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HC Verma Solutions for Physics Part 1 and Part 2 - Download Free PDFs

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Download Important HC Verma Solutions for Physics - Free PDF from Vedantu

HC Verma's Concepts of Physics Solutions is one of the most popular and well-respected physics textbooks in India. It is used by students preparing for a variety of exams, including the JEE Mains and Advanced, NEET, and other engineering and medical entrance exams. These HC Verma solutions cater to both Class 11 and Class 12 students, covering all the topics in the book.

HC Verma Solutions

HC Verma Solutions by Vedantu offers a clear knowledge of all the essential topics included in the Class 11 and 12 Physics syllabus. It is one of the best and most encouraging resources for difficult assessments like IIT JEE and others.

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The Vedantu HC Verma Solutions are a comprehensive set of solutions to the problems of Physics. They are written by a team of experienced physics teachers and cover all of the chapters in the book. The solutions are clear, concise, and easy to understand. They also include detailed explanations of the concepts involved, making them a valuable resource for students who are struggling to understand a particular topic.

Here are some of the benefits of using Vedantu's HCV Solutions:

Clear and concise explanations: The solutions are written in a clear and concise way, making it easy for students to understand the concepts.

Real time & Interactive: The solutions are interactive, which allows students to learn by doing.

Complete: The solutions cover all of the questions in the textbook, including the challenging ones.

Accurate: The solutions are accurate and up-to-date.

Free: Vedantu offers free HC Verma solutions both online and offline. You can easily download the PDF for free and access it from anywhere, at any time, using Vedantu's website and mobile app.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

HC Verma: The Man Who Made Physics Easy to Understand

Harish Chandra Verma, popularly known as HCV or HC Verma was a professor of physics at IIT Kanpur. He is best known for his book Concepts of Physics, which is a popular textbook for physics students in India. The book is divided into two parts, covering all the topics in physics that are taught in class 11 and 12. Verma was a prolific author and wrote several other books on physics. He was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in India, for his contributions to physics education.

Key Features of HC Verma Solutions:

  • Effectively caters to the wishes of students who are searching for an easy way to solve numerical problems.

  • Simplicity and consistency language leaves no scope for confusion.

  • Strategically organised answers make easy navigation between chapters.

  • Provides students with deep knowledge of Physics and enhances numerical-solving skills.

  • Uses real-life examples, making it an easy way of gaining knowledge.

  • Explains fundamentals easily with crisp and short solutions.

Complete HCV Solutions for Physics Part 1 and Part 2:

The HCV Solutions are divided into two volumes, namely Volume 1 and Volume 2, covering a total of 47 chapters. The solutions module is broadly categorised as follows:


Chapter Range

Vol 1

Mechanics - Chapters 1 to 14

Vol 1

Waves - Chapters 15 to 17

Vol 1

Optics - Chapters 18 to 22

Vol 2

Thermodynamics - Chapters 23 to 28

Vol 2

Electric and Magnetic Phenomena - Chapters 29 to 40

Vol 2

Modern Physics - Chapters 41 to 47

Class Level


Total Number of Chapters

Class 11

HCV Part 1 / Volume 1


Class 12

HCV Part 2 / Volume 2


Overall Total


In this table, you can find the part/volume number and the total number of chapters Solutions PDF for HC Verma's Physics for Class 11 and Class 12. The overall total of chapters for both classes is 47.

HC Verma Class 11 and Class 12 Solutions PDF Downloads:

Get HC Verma Class 11 and Class 12 solutions PDFs. Click the table below to download the Chapter wise PDF files.

Physics Volume 1: HC Verma Solutions

Master the Class 11 Physics

Tailored specifically for Class 11 students, HC Verma Solutions Part 1 is the ultimate resource to conquer the world of physics. Covering all 22 chapters of the Class 11 physics syllabus, this book provides comprehensive solutions to help you excel in your studies.

Inside HC Verma Solutions Part 1, you'll find detailed explanations and step-by-step solutions for topics such as rotational mechanics, kinematics, optics, and more. These solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance your understanding of fundamental concepts and develop a strong foundation in physics.

Here are the List of Chapters for HC Verma Solutions Part 1 with Free PDF:

Physics Volume 2: HC Verma Solutions

Explore Advanced Physics Topics in Class 12

As you progress to Class 12, HC Verma Solutions Part 2 is your gateway to delving into advanced physics topics. Comprising 25 chapters, this book caters to the Class 12 physics syllabus, providing in-depth solutions that cover areas such as electricity, magnetism, semiconductors, and beyond.

