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HC Verma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 46 - The Nucleus

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Summary of HC Verma Solutions Part 2 Chapter 46: The Nucleus

This chapter covers in detail the properties of the nucleus of an atom. Furthermore, the characteristics and binding energy of the nucleus are explained with the help of a graph. Concepts such as the Law of Radioactive Decay and its types are also covered. Lastly, nuclear reactor, nuclear fusion, and laboratory fusion are covered.

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HC Verma Volume 2 Solutions Other Chapters:

To make the most of Vedantu's HC Verma Chapter 46 - The Nucleus Solutions, we recommend the following study tips:

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FAQs on HC Verma Solutions Class 12 Chapter 46 - The Nucleus

1. Explain the Structure and Function of the Nucleus.

The structure and function of the nucleus is explained below: 

  • Nucleus is responsible for the hereditary characteristics of organisms. 

  • It is also responsible for the synthesis of protein, cell division, growth and cell differentiation.

  • The nucleolus stores proteins and RNA.

  • Transcription takes place in the nucleus wherein the messenger RNA is produced for the synthesis of proteins.

  • Nucleus is regarded as the control center for an organism since it regulates genes and gene expression.

  • It helps in the production of ribosomes inside the nucleolus.

To know more about the lesson, you can click here.

2. What is the structure of the cell Nucleus? 

The structure of the cell nucleus is explain in the answer below: 

  • Nucleus consists of a double-membrane organelle which is referred to as the nuclear envelope or the nuclear membrane which encircles it.

  • Inside the nucleus is the nucleolus, which occupies around 25 per cent of the nuclear volume.

  • Chromatin is dense thread-like structures which are found inside the nucleus and contain DNA and protein.

  • The nuclear matrix, which is a network of filaments and fibers, is responsible for the mechanical strength of the nucleus. It has the same function as that of a cytoskeleton.

3. What is located in the Nucleus of an Atom?

The nucleus, that thick central core of the atom, contains the protons and neutrons both. Electrons are outside the nucleus in energy levels. Protons are positively charged, electrons are negatively charged whereas neutrons are neutral in nature.

A neutral atom contains equivalent quantities of protons and electrons. Be that as it may, the number of neutrons inside an atom of a specific component can fluctuate. Atoms of a similar element that have varying quantities of neutrons are called isotopes.

The protons of an atom are packed together inside the nucleus. Every proton conveys a positive charge, and like charges repulse one another. Also, forces in the nucleus check this repugnance and hold the nucleus together. Physicists call these forces nuclear glue. In any case, now and again, this "glue" isn't sufficient, and the nucleus breaks apart. This procedure is called radioactivity.

4. Write notes on the discovery of Neutrons?

The notes about the discovery of neutrons are the following: 

  • Chadwick first discovered neutrons in 1932 through an experiment in which he pounded Beryllium using alpha particles leftover from the natural radioactive decay of polonium.

  • When alpha-particles bombard beryllium nuclei, very penetrating radiations are emitted, consisting of neutral particles with masses close to that of a proton. Neutrons were the name for these particles.

  • With a half-life of around 900 seconds, a free neutron decays spontaneously into a proton, electron, and antineutrino.

5. How to prepare for Class 12 Chapter 46 - Nucleus?

To prepare for Class 12 Chapter 46 - Nucleus, it is important for students to be thorough with the basics and foundational knowledge of the subject. Students need to have the knowledge about concepts like nucleus, neutrons, isotopes, isobars, isomers, electronic volt, size of the nucleus and density of the nucleus. To prepare further for class 12 chapter 4, students should definitely try solving sample papers related to the chapter. Practicing with sample papers will help students to get accustomed to the chapter. For free study materials, students can visit Vedantu app and website.