RFID Full Form

Here is What You Need to Know About RFID Full Form?

The full meaning of RFID is Radio Frequently Identification. This is a type of technology that is used to detect RFID tags and collect the encoded data in these tags. As the name mentioned, it uses radio waves to identify and track tags, which are attached to the objects. These are similar to the barcodes in product packaging. The RFID codes are used for different purposes, such as healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, and others.

Why is RFID the Best One to Choose?

RFID barcodes are similar to the other track inventory systems, but three factors differentiate the RFID tracking system.

  • RFID needs a definitive power source to make the tracking process even better. But the bar codes have a power source in them, so technology reading is all that it needs.

  • RFID doesn't need a direct line of sight.

  • The data stored in the RFID tags can be updated. But bar codes data can be changed.

How RFID Works?

There are three components in every RFID code: antenna, transceiver, and transponder. These three components are called an RFID reader or interrogator when combined. This type of tracker uses radioactive frequency waves for transmitting signals to activate the tags. After the tags are activated, it sends a rush to the scanning antenna to translate the data. RFID is a very portable and permanently-attached reader.

Types of Different RFID Tags

RFID tags are made of Integrated Circuit or IC. There are two main types of pf RFID tags: Active RFID and Passive RFID.

  • An active Radio Frequency Identification tag has its power source in the form of a battery. 

  • But a passive RFID doesn’t need a power source as it receives the power source from the reading antenna.

  • There are also semi-passive RFID tags. This type of RFID tags also runs on batteries and gets powered from the RFID reader. 

The read range of these types of different tags is based on several various factors such as type of tags, interference in the surrounding environment, RFID frequency, and kind of reader. To put it, an active RFID tag consists of a more extended read range than the passive one because of the stronger power source.

Why RFID is the Best Code

The RFID code has been in use since World War II, but these tags have come a long way since then. And in the current time, the demand for RFID code is increasing daily. RFID can hold more data than barcodes; that is why these are ideal to use. Unlike barcodes, RFID does not need a direct line of sight to be able to read. RGID tags are more protected than the barcodes as these are not printed outside of the product packaging.