SSLC Full Form

What is The Full Form of SSLC?

There is barely anyone in India who has not heard the term SSLC during their lifetime. However, not many of them know the full meaning of sslc. In case you are wondering about the long form of the course, you might be happy to know that it is an abbreviation for Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

Additionally, you should also know that since Class 10 is considered as secondary schooling, so the certification having the sslc full form can be got only after class 10.

Importance of The Exam Having SSLC Meaning

Since the SSLC examination is the first major qualification of a candidate, so it is extremely important for the aspirant. Apart from this, the test having sslc full form and meaning is also vital as most of the schools offer the subjects of classes 11 and 12 based on this test. Additionally, many colleges also consider the marks obtained during the exam while admitting the students.

Rules of SSLC Exam

Candidates wanting to score good marks in the examination having the sslc meaning should keep the following rules in their mind to secure good marks:

  1. The examination has to be completed in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  2. The full marks in each paper of the exam having sslc complete form in English are 100.

  3. Candidates should score a minimum of 35 in each subject to pass the examination.

  4. Thus you will have to get 35 in each subject to clear the exam.

Essential Subjects of The Test Having SSLC Acronym

Though some subjects of the course the sslc stands for might vary from board to board, however, the essential subjects remain the same. These are the First language, Second Language, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science.

Eligibility Criteria for The Exam of SLC Meaning

Candidates wanting to appear for the exam having the sslc acronym should meet the eligibility criteria. You can get an idea about the eligibility of the candidates from the following section:

  1. The candidate must have a minimum age of 14 years.

  2. Sometimes a student having age less than 14 years might be allowed. However, for this to happen, the school has to submit a certificate along with the medical certificate that proves that the child is mentally fit for the examination.

  3. The candidate appearing for the exam having sslc abbreviation has to submit the examination fee.

  4. The fee might be exempted for SC, ST, SCA, SS, and other such candidates.

  5. Additionally, it might also be exempted for candidates whose family has an annual income below Rs 2 lakhs.


It is clear from the above that the full form sslc is Secondary School Leaving Certificate. Additionally, from the above sections, it is understandable that the course is extremely important for candidates wanting to make a good career in their chosen field. Thus aspirants sitting for the examination should be well prepared before coming to the exam hall.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is The Notice of The Exam Released?

Many state boards are conducting the exam that has sslc full form. The time varies across boards. You should check the official website for the correct information.

Can A Student Be Detained from Appearing in Board?

This again depends on the board conducting the exam, having the full meaning of sslc.In some boards, candidates can be detained if they do not have a proper attendance percentage.

Is The SSLC Certificate of One Board Valid At Other Places?

Yes, the value of the certificate got after giving the exam having sslc full form, and meaning is the same at all places.