NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 7

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 7 - From The Window
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NCERT Solutions offer a detailed and discrete understanding of the subject that makes it easy for students to understand the syllabus's critical aspects. The essential points offered are vivid and to the point to allow even the average students to grasp the understanding of the concepts. At Vedantu, our experts prepare the materials and provide valuable solutions and case studies to help them score good marks in examinations. EVS Class 4 Chapter 7 solutions offer all the necessary key points and concepts required for students to prepare well for their exam. Download our solutions that aid them in better performance.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. On the Way From Gujarat to Kerala, Omana's Train Went Through Several States of the Country. Name the States and the Language Spoken There?

Ans: The states which the train crossed on the way from Gujarat to Kerala are Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka and finally entered Kerala. All these states are neighbors to each other and have their own unique culture and language. Below are the languages of the states that the train crossed.

  • In Kerala, peoples prefer to speak the Malayalam language.

  • Konkani is spoken in the state of Goa.

  • Maharashtra is the state where Marathi is spoken.

  • Gujarat is the state where Gujarati is spoken.

  • Kannada is spoken in Karnataka.

Q2. Sometimes, People Cross the tracks Even When the Crossing is Closed. Why is it Dangerous?

Ans: Crossing the railway tracks is considered to be very dangerous. Especially when the crossing is closed it may be fatal. No one should take such a risk. We see many accidents happening around us because of the people's negligence while crossing the tracks. When the crossing is closed, one should wait until the train is moved and the gate opens back again. The safety measure is established for the protection of people. Safety while crossing the tracks is extremely important and negligence while doing so will cause great harm to oneself.