SIT Full Form

Role and Full Meaning of SIT

SIT stands for the special investigation team. It is specially appointed under court order during urgent emergency situations. SIT can be brought by special order from Parliament to cooperate with existing state police and investigate a case Suo Moto. 

This appointment is in compliance with the Indian Penal Code of 1860. Generally, it includes all proceedings under CRPC for collecting pieces of evidence. This special investigation can be done by the Station House Officer or any police officer, not below the rank of inspector. 

Composition of SIT

The court ordains SIT, and it's only assigned to advise and collect pieces of evidence. So, it's quite different from CBI in this matter. It is a temporary measure, and SIT ceases to exist once the case is closed. 

It is composed of eminent police officers from the profession. Departmental heads of the state police force, eminent ex-police officers, and civil servants are usually appointed to gather facts for a case. 

Types of Cases Appointed to SIT

There are different types of cases that can be handed over to SIT. These cases might include instances of high-profile nature and, in most scenarios, where the local police team has failed to arrive at a conclusion. 

Objectives of SIT

The sole purpose of SIT has been to conduct free and fair investigations for sensitive cases. The Special Investigation Team (SIT abbreviation) is headed by an independent committee of outstanding investigators and authorized by extrajudicial authority. 

Some Example of Cases Handled by SIT

The most famous case handled by SIT was the Delhi riots of 1984. SIT has been called multiple times to look after corruption issues involving social, political, and religious dimensions. The Palghar Lynching, Amaravati land deals, journalist Kalburgi murder case, Gauri Lankesh murder, etc. 

Unfortunately, SIT has been criticized in the past for failing to reach conclusions due to political pressures. SIT is mainly composed of eminent ex-police officers from state and central agencies, but the working of the organization is regulated by bodies that are not apolitical. SIT needs to be genuinely free and fair to reach definitive conclusions in their cases without any political biases. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Do You Understand about SIT?

SIT full form means Special Investigation team and is an extrajudicial agency assigned to conduct special investigations in prolific cases.

2. What is SIT in Police Terms?

SIT has been ordained by a government order dated 16/06/2007 and needs to be constituted by the State government. The team looks after cases related to influential persons and public servants who have misused their position to secure lucrative deals.

3. Does the CBI Get Involved in SIT?

Normally CBI doesn’t get involved in the working of SIT. But in cases where the accused might be a qualified central government employee, SIT might ask for the CBI’s help.