BCE Full Form

Understanding the BCE Full Form and its Importance in Regular Usage

All of us are, no doubt, accustomed to using BCE after it was changed from BC. The BCE Full Form and Meaning is Before the Common Era. It is the contemporary term that is used instead of the traditional BC (Before Christ). The abbreviation BCE Stands for a time when the years were stated in the descending order until it reached the beginning of the Common Era.

It was initiated around the year 2002 in Wales and England that all the schools must follow in their history curriculum the abbreviation BCE and not BC. Soon, other countries followed suit, and it saw the omission of the term BC from the pages of the history books.

Probable Reason for the Redundancy of BC

Here you will get the most common answer for the question, Why don’t we use BC anymore? Is that no one wanted to detach the years by keeping the year of the birth of Jesus Christ as the focal point. You may consider this to be a desperate attempt in securing communal harmony, which once again cannot be denied.  

Benefits of Learning the Full Meaning of BCE

If not many then the few the benefits that you will have from learning the Full Meaning of BCE are stated in the following lines:

  1. It will help you as a learner or a student to understand the validity of BCE over BC.

  2. You will also know that Before the Common Era (check the Full Meaning of BCE) is most commonly accepted than BC. This will help you from losing out marks in your exams.

  3. Using the outdated abbreviation BC will not be accepted in the recognised exam boards, universities and colleges. So it is better to use BCE.

You must keep in mind the above mentioned points so that you do not make any blatant mistakes in your exam papers or while submitting your research papers.


The pieces of information stated about the BCE Full Form, which is Before Common Era, will prove to be extremely helpful to you. Even all the learners and students of history will benefit from the given information. In case you want to learn more about the BCE Acronym then do surf the internet or look up for more in any of the reliable and good history books.

You are most likely to come across the abbreviation BCE than BC is all the newest editions of the books. The term BC may be used in the old copies but you still must make use of the term BCE.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What will Happen if I Use BC Instead of BCE in My Exams?

A: It is completely the examiner’s discretion whether to deduct marks for using BC instead of BCE in your exam. You must abide by what you are guided by your teacher in the class. If in case you are not sure, then it is better to clarify the doubt with your teacher.

2. Will it Make any Difference if I use BC and not BCE?

A: There should not be any difference if you use BC and not BCE. However, since Before Common Era is the most accepted and valid abbreviation it is better if you write BCE. Or, if you use BC in your answer sheet, just mention BCE once at the beginning of your answer. It will help to avoid any kind of confusion. 

3. What are the Opposite Terms for BC/BCE?

A: There are of course two opposite terms for BC and BCE. These are AD and CE respectively. Here AD stands for Anna Domini and CE stands for Common Era. AD is no longer in use and CE is used instead. It will add to your knowledge if you learn the BCE Meaning as well as those of AD and CE.