NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 - Gullivers Travels

Learning English would appear interesting and easy if you learn it from the subject matter experts at Vedantu. With their lucid explanations of NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7, it is easy to understand the chapter. Students can get a complete round-up of the chapter when they go through NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Gulliver's Travels. The simple words and easily comprehensible Gulliver's Travels Class 5 NCERT Solutions will help students in getting better grades in English. The stellar team of Vedantu has followed the CBSE curriculum so that students will find the solutions very useful from the exam point of view.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 Gullivers Travels

If students get solutions to their Class 5th English Marigold Chapter 7 made by experts in a PDF format, it makes revision super easy for them. NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 Gulliver's Travels is now available below on this page for free download. Students can download NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Chapter 7 Gulliver's Travels PDF by clicking on the PDF link given below.

Class 5 English Chapter 7 - Gulliver's Travels Introduction 

Gulliver’s Travels is a satire written by Irish writer and clergyman Jonathan swift. This tale is divided into many parts as Gulliver travels to many remote nations of the world. In this section of Ch 7 Marigold Class 5, he describes his voyage to Brobdingnag. Students will learn how Gulliver travels and finds land after a long time on 17th June 1730. Gulliver, the sailor, tells his experience in the land of giants in this part of Gulliver's Travels story.

Chapter 7 - Gulliver's Travels Summary 

The land seemed desolated without inhabitants and the sailors ventured out to find water. However, they could not find any spring or river to fill their buckets with. Gulliver then encounters a giant creature walking towards his ship. This creature was so huge that the seawater was coming up only till his feet. Gulliver got scared and started climbing up a steep hill to save his life. He was finally caught by another huge inhabitant whose voice was as loud as a trumpet. 

The giant creature looks at Gulliver with amazement and other friends of this creature also gather around to observe Gulliver. Gulliver tried to shout and talked to them in different languages, but no one understood him. The giant creature brought him home where he met his wife and a one-year-old baby. The baby took a toy and was trying to put him in the mouth when his mother was saving Gulliver. Gulliver is fed crumbs of bread, and then the wife puts him in bed and covers him with a handkerchief. He then sleeps off dreaming of his faraway home, wife and children.

Exercise Covered in Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 - Gulliver's Travels

Exercise - Reading is Fun

This part of Marigold Class 5 Chapter 7 exercise has 5 questions which are a mix of short questions, multiple-choice questions, writing text from the chapter and fill in the blanks.

Exercise - Let’s Talk

This part of Marigold Class 5 Chapter 7 exercise has 3 questions.

  • In the first question, a few statements from the chapter are mentioned, and students need to select the best word to fill in the blank. 

  • In the 2nd question, students need to use the answers from the first question to complete given sentences. 

  • The third question requires students to fill in the blanks with their own comparison that goes with the given sentences.

Exercise - Let’s Write

This exercise of Class 5 English Marigold Ch 7 NCERT Solutions has 6 questions.

  • The first question is to be done in a group where a situation or event is given, and you need to write reasons why the event happened. 

  • The second question is ‘fill in the blanks’ type. 

  • In the 3rd question, superlatives of words have to be used appropriately. 

  • The fourth question is also based on the comparison, but students need to use their English language knowledge to correct the wrongly written sentences. 

  • The 5th question is based on punctuation, where a letter is given to be punctuated properly. 

  • The 6th question is also punctuation related, and here different sentences have to be properly punctuated. 

Exercise - Let’s Find Out

This is the last exercise of Class 5 English Chapter 7 Gulliver's Travels. It has one question which is ‘fill in the blanks’ type.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7

CBSE Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 Solutions prepared by the team of experts at Vedantu is a valuable resource for learning Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7. Students would find it very beneficial because of the following reasons:

  • These solutions are available in the PDF format for free, which is great for a quick revision of the entire chapter. Students can download and go through NCERT Solution for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 even when there is no internet connection.

  • The solutions have been well-prepared by experts in the English language and are 100% accurate. Students can expect much better scores if they avail of this service.

  • The solutions provide a way for students to have less stressful times during exams, and they can do better time management.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Why was Gulliver finding it difficult to climb the stairs when he tried running away from the approaching giant?

Ans: Gulliver tried to run up the steep hill which had fields of barley on both its sides. The corn was as tall as 40 feet with a fence which allowed someone to pass from one field to the other. He found it impossible to climb since each step was 6 feet high. He tried to find a gap in the hedge when he found another giant approaching him.

Q2. Give an account of the dinner scene at the giant’s house where Gulliver was taken to.

Ans: The dining table of the giant’s house was 30 feet high, and dinner was brought in a dish that was 10 feet in diameter. The farmer’s wife served Gulliver with some crumbles of bread. There was a cat in their house, which was ten times larger than a normal ox. Farmer’s 1-year old son grabbed Gulliver and tried putting him in his mouth, but Gulliver shouted badly, which made the child drop him. The child’s mother caught Gulliver in her apron and gently placed him on the bed and covered with a handkerchief.

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