PhD Full Form

What is the Full Form of PhD?

The term phd stands for Doctor of Philosophy. It is a doctoral degree that can be obtained after finishing three years. However, the candidates can also complete the course within a time span of about 5 to 6 years.

Earlier candidates could finish the course having phd full form through the distance mode. However, a circular issued by UGC in 2017 has stated that a PhD degree obtained through distance education will no longer be recognized.

Some of the Popular PhD Courses

Though most courses offered by the degree having full form phd are known to provide excellent employment opportunities, however, the chances of getting a job further increase if you choose an accessible course. Some of the specialisations that can help you in finding a good job are PhD in Humanities, PhD in Arts, PhD in English, PhD in Economics, PhD in Zoology, PhD in Chemistry etc.

Skills Required for Completing the PhD Courses

A candidate aspiring for the course that has the full meaning of phd should have some unique skills to gain success in the field. Some of these qualities are inquisitiveness, good researching capabilities, dedication, hard-working nature and excellent writing ability. While some traits are inborn, others can be got through the course. Proper nurturing of the qualities helps the candidates become successful in their lives.

Eligibility Criteria of Candidates Wanting to Pursue the PhD Courses

Candidates wishing to pursue the course having phd full form and meaning should meet the eligibility criteria to be successful. The following section will give an idea about the eligibility of candidates wanting to complete the course:

1.     The candidate needs to  have a master's degree in the same course or field.

2.     Some colleges also want the candidate to have completed an MPhil to pursue the PhD.

3.     Apart from these, some colleges might have separate criteria.

4.     The candidates have to fulfil these in order to study in the college.

Dos and Don’ts During the PhD Course

If the candidates want to pursue the course having PhD full form, then they will have to follow some Dos and Don’ts during their college days. These are

1.     Avoid contact with unknown people.

2.     Attend the classes regularly.

3.     Listen attentively to the teachers.

4.     Read the instructions properly before using any equipment.


It is clear from the above that the course having the full meaning of phd is one of the best courses for a candidate. However, to be successful, the candidate has to study hard during the exams. However, there is no poverty of opportunities for a candidate pursuing the course. So aspirants hoping for a good career can easily opt for the course.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Duration of a Ph.D. Course?

A: Normally a Ph.D. course extends for about 3 years. The candidates have to submit their thesis or journal within a maximum time period of five to six years. The time taken to complete the course also depends on the research topic chosen by a candidate. 

2. Is a Master's Degree Required for Pursuing a Ph.D. Program?

A: Candidates aspiring to pursue a Ph.D. program in any Indian university are required to complete their Master’s degree in the respective field of study. But candidates can get admission to a Ph.D. program in the US universities right after completion of their undergraduate courses.

3. How much stipend do Ph.D. students get in India?

A: In India, Ph.D. students are eligible to receive a stipend of 25000INR per month during the initial two years. For the next three years of the Ph.D. course, students are eligible to receive a stipend of 28000 INR per month.