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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 - Basva’S Farm

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Class 4 Chapter 14 EVs NCERT Solutions for Basava’s Farm Free PDF Download

NCERT Solution of Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 is considered the best study material for students to understand the concepts covered in this chapter. Students can refer to these solutions while preparing for their exam, as these NCERT Solutions cover all the important points of the chapter. The activities given in the NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 strike the enthusiasm of all students. Students can download the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter 14 PDF for free from Vedantu and learn the appropriate answer writing techniques for their exams.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4


Class 4 EVS

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Chapter 14 - Basva’S Farm


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Access NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 – Basva’s Farm

Questions and Answers

1. In Basva’s area an implement called Khunti is used to loosen the soil. What is this kind of implement called in your area? Draw it and discuss.

Ans: This type of instrument is known as ‘Fawda' in my area.

Fawda Picture

2. Find out from a farmer or some elders in your family, what kinds of crops are grown in your area.

Ans: In my location, wheat and rice are farmed.

3. What other ways could be used to plough the fields instead of animals. Discuss.

Ans: Tractors can be employedInstead of using animals to plough the fields.

4. Draw any crop which you have seen in the field.


Wheat Picture

5. Basava helps his father in the field. Do you help the elders in your family in their work? What do you help with?

Ans: Yes, I assist the elders with their tasks. I assist my parents with house cleaning and car washing.

6. Do you enjoy doing that work?

Ans: Yes, I enjoy my work, particularly cleaning cars.

7. Why is Basva not able to attend school for some days?

Ans: For a few days, Basva is unable to attend school because he must assist his family in removing the onions from the field.

8. Are there any fields near your house? What is grown there?

Ans: Yes, a field is close to my home. Wheat is farmed on the property.

9. Basva’s Appa takes the onions to the market in a truck. Think, how would fruits and vegetables be taken to another place, if there were no proper roads.

Ans: Fruits and vegetables would be transported by bullock carts or boats or ships via the sea route if there were no adequate roads.

10. What kind of vehicles are used to carry fruits and vegetables? Draw a picture of one of these vehicles in your notebook.

Ans: Fruits and vegetables are transported via truck, rickshaw, bullock cart, pushcarts, waggons, and other means.

Pushcart Picture

11: Given here are pictures of some implements used by Basva’s family. Write the names of the implements. Also write what these are called in your area? What work are they used for?


kurige Picture

Name (in this chapter)- Kurige

Name in your area- Kudaal or Laangal

Work - To sprinkle seeds in the cultivated soil

Khunti Picture

Name (in this chapter)- Khunti

Name in your area - Fawda

Work - To loosen the soil

illige Picture

Name (in this chapter) - Illige

Name in your area - Hasiya or sickle

Work - To cut the dried leaves from the top of the onions

12. Many steps are needed to grow crops. Look at the pictures and mark them in the correct order

Steps to grow crop


Various Steps to grow crops

1. Loosening the soil

Loosening the soil

2. Sowing the seeds

Sowing the seed

3. Removing weeds

Removing weeds

4. Cutting large plants

Cutting large plants

5. Taking onions out

Taking onions out

6. Packing onions in sack

Packing onions in sack

13. Find out about a crop that is grown in your area. Also find out the steps that are part of this work. Draw them in your notebook.


Steps required to grow a crop in area

Ploughing of soil -> sowing of seeds -> manuring -> Irrigation -> weeding -> harvesting 

-> threshing and winnowing -> Storage

NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 14- Free PDF Download

These NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 are so drafted by our subject experts that students will have a good learning experience. The free PDF consists of answers to all the questions given in the Class 4 NCERT EVS textbook. Another method of learning provided is through fun exercises and activities. The free PDF for Class 4 EVS is very student-friendly and has important topics organized in a very effective way. The topics are sorted in a way that helps students to grasp the concepts better. By learning these NCERT Solutions students will be able to address their doubts from this chapter efficiently.

NCERT Solutions For Class 4 EVS

Chapter 14 - Basva's Farm

Class 4 Chapter 14 NCERT Solutions for Basva's Farm cover all the solutions to the exercise questions present in the NCERT EVS textbook. The chapter introduces the students to the concept of farming and farmers. It portrays the lives of farmers and various procedures done in farming. NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 14, help students to learn how to answer the various types of questions that may come in the exam from this chapter. Going through these NCERT Solutions will help students to develop in-depth knowledge about the topics covered in this chapter.

