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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 6 - Omana’S Journey

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 6: Complete Resource for Omana’S Journey

Vedantu's NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 6 offer an all-encompassing study guide, presenting clear and straightforward answers to all exercise questions. Designed to aid students, these solutions enable effective practice and comprehension of the chapter's content. The subject-matter experts at Vedantu have meticulously prepared these solutions, ensuring a systematic study of the topics covered. The provided PDF format serves as a valuable exam preparation resource, facilitating easy access for students without any cost. With this comprehensive study material, learners can confidently approach their exams and strengthen their understanding of the subject. Accessible and reliable, Vedantu's NCERT Solutions empower students to excel in their EVS studies.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4


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Chapter 6 - Omana’S Journey


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Access NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Science Chapter 6 – Omana’s Journey

1. Why was it so crowded at the door of the coach?

Ans: As soon as the train arrived at the platform, some passengers began disembarking, while others pushed and struggled to bring their bags inside through one door. That explains why the coach's door was so crammed.

2. Have you ever travelled by train? When?

Ans: Yes, when I went to my nanny's residence in Raipur, I travelled by rail (M.P.).

3. What food would you like to take with you when you travel? Why?

Ans: I'd want to bring some dry snacks, such as salted dried fruits, roti, and sabji without curry, because they're healthful, portable, and simple to eat.

4. What does the ticket-checker do?

Ans: All passengers in the train have their tickets and identity evidence checked by the ticket-checker.

5. How will you recognize the ticket-checker?

Ans: The ticket-uniform checkers will help me identify him. A ticket-checker in India is dressed in a white shirt, black pants, and coat. On his shoulder is always a batch with his name and TTE printed on it. The term "travelling ticket examiner" refers to a person who examines tickets on the move. He usually has a stack of papers containing the names of the passengers and their seat numbers.

6. What did Omana see from the window?

Ans: Many arid areas and little communities might be found in Oman. When the train arrived at the platform, she noticed people selling and buying food through the window.


7. What are some of the things that are sold at Railway stations?

Ans: Chai, batata vada, puri-shaak, doodh, and other items are available for purchase at the railway station.

8. Why do you think there was no water in the bathroom of the train? Discuss.

Ans: The train's bathroom had no running water. The causes behind this could be as follows:

1. The train's water tank was not filled by the train's caretaker.

2. Passengers abused the water supply, causing the train's central water tank to run dry.

9. Imagine that you are going on a long train journey. What are the things that you will take with you to help pass the time?

Ans: If I'm going on a long train ride, I'll bring UNO cards, ludo, and other games to keep me occupied.

10. Can you recognize who these people are shown in the picture? What work do they do? Discuss.

(Image will be Uploaded Soon)


1. Cooley - He transports the luggage of passengers.

2. Train guard—he instructs the train driver to begin the journey.

3. Train driver: he is in charge of driving and controlling the train.

4. TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner)- TTE stands for Traveling Ticket Examiner. He examines the tickets and identification cards of the passengers.

5. Police guards in train coaches and stations are appointed by the government. He is in charge of the passengers' and their belongings' safety.

6. Cleaning employee, or safai karamchari - He cleans trains and stations.

7. Booking clerk - He or she is responsible for issuing tickets to passengers at railway stations.

NCERT Solutions Class 4  EVS Omana's Journey- Free PDF Download

Even if the internet connectivity is not available, students can still access the NCERT Solutions Class 4 Evs Chapter 6 once they download the PDF. It can also be downloaded from the mobile app of Vedantu and can be accessed anytime. When students solve and practice these NCERT Solutions, they get a clear idea of the types of questions commonly asked in the examination. They can make a quick revision of all the topics covered in chapter 6 of Class 4 EVS by going through these NCERT Solutions. With the thorough practice of these NCERT Solutions, students will get a boost in their confidence level and perform better in exams.

NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter Chapter 6- Omana's Journey: Overview

NCERT Solutions Class 4 Evs Chapter 6 Omana's Journey covers the hierarchy of the humans and animals with the help of the character 'Omana' (a boy) who was travelling on the train. Along with the hierarchy, the chapter also addresses the behaviour of humans and animals. Our subject-matter experts have prepared every possible question and answer that can be asked from this chapter in the exam. These NCERT Solutions are made in a very simple language so students find them easy to understand. Reading the study materials prepared by our subject-matter experts will help students to answer all types of questions from this chapter.

