NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 24

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 24 - Web of Life

NCERT Solutions of Class 3 EVS Chapter 24 Web of Life is an important chapter which helps your child to understand the importance of components of the environment and their interdependence. The Ch 24 Class 3 EVS solutions will help them comprehend the chapter better. This will help your child to excel in his/her studies. The chapter also focuses on the importance of living things for our survival. The Class 3 Chapter 24 Solution will help your child to score golden marks in the examination.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 24 Web Of Life part-1

Access NCERT Solutions for Science Class 3 Chapter 24 – Web of Life

1. By now, you must have read almost the complete book. You have read about trees, water, houses, animals, vehicles and many other things. Can you tell, why did we try to know and think about all these things?

Ans: We made an effort to learn about these topics because they are so important to our daily lives. Food is derived from trees. Water is essential for our survival. Animals offer us food and a variety of items that we can utilise in our daily lives. As a result, we can see that certain aspects of our lives are critical. That is why we made an effort to learn about and consider all of these issues.

2. How are we linked to the things shown in the picture? Come, let us find out. First of all, draw your picture in the blank space.

(Image will be Uploaded Soon)

Ans : 

(Image will be Uploaded Soon)

3. Now, join your picture with lines to all those things which you feel are needed for you to live.

Ans : 

(Image will be Uploaded Soon)

All of the offered objects in the rings, such as water, sun, grass, air, snakes, and so on, are required for our survival. Because these are all essential components of the environment, a home or shelter is required to protect us from a variety of harmful creatures and extreme weather.

4. Have you joined your picture to the house?

Ans: Yes, I've attached my photograph to the house.

5. In the same way, join all the things with other things related to them. While doing so, you might need to write the names of a few more things.

  • What have you finally got? A big web! Isn’t it?

  • What can you understand from this web?

Ans: Yes, I created a web by connecting all the items that are related to one another. This website has taught me that everything is connected and interdependent.

6. Are they all alike?

Ans: Yes, all of my and my friends' spider webs are identical.

NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 24 Web of Life – Free PDF Download

Class 3 EVS Ch 24 NCERT Solutions have all the 7 questions of the chapter in NCERT solved by the best of our faculty members. We provide Class 3 EVS Chapter 24 web of life solutions online. Anyone can download the solutions for free in a PDF format. These solutions are prepared according to the CBSE syllabus. You can download a free copy of the CBSE Class 3 EVS Chapter 24 Solutions from our website.

EVS Class 3 Chapter 24: What the Topic is All About? 

The Class 3th EVS Chapter 24 elaborates the need of the different living and nonliving components of the ecosystem on our existence. The chapter highlights the interdependence of every element of the ecosystem. We as human beings are completely dependent on other elements of the ecosystem for our needs. We derive food from green plants. We obtain timber from trees. We get clay from the soil. We obtain water from rivers, lakes, ponds, wells or rain. We build our houses with bricks which in turn is made from clay and water. There are various food chains and webs. It shows the energy transfer from one organism to others. How herbivorous animals obtain nourishment from plants. How herbivorous animals serve as food to carnivorous and omnivorous animals. All of the above concepts are explained in this chapter. This chapter creates a vision for students. 

For scoring high marks in examination, it is important for students to thoroughly learn and revise the chapter by heart. The study should be done in a systematic manner. The context book should be given the first priority and the chapter should be learned by heart. The Web Of Life Class 3 NCERT solutions will help you solve your questions methodically. 

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 3 EVS Web of Life

To score decent marks in the examination is a big goal for a lot of the students. Class 3 NCERT solution will help students to maximize their score. However, that is not the only objective of these study materials. These documents are prepared to build a strong foundation of knowledge of the environment in students as small as that of Class 3. 

Below are a few reasons listed so as to why Vedantu’s NCERT solution for Class 3 Chapter 24 is important-

  • The solutions help students to acquire in-depth knowledge in simple and understandable language

  • The NCERT solutions focus on the fundamental concepts of the chapter

  • The NCERT solutions are curated by the best of Vedantu’s faculty and serve as the basis of the Examination. 

  • They abide by the CBSE curriculum. 

So, go ahead and take the help of Vedantu’s Class 3 Chapter 24 solution to make learning EVS a fun experience. 

EVS Class 3 Chapter 24 - Important Questions

1. By now, you must have read almost the complete book. You have read about trees, water, houses, animals, vehicles and many other things. You must have thought about them as well. Can you tell, why did we try to know and think about all these things?

Ans: Our survival is dependent on all the components of the environment like trees, water, houses, animals, vehicles, etc. This is why it is important to know and think of all these things surrounding us.

2. What Can You Understand from this Web?

Ans: The web highlights the interdependence of living objects upon each other. It shows that every living thing is important for our survival.

3. Share your web of life with your friends. Also, have a look at the web made by your friends. Are they all alike? Discuss it with your friends.

Ans: Yes, all the webs look almost similar as we belong to the same stratum of the environment and lead a similar lifestyle. 

Vedantu has many such important questions covered in its Web Of Life Class 3 NCERT Solutions. Download your copy to make learning more exciting than ever. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Can I Download the NCERT Solutions EVS Class 3 Chapter 24?

It is a quick and easy process. All you need to do is have an account with Vedantu. If you do not have an account, you can create an account easily. You can log into your account to access the materials uploaded on their website. The solutions are given in free downloadable PDF format. You can download the solutions and go through it at your convenient time.

2. Why is this Chapter Important for Students to Learn?

This chapter educates students about the need for all the elements of nature for our individual survival. The interdependence of living and non-living beings are highlighted in this chapter. It shows us that we depend on all the elements of an ecosystem for our survival and hence it is of prime importance to preserve the ecosystem. 

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