NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 8

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 8 - The Little Bully
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The Little Bully Class 5 NCERT Solutions have been designed and crafted by tutors who have been teaching the subject for many years now. NCERT Solutions Class 5 English The Little Bully by Vedantu is detailed. By referring to the solutions, students will be able to build on their knowledge. CBSE Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 8 Solutions are explained clearly, and if students take out time and go through these solutions, it is more than enough to clear the concepts of the topic before the examination.

The Solutions for class 5 English Marigold will soon be uploaded on this page

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What Does the Story The Little Bully Want to Convey?

Ans. The story of The Little Bully is about a boy called Hari who bullies everyone in his class. He teases other kids, pinches and pricks them. This is why no one likes him. Hari is always alone, and no one likes him or wants to be his friend. The other children play along and share their tiffin, but no one includes Hari in their games or to share their tiffin. One day when the children go out on a seaside picnic, the sea creatures’ punch and prick made him realize how much his action hurt others. Hari thus promises himself that he will never repeat this mistake and will never bully his friends.

2. How Did Hari Realize His Mistake?

Hari used to pinch and pull his friends at school but never worried about how his friends felt about it. He was just enjoying it. Slowly his classmates stopped playing with him and started to avoid him. One day, when Hari went to a seashore for a picnic, he was all alone and the sea creatures started pinching Hari. This is when he realized that he was wrong in hurting his friend so much.