NCERT Solutions EVS Class 4 Chapter Wise Marks Weightage

Class 4th EVS Chapter 14 introduces the processes involved in farming and the lives of farmers to the students. It is a very important chapter from the examination point of view. Students will have to go through all the topics covered in the chapter and our NCERT Solutions will help a lot in this by providing easily understandable explanations for the questions. The highly experienced teachers at Vedantu have prepared these NCERT Solutions as per the CBSE guidelines for the convenience of students.

Why Are NCERT Solutions For Class 4 EVS Basva’s Farm Important?

CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 Solutions will help students to improve their academics as well as life skills. The NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Basva’s Farm are important for students for the following reasons. 

  • Clear and simple explanations provided in these NCERT Solutions help in a better understanding of the concepts of farming.

  • Since every key point of this chapter is covered in these NCERT Solutions PDF, students can refer to them for revision before their examinations.

  • The answers given in these NCERT Solutions provide comprehensive study material to the students for addressing all their doubts from this chapter.

  • Also, they can download the PDF file of these NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 for absolutely free of cost to study offline.


The NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter 14 Basva's Farm, provided by Vedantu, is a great source for Class 4 students. It helps introduce Maths concepts in an accessible manner. The provided solutions and explanations simplify difficult  ideas, making it easier for Class 4 Students to understand the material. By using Vedantu's resources, Students can develop a deeper understanding of NCERT concepts. These solutions are a helpful aid for class 4 students, helping them to excel in their studies and develop a genuine interest for Basva’s Farm.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 - Basva’S Farm

1. List the General Steps Involved in the Process of Farming.

Firstly, the land for cultivation is ploughed by various methods using machines or with the help of certain domestic animals. This allows in the mixing of the soil. Good seeds are selected and are sown in the ploughed soil. Fertilizers are added to the soil along with manure. Proper irrigation of the soil is also important. Plants are protected from weeds by several methods. After the crops are grown, they are cut and stored for use or sale.

2. Basva Helps His Father in the Fields. Do you Help Your Parents and Elders in Day to Day Life? If Yes, How Do You Help?

We all must be helpful to our parents. We can help our parents most of the time with different household chores. We can also help our parents in cooking by doing the tasks we can do. Going to the grocery and getting them the required things and helping them to carry some of the grocery packages is something we can do on our part. As children, we can also help our grandparents by reading the newspaper and magazines out loud to them. 

3. In addition to providing perfect NCERT Solutions, how Vedantu aids the students in learning Class 4 EVS Chapter 14?

Vedantu is not just a simple online studying portal. It is your all-inclusive study guide. Vedantu not only provides chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for this chapter, it provides NCERT solutions for all the subjects in all grades. It also provides detailed explanations, summaries, and themes of the chapter. Including these, Vedantu provides revision notes, important questions, sample papers, and previous years' question papers to help the students further along in their studies. All this is available on the Vedantu app as well. Hence, Vedantu is a multifaceted study guide that students must use to their benefit.

4. Why do students of Class 4 need to study from NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS?

EVS is an interesting and engaging subject. However, sometimes certain concepts may feel overwhelming to young students of Class 4. In the times of online studies, students need an online mentor to clarify doubts, learn innovative studying techniques, and become aware about the latest technological aids to help in their study sessions. Vedantu is India’s leading online tutoring platform and offers high-quality NCERT solutions free of cost. 

5. What are the various tools used in farming?

Chapter 14 "Busva's Farm" introduces the students to various tools used in the farming of onion crop such as the Khunti, kurige, and the illige. Khunti is used to dig the soil, loosen it, and make it soft. Kurige help in sowing. Illige is used in harvesting. In addition to these, many other tools like sickle, plough, spade, khurpa, weeder, etc. are also used in farming. Indian farmers also make use of various farm animals for help in the activities involved during the farming process.

6. Why is it necessary to remove weeds?

Weeds are a cause of concern when it comes to farming. As we're taught in the chapter "Basva's Farm", if the weeds are not removed, they take up all the water and fertilizers meant essentially for the crop and in turn, the crop dies. Hence, it is extremely crucial for weeds to be removed during the farming process, which is done usually using a weeder.

7. Why is correct timing necessary for harvesting onions?

Farming is a skill that requires time, attention, and hard work. Even during the harvesting process, care must be taken at each step. The timing of the harvest is extremely crucial because if the crop is harvested at an earlier stage, it will be hard and unusable. Contrary to this, if the plants are left too late to be harvested, they will rot in the ground itself and all the hard work will be wasted.