IRDP Full Form

The Full Meaning of IRDP is Integrated Rural Development Program. IRDP was first launched by the government of India as a part of the 5-year economic plan. It was launched in phases during 1978-79 and was extended nationally during the 6th 5-year plan. 

IRDP was targeted at the rural poor and the aim was to scale up India’s poverty line. The cost of implementation is shared equally by the Centre and the states. Credits are usually advanced through financial and government lending institutions. IRDP has been an ambitious project by the Government and has been quite successful in lifting India’s marginal sections. 

Composition and Structure of IRDP

IRDP targets the small and marginal farmers by advancing credits to them under this scheme. According to the Eight Plan, a person earning lower than Rs 11000 falls below the poverty line. 

The Full Form of IRDP in Agriculture is the Integrated Rural Development Program. The scheme is implemented through the District Rural Development Agencies or DRDA’s. It is composed of the sitting MP, MLA, chairman of Zila Parishad, officers of development departments, representatives of SC, ST and women. 

The Central Funds are allocated by the Ministry of Rural Development. This Ministry is also entrusted with the responsibility of policy formulation, providing guidance and monitoring the implementation of the program across the country. 

Subsidies Offered Under This Scheme

The scope of IRDP can be only understood in context to its vast scope of activity. The Central Government advances credits to the farmers through commercial banks, co-operatives, regional rural banks and also through RRB’s. Let’s look at the different subsidies provided by the government to the marginal section of the population:

  1. Small farmers are entitled to a subsidy of 25%

  2. Marginal farmers and agricultural laborers are provided 33.3% subsidy under this scheme

  3. ST/SC and specially-abled sections of the population get 50% subsidy

  4. Women under this scheme are given 3% subsidy

Key Features of IRDP Program

The IRDP program is not a technique but a way to lift the poorest above the poverty line. The full meaning of IRDP Abbreviation is the Integrated Rural Development Program. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this program:

  • IRDP is a self-employment guarantee scheme launched in 1978-79 across 2300 blocks in the country.

  • Centrally sponsored scheme shared on a 50:50 ratio between the states.

  • The person below the poverty line can avail this program.

  • The program targets small, marginal, agricultural laborers and sharecroppers.

  • Members of SC, ST, and women get the major subsidy as they have been subjugated to economic and social suppression for years.

IRDP has been an incremental effort from the Government of India. Although the program has been criticized for poor implementation at the ground level it has been largely successful in alleviating poverty. So, it has been largely helpful in reducing the poverty line to a great extent.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Main Objectives of IRDP?

A : IRDP was devised as a major mechanism for lifting rural poverty. IRDP tends to identify target groups and raise them above the poverty line.

2. What does IRDP Mean?

A : The full form of IRDP is Integrated Rural Development Program. The scheme was launched by the government of India in 1980 throughout India. It has been able to provide sustainable development programs to the poor rural population of the country.

3. What are the Goals of IRDP?

A : The goal of IRDP is to reduce unemployment by providing better credit facilities at reduced rates of interest.