Class 4th EVS Chapter 6 Marks Weightage

Class 4th EVS Chapter 6 is one of the easiest chapters covered in the syllabus. At least, one short question of 2 marks is always asked in the exams from this chapter. Learning the important questions and answers from this chapter will provide students with a detailed analysis of all the topics covered in the chapter. Thus, opting for the NCERT Solutions of Class 4th Chapter 6 will help the students to score better in the exams.

Why are NCERT Solutions for Class 4  Evs Chapter 6 Important?

  • Highly simplified language is used by our experts to prepare these NCERT Solutions which makes it easy to comprehend for the students.

  • The chapter is explained with the help of pictorial representations,  concepts, definitions, and examples which proves to be very beneficial for the last-minute revisions and exam preparations. 

  • Following the NCERT Solutions focus on helping students to understand basic important concepts thoroughly. 

  • The NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 6 cover each topic of the chapter with the help of interesting activities and exercises. Also, the NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 6 PDF is available for free download on Vedantu.


Vedantu's NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 6 - Omana’s Journey provide an exceptional resource for young learners to explore the captivating world of Omana and her adventures. The meticulously crafted solutions offer comprehensive explanations, enabling students to grasp complex concepts with ease. With engaging illustrations and interactive methods, Vedantu fosters a love for learning in children, making the study of Environmental Studies an enjoyable experience. The platform's user-friendly interface ensures seamless navigation and accessibility, promoting self-paced learning. Vedantu's commitment to academic excellence shines through these solutions, empowering students to excel in their studies and develop a deeper understanding of the environment and its significance in our lives.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 6 - Omana’S Journey

Q1. Why Does the Door of the Train Coach Remain So Crowded?

Ans: The door of the coach always remains so crowded because when the train reaches the station, many people start entering the coach. At the same time, the passengers who are already on the train try getting off the coach. As the passengers from both sides started pushing and collapsing each other and trying to put all their luggage through the door of the coach. All these activities occur at the same time with a single door which ultimately causes the door of the train's coach to remain crowded.

Q2. How to Recognize a Ticket-checker and What are His Duties?

Ans: A ticket-checker is a person who always wears black trousers and a black coat. Also, on his coat, a badge is always present. All the passengers’ list is carried by him in which the seat number allotted to each of the passengers travelling in the train is mentioned. His duties include checking the tickets of the passengers travelling and also checking whether they are sitting on the seats allotted to them. They also charge the passengers a fine who do not have tickets with them.

Q3. Why did Radha not go on the trip, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 EVS?

Ans: As discussed in Chapter 6 of Class 4 EVS, Radha was supposed to go on a holiday trip with her family. But she fell from her bicycle and got her right leg fractured in the incident. Her leg was plastered due to the fracture. On visiting the doctor, he told Radha that she should not move her leg for six weeks. She should strictly not involve in any leg movement. Radha and her family, therefore, had to cancel their holiday trip.

Q4. What happened when the train arrived?

Ans: As soon as the train arrived, Omana and her family saw that it was quite crowded. The train had begun its journey from the Gandhidham station in Kutch. On the platform, there was a lot of ruckus and confusion. There was a lot of crowd near the gate of the coach because some people were stepping down, some people were getting up the train. And people were trying to keep their luggage inside, pushing and pulling everything from one door.

Q5. What did Omana see from the window of the train, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 EVS?

Ans: After lunch, when others had decided to sleep, Omana had decided to look outside the window. She saw many fields that were dried and brown. She also saw several villages, but they all seemed to be flying by due to the train's speed. She noticed the beautiful orange sun setting down. She also noticed how everything seemed to be going in the opposite direction when the train was running at a very high speed.

Q6. What things were sold at Valsad, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 EVS?

Ans: The train in which Omana and her family were travelling had stopped at the Valsad station for two minutes. Through the window, Omana saw that it was very crowded and noisy at the railway station. There were many hawkers and vendors. Some would call "chai! Garam chai!" while some would sell "batata vada," "puri shaak," and "doodh Thanda doodh." Many people were buying and selling food. Omana bought bananas from the window of the train.

Q7. Who was Omana’s new friend, according to Chapter 6 of Class 4 EVS?

Ans: Omana had made new friends on her train journey to her grandmother. Her new friends were Sunil and Ann. They were going to visit their grandmother in Kozhikode. Sunil and Ann had given Omana several storybooks to read. 

You can get all answers to more in-text questions from this Chapter only at Vedantu. These answers are very simple and extremely easy to understand. Download the NCERT Solutions for Chapter 6 of Class 4 EVS available free of cost on the Vedantu website and the Vedantu app.