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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 - Smart Charts

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 - Smart Charts

Embark on an engaging journey with Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 - 'Smart Charts.' This chapter introduces students to the world of charts, making learning about data representation fun and accessible. Explore the basics of creating and interpreting charts, providing a foundation for effective data analysis. Exploring different areas of Mathematics should never be just an option since the subject is not only useful in academics but also in your daily life. Students usually face difficulties when it comes to maths calculations and tricky methods. However, with the right kind of study material, mastering those tricky areas does not seem that challenging.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 bring advanced methods, easy strategies to properly understand the core concepts of this chapter. These solutions are presented beautifully with lots of diagrams, tables, and easy techniques to help students learn these topics quickly.

Mathematics is all about practising difficult problems to master the subject so that you do not struggle with uncommon questions during examinations. Class 5 Chapter 12 Maths comes with a number of interesting questions and NCERT solutions perfectly assist you with that.


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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 Smart Charts

NCERT Solutions For Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 PDF – Free Download

In order to achieve an excellent score in Maths, your focus should be to understand the underlying concepts by studying textbooks thoroughly. In addition to that, solving exercise questions should get an equal amount of priority too since the subject is all about that.

NCERT Class 5 Maths Smart Charts solutions consist of structured answers that bring better marks easily. Also, the solutions are appropriately presented so that students get to find relevance once they are done with every chapter. 

Since it gets difficult to find the right kind of study materials to grab better results in academics, NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 PDF solves that problem. And, it is easily accessible from sites like Vedantu for free so that students get a trouble-free learning experience. 

Questions from Chapter 12 Class 5 Maths

A lot of students aim to pursue Science stream in higher education, and in order to opt for it, they should fulfil certain requirements. One of those criteria includes getting a decent score and that is only possible when you get a hold of different sections of this subject. 

Exercise questions are there to help you check your progress and get accustomed to unfamiliar problems. Here are some instances of NCERT Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 problems and their solutions.

1. In the first question of Smart Charts Class 5 Solution, students get to see a table containing incomplete information. You are required to finish that table and answer a few questions by using certain calculations and the mentioned data.

2. The second section is called Making Tally Marks on the Road, and here you will see another table. And with the help of that, you are required to answer questions like the number of vehicles, identify certain statements as true or false, etc. 

3. While solving questions for the third one, you need to go through the given table and solve further problems minutely. Since the data is provided in a table format, it gets a little easier to calculate and present the answer. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 5 Maths Smart Charts

Students studying Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 may face some difficulties initially as this chapter contains different elements; NCERT solutions assist them in getting rid of those issues. Regular practice of complex questions can help to ease the process and learn new things regarding Smart Charts chapter. 

Some Advantages of Choosing NCERT Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 Solution

  • Since these solutions are prepared by subject matter experts, accuracy is never a problem if you rely on NCERT solutions to improve your skills.

  • The solutions consist of smart and advanced techniques that help you with time-management; as a result, you learn to finish the paper on time during exams. 

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 help to get rid of conceptual errors as well, which may slow down your maths solving process. 

So, download the solutions now and get started with your preparation!


NCERT Solutions are instrumental in Class 5 exam preparation. Begin by thoroughly studying the textbook chapter, then tackle the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 - 'Smart Charts.' Vedantu offers detailed solutions aligned with CBSE guidelines. Download the free NCERT Solutions to guide your preparation with expert-reviewed answers. In Chapter 12, students focus on mastering the art of chart creation and interpretation, learning to represent data visually through bar graphs, line graphs, and more. These skills empower effective data analysis, cultivating a valuable skillset for practical application in various scenarios.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 - Smart Charts

1. How does the bar chart help to understand the Hot and Cold section better?

Chapter 12 Class 5 Maths has several interesting sections, and the Hold and Cold section contain bar charts to explain the topic better. Students are required to solve questions like the hottest or coldest city on a specific time, temperature fluctuation etc. with the help of that bard chart.

This chart presents all the information in an organized way so that students get to understand it easily. Also, the presentation and structured pattern look interesting for the students to practise these questions more and get better scores.

2. How to find easy NCERT Solutions for Class 5th Chapter 12 Smart Charts?

Mathematics can seem a little tricky in the beginning since there are tons of calculations involved in every chapter. However, Class 5th Maths Chapter 12 contains interesting sections and is mostly presented in a structure that makes it easier for the students. 

You can easily find some easy solutions to all the tricky questions from this chapter as well as further assistance to solve the paper on time. Especially with the help of NCERT Class 5 Maths Chapter 12 PDF, understanding the core sections becomes relatively easier.

3. What kind of questions can come from the Family Tree section?

The Family Tree section is comparatively easier for these students as it is solely based on diagrams and images to help students understand the concepts. The primary purpose of this section is to explain the relations between family members by presenting through a chart.

This way, students get to learn the subject quickly and can solve tricky questions just by remembering this chart. There are a few questions like the number of people in a specific generation; small calculations, etc. come along with it. Students can go through NCERT solutions to get a better idea of the presentation of these questions. 

4. What is Chapter 12 of the Class 5th Maths textbook?

The theme of the chapter is Smart Charts. The chapter introduces smart charts to represent data. Data is the collection and arrangement and organization of information. Pictorial representation of data makes the data appealing to eyes and easy to derive conclusions from. The chapter helps you understand the concept of bar charts and tally marks and frequency distribution. The chapter provides a foundation for geometric concepts. 

5. Is the chapter Smart Charts easy?

The chapter given in your Class 5th Maths textbook helps you to understand how to explain a given data through pictorial representation. The chapter is written in a simple language that you can easily comprehend. The chapter contains numerous examples and pictures and graphs that will enable you to understand how the concepts of geometry are or can be applied. The chapter is relatively easy and will help you fetch extra marks over your peers.

6. What is a bar chart?

Charts and graphs allow you to represent data through the means of pictures. When data is represented in such a fashion, it is easy to interpret. Bar charts refer to charts where the categorical data is presented in the form of rectangular bars, with heights and lengths. The value of the bar is proportional to the value they represent. Bars can be placed vertically or horizontally. A vertical bar chart is also known as a column chart. 

7. How can I study Smart Charts on my own?

Smart Charts is one of the chapters that a student, if wished, can study and understand on her own. To do so, go through the chapter once like you’re reading a story. During your second reading, you can underline important notes. Keep a notebook and a pen with you to practice the examples, charts, tally marks, or frequency distribution you come across. You can utilize various videos available online to facilitate your understanding of the concept. You can test your knowledge by practicing the exercise questions given in the chapter. 

8. Where can I find reliable solutions for the Smart Charts chapter?

Vedantu is a trusted platform where you can find all the NCERT solutions, written in simple language and with step-to-step explanations. The content is provided by expert faculty who have sufficient knowledge, expertise, and experience in the subject matter. They make use of numerous strategies and tips to help you understand the core concepts. With Vedantu, we can ensure that the subject of Maths will no longer be the dreaded one. Any solution PDFs or study material are available to download free of cost from  Vedantu.