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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 7 - Topsy-Turvy Land

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Class 5 Chapter 6 English NCERT Solutions for Topsy-Turvy Land free PDF Download

The NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 poem has been provided for children to learn about the chapter titled, “Topsy-turvy Land.” This study guide has been presented in ways that are both incredibly easy as well as helpful for students to prepare this chapter. The Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 solution set has been provided to give children an in-depth analysis of the Marigold chapter. This solution makes up for amazing study material for students to refer to and learn from for their examination. So, the Topsy Turvy Land Class 5 NCERT Solutions is super fun to learn from!


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Chapter 7 Poem - Topsy-Turvy Land


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English Marigold Class 5 Chapter 7 Poem Topsy-turvy Land Solutions - Free PDF Download

Chapter Analysis of Class 5 English Chapter 7 Poem Topsy-turvy Land

The NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 7 provided is meant to serve as incredible study and reference material for students in order to understand the chapter “Topsy-turvy Land” in detail. By referencing these NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 Poem the students will learn about morals, message,s and themes of the lovely chapter in Marigold’s “Topsy-turvy Land”. They will learn about all the silly things that take place in this land of fantasy. So, let’s begin analyzing this funny chapter with a short summary.

Class 5 English Chapter 7 Poem Topsy turvy Land- A Brief Summary

This chapter in Marigold called, “Topsy-turvy Land” is a wonderful little poem. This incredibly sweet and silly poem has been penned by the children’s poet, H.E. Wilkinson. This funny poem tells us about a fantastical land known as, Topsy-turvy Land. In this silly land, nothing is the same as our home planet earth.

This amusing little poem begins by telling us how the people walk in Topsy-turvy Land. The poet tells us that the people of this land walk upon their hands, instead of on their feet! The sea in this silly land is made of sand, instead of water. In this land of jumbled meanings, the children do not go to their school in the day, like us. Instead, they go to school at night. So, we can learn that in this land of Topsy-turvy, nothing is the same as our Earth. The people in this land walk on their heads, the sea in this land is made of sand, not water, the children go to school at night, when we sleep on Earth. Things like these happen in Topsy-turvy Land.

In the next stanza of this comical poem, we learn that the front-door step is at the back of the house. When you are standing, you are actually walking in this land. And, you wear your hat upon your feet instead of on your head! Such bizarre things happen in this land!

Then, we learn that the buses ride on the sea while pleasure boats are used for travelling up and down the streets in this land. The buses work as boats on this land of Topsy-turvy and the boats are used as buses and cars in this bizarre land where bizarre things happen.

Then, finally, the poet writes that on this silly land, you for the things you never get. So, unlike in our Earth, we pay for the things we do not get to keep with us in this Topsy-turvy Land. The poet then writes that he thinks it shall be grand in Topsy-turvy Land because when you go from this land, you’re actually coming back to it.

So, from this humorous poem by H.E. Wilkinson, we learn about the fantastical land of Topsy-turvy where everything is opposite to life on earth.

Topsy-turvy Land - Marks Weightage

The chapter “Topsy-turvy Land” in Marigold carries an equal weightage of marks as all other chapters in Marigold. It is a very important chapter to learn for the CBSE examinations. It is not advisable to skip this chapter for those students who want to score high marks in the examination. The NCERT Solution of Class 5 English Chapter 7 poem by Vedantu is an excellent study material for students to refer to for their examinations.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Marigold Poem Topsy Turvy Land

Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 solution provided by Vedantu has several benefits for students to refer to. Some of the benefits are listed below for you:

  • The solutions have been prepared by teachers and experts with years of experience.

  • The NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 7 has been thoroughly revised by the professional team of Vedantu to offer you the best solutions.

  • All of the solutions have been prepared according to the CBSE guidelines.

  • The solutions provide an innovative learning experience for students.

So, to enjoy many such benefits, join Vedantu today!


The NCERT Solutions for class 5 chapter 6 topsy-turvy, provided by Vedantu, is a great tool for Class 5 students. It helps introduce English concepts in an accessible manner. The provided solutions and explanations simplify difficult ideas, making it easier for Class 5 Students to understand the material. By using Vedantu's resources, Students can develop a deeper understanding of NCERT concepts. These solutions are a helpful aid for Class 5 students, helping them to excel in their studies and develop a genuine appreciation for Topsy-Turvy.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 7 - Topsy-Turvy Land

1. Is the NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Marigold Poem Topsy turvy Land Available for Download on Vedantu’s Website?

Ans: Yes, Topsy turvy Land Class 5 NCERT Solutions at Vedantu is available for download in a PDF file format. You either need to download the app on your mobile device or subscribe to the website. Then, whenever you visit the site or open the app you can search for study materials of all the English chapters of NCERT Class 5 syllabus. The solutions are arranged in class-wise and subject-wise manner. All you have to do is download and save the PDFs. Just follow the same process to access your NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Marigold poem Topsy turvy Land.

2. What do You Pay for in Topsy-turvy Land?

Ans: As explained in Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 solution, you pay for what you never get in Topsy-turvy Land. It is an amusing land where everything happens in just the opposite way of how it is supposed to happen.

3. What are the advantages of NCERT Solutions in CBSE Examinations?

Ans: English is one of the most interesting subjects, it is very difficult to score well in that subject. With the help of the NCERT solutions, they will systematically learn the chapters. The answers are solved by a group of qualified experts so the answers are very accurate and authentic. The NCERT solutions are designed strictly following the CBSE curriculum so students can clarify their doubts.

4. How do people walk in the Topsy-turvy Land according to Chapter 7 of Class 5 English?

Ans: In topsy-land, people walked upon their heads. To gain more insights into this chapter, students are advised to make use of the NCERT solutions provided by Vedantu to help them prepare for their exams. These precise answers provided by the experts help the students improve their grammatical skills.

5. Who is the author of the poem, 'Topsy-turvy Land'.

Ans: The poem, 'Topsy-turvy Land' is a fun poem for children and is penned by H.E. Wilkinson. This poem talks about the events happening in a fantasy land. To understand this poem well, students can download the NCERT solutions prepared by the experts at Vedantu. These solutions will help the students understand this poem well. They can practice their answering skills by making use of the questions provided in the solution. The questions are answered by highly educated professionals in very simple and easy language to assist the students in comprehending the poem well.

6. What are the silly things practised in the Topsy-turvy Land according to Chapter 7 of Class 5 English?

Ans: The people in the Topsy-turvy land walked on their heads, buses travelled on the sea, people paid for what they didn’t purchase, children went to school at night, and people wore hats on their feet. These were a few silly things practised by the people of Topsy-turvy Land.

7. Where can students download the NCERT Solutions of Chapter 7 of Class 5 English?

Ans: Students can download the NCERT solutions from  Vedantu. These solutions are created after a deep analysis of the previous year’s question papers. They strictly follow the CBSE curriculum so the students need not worry about questions being out of the syllabus. Students can use these solutions to clarify doubts as the answers are written by a qualified group of experts. Download the PDF of the NCERT solutions from the Vedantu website or the app for free of cost.