By referring to HC Verma Solutions Part 2, you can deepen your understanding of complex physics concepts and sharpen your problem-solving skills. This comprehensive resource empowers you to confidently navigate through the challenges of Class 12 physics.

Here are the List of Chapters for HC Verma Solutions Part 2 with Free PDF: 

Vedantu’s HC Verma Solutions: A Better Choice to Score Good Marks in 11th & 12th Class Physics JEE and NEET

There are numerous reasons why HC Verma Physics Solutions for JEE are the most endorsed resources for entrance examination preparation. They cover all the simple principles of physics with specific explanations, often with the help of real-life questions. Solved examples are provided to help students understand difficult concepts and master them. They also have a notable series of MCQs to keep you prepared for competitive exams. Objective questions are good for building concepts, while the subjective questions cover almost all the ideas.

In addition to traditional problem-solving methods, the answers in HC Verma are focused on improving problem-solving skills by introducing hints and shortcuts for short and smooth calculations. However, students should also study NCERT textbooks to prepare thoroughly.

Highlights of the Vedantu HC Verma Solutions For Class 11 & 12:

Conceptual clarity: The solutions are designed to provide a clear understanding of the concepts in HC Verma. The explanations are thorough and easy to understand, even for students who are not familiar with the concepts.

Problem-solving skills: The solutions also focus on developing problem-solving skills. The problems are arranged in order of difficulty, from easy to challenging. This allows students to gradually build their problem-solving skills.

Exam preparation: The solutions are also helpful for exam preparation. The problems are similar to the types of problems that are asked in competitive exams. This helps students to get familiar with the format of the exams and to practice solving problems under time pressure.

Versatility: The solutions are suitable for students of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, you will find the solutions helpful.

Accuracy: The solutions are accurate and up-to-date. The teachers at Vedantu have carefully checked the solutions to ensure that they are correct.

Convenience: The solutions are available in PDF format. This means that you can access them on any device, anywhere, anytime.


In conclusion, the availability of Vedantu's HC Verma solutions has proven advantageous, as students can access detailed explanations and learn at their own pace. This has resulted in improved physics comprehension, stronger problem-solving abilities, and enhanced academic achievements.

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FAQs on HC Verma Solutions for Physics Part 1 and Part 2 - Download Free PDFs

1. Does HC Verma Solutions contain both 11 and 12?

Yes, HC Verma contains both 11 and 12. The book is divided into two volumes, with Volume 1 covering physics for class 11 and Volume 2 covering physics for class 12.

2. Is HC Verma Solutions good for physics concepts?

HC Verma is a very good book for physics concepts. The book is written in a clear and concise way, and it provides detailed explanations of the various physics concepts. HC Verma is also a very comprehensive book, covering a wide range of topics in physics.

3. Is HC Verma Solutions based on NCERT?

HC Verma is not directly based on NCERT, but it is very compatible with the NCERT syllabus. The book covers all of the topics in the NCERT syllabus, and it does so in a more detailed and comprehensive way.

4. Is HC Verma Solutions good for IIT JEE?

HC Verma is a very good book for IIT JEE preparation. The book covers all of the topics that are typically tested on the IIT JEE exam, and it does so in a challenging and rigorous way. HC Verma is also a very popular book among IIT JEE aspirants, so it can be a good way to gauge your progress against other students who are preparing for the exam.

5. Is HC Verma Solutions sufficient for the board exam?

HC Verma is sufficient for the board exam, but it is not the only book that you should read. You should also read the NCERT textbook and other books that cover the same topics in a different way. This will help you to solidify your understanding of the concepts and to prepare for the different types of questions that can be asked on the board exam.

6. Is HC Verma Solutions different for 11 and 12?

Yes, HC Verma is different for 11 and 12. Volume 1 of HC Verma covers physics for class 11, and it includes topics such as mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism. Volume 2 of HC Verma covers physics for class 12, and it includes topics such as waves, optics, and modern physics.

7. Are there solutions in HC Verma?

Yes. HC Verma provides solutions to the problems in a separate book. These solutions are authored by H.C. Verma himself is known for their detailed and comprehensive explanations. They serve as an invaluable resource for students facing challenges with specific concepts or problems.

Additionally, Vedantu also offers solutions to HC Verma's Physics textbook. Students can access Vedantu's platform to find step-by-step solutions provided by expert educators, further enhancing their understanding and mastery of the subject.