BPL Full Form

Two Important Points That You Have To Know About The BPL Full Forms

If you are looking for the bpl full form, then you must know that there are two complete forms for this acronym. It stands for both Below Poverty Line as well as British Physical Laboratories Group. You have to read carefully to know what are these two BPLs and what importance do they hold in Indian society. Most of you must be aware of both the terms as the first one is a regularly used term, and the second one is a renowned brand.

Learn more about the BPL acronyms:

  1. Below Poverty Line:

The first full meaning of bpl that can be discussed is Below Poverty Line. Many of you who have been a student of sociology or economics must have read about this particular term. For others, let us simplify it. The term Below Poverty Line is an identifier or a benchmark to demarcate people in the Indian society who are economically weaker and do not have enough earnings to meet their regular needs. The Government of India extends its financial help to them.

There are various schemes introduced by the government to give them the necessary provisions which differ from region to region and country to country. The Suresh Tendulkar Committee, in 2011, had brought the full meaning of bpl into prominence when he had declared that a person would be considered to be living below the poverty line if he earns Rs.33.3 a day (in urban areas) and Rs.27.2 a day (in rural areas).

How can Below Poverty Line be detected?

As you know what bpl stands for so let us take a look at how can you detect a person living under this economical line.

  • Sanitation and hygiene : there is a considerable lack of proper hygiene in many areas where there is not even a washroom within a mile.

  • Level of literacy : people who do not even know how to sign their names and still use their thumbprints.

  • Food, clothing, housing : these necessities are not met, and they live in abject poverty without getting a square meal a day.


  1. British Physical Laboratories Group:

Those 90’s kids, will be pretty familiar with the bpl full form and meaning that stands for this strong consumer brand. It has its headquarters in Bangalore, India and Mr. Ajit G Nambiar is the Chairman and Managing Director as of 2016. A few of their trusted products are televisions, light bulbs, digital switches, medical equipment, etc.


If you have understood what bpl stands for, then you will surely agree to the fact that both these full forms are quintessential pieces of information for all Indians. These will help you to know more about your own country and if you wish you will also be able to help a person with major economic crises.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is BPL?

The full form of BPL is Below Poverty Line. The government of India has set this benchmark for people belonging to the economically weaker sections of the country. This line is based on a certain threshold income and people whose income is below this threshold, they are provided with a BPL card.

2. What is the Upper Limit of Income for a BPL Card?

The upper limit of income for a family living in rural areas, to get a BPL card, is 326,000 INR. The families with 15 or fewer marks out of 52 marks are identified as BPL and the total number of BPL families is 318,000.

3. What is the Difference Between a Ration Card and a BPL Card?

The government of India has allotted certain entitlements for every family whose members have ration cards. But under the Ujjwala Scheme people who are eligible for a BPL card, are entitled to some special grants such as free connection for cooking gas.