 

5. Is Chapter 14 of the Class 5 Maths textbook important?

All the chapters in your Mathematics textbook are important and have weightage. The concepts that you come across will feature in the exam in a variety of questions. The main concern during the exam will not be how well you crammed up the concept, but how well you can apply the basics that you know. The chapter provides you with several examples and questions of different types where you can apply your knowledge to test precisely how well you understood the concept. For this very reason, the chapter holds importance. 

6. Can I do Chapter 14 of the Class 5 Maths textbook on my own?

The pandemic has disrupted every single aspect of our life. It has taken a very high toll on the education and education system. During online classes, the explanation by the teacher matters. Equally important is the element of self-study. The chapter is full of examples and exercises that you can attempt yourself and evaluate your performance. The chapter contains theories and an ample number of examples to enable you to study the chapter all by yourself. Studying yourself will lead to confidence and significantly boost your preparation. 

7. How many examples or questions should I practice from Chapter 14 of Class 5 Maths textbook?

No one on the internet or otherwise can tell you the exact number of examples and questions that you must practice to solidify your understanding or score better marks in the exam. In Mathematics, the only factors that play important roles are your understanding of the question and the practice of several types of questions. So, once you have understood a particular topic, attempt as many questions as possible of different types.  

8. Which website provides good quality solutions for Chapter 14 of Class 5 Maths textbook?

After you have understood the basics, you must practice questions to test your understanding and apply the concepts you have learned. In the solutions, what is crucial is the answer that you have got and the steps you used to reach the particular answer. Both are given separate weightage and need equal importance. The faculty at Vedantu helps you prepare for both aspects. Vedantu’s NCERT solutions are prepared to reach the correct answer keeping in mind the demand of the question. All the steps are included to enable you to get an idea about how to present the solutions in the final exam. The solution PDFs, revision notes or any study material can be downloaded from Vedantu  absolutely free of cost.